Tokyo Babylon

Tokyo Babylon

Subaru Sumeragi, a young Onmyouji sorcerer, investigates a series of unusual murders with the aid of his twin sister and fellow Onmyouji Seishirô.

Subaru Sumeragi, a young Onmyouji sorcerer, investigates a series of unusual murders with the aid of his twin sister and fellow Onmyouji Seishirô. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sanjid P (gb) wrote: A superb documentary on one of the most influential & greatest Horror story writers of all time.

Gianluca B (mx) wrote: A proposito di niente con nessun carattere...

Brice M (it) wrote: A sort of zombie movie. I picked this puppy up for $2.99 at one of the local big box stores. The highlight is Steven (Jason Goes To Hell) Williams who has the best lines in the movie. It's a preditable, fast-paced romp which isn't a bad way to kill 90 minutes.

Jesse L (it) wrote: (VHS) (First Viewing, 4th Buuel film) There's just something about Buuel I just don't "get." There's just something I find vaguely off-putting about his work (that I've seen so far, anyway). But that said, [b]Nazarn[/b] is easily the best of his work that I have seen so far. Not sure if it was just me, but this film came off as very "Bressonian" in style- particularly seen in the spare dialogue and cinematography and the tactic of telling something directly in an indirect manner (does that make any sense? Bresson's style is hard to describe). [b]Nazarn[/b] is about an intentionally destitute young priest named Father Nazarn who has a heart of gold. He gives everything away as soon as it is given to him, and he can't resist helping a person in need. After he helps a criminal prostitute injured in a brawl, he is forced to leave the city as criminal charges are brought against him. He sets out on a self-imposed pilgrimage, and wanders about until he comes across the prostitute he had helped, who now believes that the Father healed her and is a miracle worker. The prostitute and her sister set out with the Father, insisting on being their disciples until their paths are forced apart. Though this is a much more straight-forward than the other Buuel films I've seen, he still manages to insert his trademark glimpses of the surreal and grotesque in the film. A dwarf plays a major role, for example, and during a bout of delirium the prostitute sees a distorted portrait of Christ with a leering face. What I found particularly interesting about [b]Nazarn[/b] is the mixed signals it sends out. Buuel was an unabashed atheist, but this film seems to be a film clearly based on the story of Christ (Buuel makes the parallels quite clear). It can be read as a social critique (particularly harsh towards the clergy), the story of a good man who has no place in society, or the story of Christ. What is Buuel trying to say here? He's at once condemning of those who mistreat the priest, but at the same time he doesn't seem to be condoning his actions either. Perhaps those qualities are what makes [b]Nazarn[/b] at once uplifting and unsettling. And I suppose coming from Buuel, I shouldn't be surprised.

John B (ca) wrote: Pieces of this are missing but it is nonetheless compelling. Ronald Colman's trip to Shangra La is helped with the black and white and mystery about a time from another place and era. Certainly not up to modern film standards but interesting.

Jose M (jp) wrote: If you are looking for a depressing film for the depressing holidays, may I suggest Joel M. Reed's Bloodsucking Freaks? This is seriously one sadistic grandeur art. I was interested and never bored watching the film even though it was way too much. I take it the director was going after black comedy and horror, but instead came up with a freak show. Seamus O'Brien stars as Sardu, a performer of some kind, and with a dwarf assistant, they kidnaps, mutilate, humiliate, and torture women. When he is heckled by a critic, he resolves in kidnapping him and a famous ballerina to stage his greatest work. This B-cheapie isn't quite entertaining and highly disturbing enough to fill anyone's mouth with vomit. Not that I vomit. Mr. Reed created a unique disturbing picture with a score to back it, and I give it a lot of credit for that. However, anyone that is normal will be flat out offended by this freak show and I'm going with them when it comes to the rating. I'm pretty sure Mr. Reed would feel complimented.

Nate T (ru) wrote: If for nothing else I LOVE the soundtrack and Mel Gibson (in this)! Should be on Blu-ray!