Tokyo Decadence

Tokyo Decadence

A submissive hooker goes about her trade, suffering abuse at the hands of Japanese salarymen and Yakuza types. She's unhappy about her work, and is apparently trying to find some sort of appeasement for the fact that her lover has married.

A submissive hooker goes about her trade, suffering abuse at the hands of Japanese salarymen and Yakuza types. She's unhappy about her work, and is apparently trying to find some sort of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Tokyo Decadence torrent reviews

Mira B (au) wrote: Absolute waste of time. It is not not funny, it is unfunny. So again, who made me watch it?

Indira S (ag) wrote: i love #HTTYD too much i guest :)

Megan V (es) wrote: Man brings ideal woman to life - but it is SO misogynistic. WE ARE GOING BACK TO THE DARK AGES OF SEXISM!This plot line would have been so much better if she had turned around and kicked his ass, and yet ends with the moral that no matter what a man does to you, it doesn't matter, you're worthless and should always go back to him. (even if you don't remember him) NONONO! This evil tyrant of a film explains a man to create a woman out of a typewriter and control her in any way he wants to. Good one.

Gabby D (ru) wrote: Believe it or not, this film was quite funny. Apparently the making of the film was just as much of a saga as the film itself.

Casey M (ru) wrote: Thrilling enough to keep you entertained. Denzel is always good but he's been in better.

Dmitriy L (jp) wrote: Now I'm not a harsh movie critic, but DAMNNN! Just when you think this failure of a movie is about to end, they extend it for another good 30 minutes or so... The girl couldn't act to save her life, and the guy...don't even get me started. All in all, I don't really watch movies for acting or storyline for that matter, so I would have to say that you should watch the movie and judge for yourselves'.

Frances H (au) wrote: Very cool, slick, keeps-you-guessing plot, terrific cinematography and production values, and very good, very subtle acting by Jeremy Northam makes this a great thriller. What else would you expect from the director of Cube, a film I also loved. I am surprised there wasn't more buzz about this film when it debuted. A fun watch.

jason a (it) wrote: Its an ok Christmas special but not the best

adam u (jp) wrote: what to say about this movie ,,,,,, I love Fairuza Balk as Annie , its a great gang movie .

Adam U (gb) wrote: 1 of my all time favs , Claire had the perfect emotions here but still wasnt a huge fann of Jason Biggs here not his best preformance. but still 5 stars

Grant H (ag) wrote: Very good movie. Assassins is a stylish, funny, action-packed thriller that feels a little overlong at times, has sort of a poor script, but good performances from its two leads, especially Banderas.

Mark D (ca) wrote: Shintaro Katsu plays the blind samurai for the last time. Plays him well as an older version good end to the series and pisses all over the 2003 remake

Josh B (us) wrote: This was a childhood movie that for some unknown reason (maybe cuz of the boobs?) I really thought it was cool. I watched in again for the first time in a very long time over the weekend. This has 80's cop movie all over it.

Luke T (es) wrote: Best movie of all time touches me

Bill B (de) wrote: I gave this one a second look recently, and I was surprised to see how negative my initial review was, as the film has some interesting mood built from the creepy building in which it's set, as well as the use of lighting that gives it a uniquely European feel.There is amazing use of a dog puppet that made me crack up laughing, so be prepared for some silliness in the last reel, but that aside, there's some fun hammy performances here from the guy playing the lead's uncle, as well as her goofy-ass lover.Worth a rental.