Tokyo File 212

Tokyo File 212

A Communist spy ring in Japan is hard at work trying to sabotage the American war effort during the Korean War, using kidnapping, murder and a disturbed former kamikaze pilot. A U.S. secret agent, posing as a reporter, is dispatched to Tokyo to put a stop to these nefarious activities.

A Communist spy ring in Japan is hard at work trying to sabotage the American war effort during the Korean War, using kidnapping, murder and a disturbed former kamikaze pilot. A U.S. secret... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephano Z (jp) wrote: Really! Is one of the worst movies I ever seen. It's to boring, the plot is dumb and the characters are terrible, the acting are good but... Come on!! Who fuck got the idea to make this film

Katie H (ca) wrote: A particularly well-acted production. Stand out performer was Wendy Ferguson as Carlotta. She puts a lot of humanity into the role and is not the annoying stereotypical "diva". I think Firmin and Andre miss comedic timing often, unfortunately.

Chris V (us) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. The story was great, although i was not a fan of how it ended. It sort of made the whole movie seem a bit pointless.

Rob A (us) wrote: Solid documentary. Very interesting. Great visuals.

Fernanda L (jp) wrote: Parece uma exibio do Telecurso 2000.

Adrien F (au) wrote: C'est un film petit budget et a se sent, mais c'est rigolo pour passer un bon moment entre amis...

Wilhelm H (fr) wrote: That movie truly surprised me with its atmosphere, the idea behind it and the message that came with it. Great acted, thrilling, heartwarming and intelligent. For me one of the best movies I saw this year and an apocalyptic scenario that seems realistic and intense. This is what "The Happening" could have been, if it would have been in the hands of a competent director and scriptwriter ;)

Kevin L (ag) wrote: Paul Javal is a writer who is hired to make a script for a new movie about Ulysses more commercial, which is to be directed by Fritz Lang and produced by Jeremy Prokosch. But because he let his wife Camille drive with Prokosch and he is late, she believes, he uses her as a sort of present for Prokosch to get get a better payment. So the relationship ends.

Tor M (fr) wrote: The original story of "Twelve Monkeys" or a remake even. It's got a nice soundtrack and a cool french voice telling the story as you see still pictures. It's a short and the story is just as long as it should. Sadly it's more original and artsy than it's great or pretty. It got a very smooth moment, lifting it a lot, but still it won't be a instant favorite of mine. See it directly before you see "Twelve Monkeys", that will make both films better I believe. Definitely the best romantic sci-fi taken with a still camera, that's for sure!8 out of 10 photographs.

Ken S (br) wrote: Solid Japanese monster movie, the first from Toho to be filmed in color, "Rodan" is about a mining village that is disrupted when a giant caterpillar starts attacking miners...but deeper in the mines is an even greater threat...Rodan, a Pteranodon which hatches from it's giant egg and reeks havoc on the town. It would be hard for Toho to ever come close to topping "Gojiro," but "Rodan" is a solid effort that does it's best to try.

Nicolas I (de) wrote: Too high expectation: more artsy than action. But still worth the world and philosophical reflections.

Jack O (kr) wrote: All right lets get this over with, Tequila sunrise. Yes, out of all the Mel Gibson films I was going to watch and this is the one I wanted to see the least. And let me tell you folks, this is one of my boring films of all time. Oh god do I hate this film. This is the first film that I think it's boring instead I like the theme song at the end credits. I love this song but I hated the film. This is definitely one of my least favorites.

Ken T (fr) wrote: This was an off the wall and straight to video comedy. The WWF wrestler Edge quite wrestling for acting. As the lead, I would have preferred more action from him. Alas, it just wasn't to be...Hope he got paid well because this little gem will be unknown virtually...