Tokyo Gore Police

Tokyo Gore Police

Set in a future-world vision of Tokyo where the police have been privatized and bitter self-mutilation is so casual that advertising is often specially geared to the "cutter" demographic, this is the story of samurai-sword-wielding Ruka and her mission to avenge her father's assassination. Ruka is a cop from a squad who's mission is to destroy homicidal mutant humans known as "engineers" possessing the ability to transform any injury to a weapon.

Set in a future-world vision of Tokyo where the police have been privatized and bitter self-mutilation is so casual that advertising is often specially geared to the "cutter" demographic, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Van R (mx) wrote: This abrasive British gangster epic set in Essex, a county due east of London, thrives on double-crosses galore. None of the characters are role models, much less noble, and they live to get to the top of their rackets. The English accents are not that thick, but you may not be able to make it through this thoroughly unsavory crime thriller. Ostensibly, the story is told by an enterprising cabdriver named Billy Reynolds (Charlie Creed-Miles) who gets mixed with with ex-convicts Jason Locke (Sean Bean of GOLDENEYE) and John Dyke (Tom Wilkinson of RUSH HOUR) who are in the cutthroat narcotics smuggling business. They are smuggling pills that they refer to as spotted dogs, or in non British dialect is ecstasy. Locke mistreats his wife, Lisa Locke (Alex Kingston of ER) and openly has sex with any tart to whom he takes a fancy. Director Terry Winsor and scenarist Jeff Pope based this 102-minute, R-rated thriller on the notorious Rettendon Range Rover Murders," where authorities discovered three gangsters gunned down and left for dead shot in a Range Rover during one snowy evening. This scene is easily the best and the filmmakers good job of foreshadowing it. Meanwhile, Billy proves his worth as a driver and Dyke loans him to loose cannon hood Jason Locke who has no qualms about throwing people out of windows or strangling uncooperative girls that refuse to let him have his way with them. Action develops gradually with less characters winning in the end over the crazed Locke. Winsor handles things nicely enough and the ending is truly a revelation along with Alex Kingston's role as Locke's wife. Not as charismatic as LOCK, STOCK, AND TWO BARRELS or for that matter any of the other Guy Ritchie crime melodramas. The moral is obvious: do not associate with shady characters who use guns to settle their arguments and are forever paranoid about witnesses to the massacres they have seen. Sean Bean blows everybody away with his hard-as-nail performance gangster who can never assuage his greed.

Pedro P (au) wrote: It's kind of rare to find a film that treats teenagers and young adults as real people who think for themselves, and own up to their mistakes. Connelly and Tyler are both exquisite in early roles.

Todd S (es) wrote: This is one of my favorite historical movies ever made. What I really love about this film is just how accurate it is. The film is based on a book written by the prosecutor, Bobby DeLaughter, and before the film was made, all the actually people involved were interviewed and allowed to give their input into how their characters were developed. The story takes place in 1990 and is about the third re-trial of the man accused of killing civil right leader Medger Evers in the 1960's. Alec Baldwin portrays the prosecutor, and while I am by no means a fan of his, he was truly great in this film. I wish he'd stick to roles like this instead of trying to be funny, because he's not funny. Whoopi Goldberg, remains one of the most underrated actresses in Hollywood and was just amazing here. This is a top notch, historically accurate drama that every history buff needs to see. I honestly can't recommend it enough!

Taddy B (gb) wrote: Sweet, charming comedy about a band on their way to success facing the reality of music business where the love for music fades more and more into the background, giving way to commercialism and the individual interests of the band members.

Sam M (nl) wrote: The only problem is it ends up dragging around the middle but all in all a worthwhile view.

Rosario G (kr) wrote: So picturesque... an unforgettable noir classic and another monumental Mitchum performance as the mysterious Jeff.

Leena L (es) wrote: A film where Alec Baldwin is small enough name to be killed off in the first 15 minutes! Michelle Pfeiffer has the funkiest 1980s shoulder pads and Oliver Platt makes faces like still today. So unforgettable that although I knew I had seen it I had no recollection at all....

ole bjrn l (mx) wrote: whats up whit the 90`s they made so many cool movies then,dam i miss it.

Jareth S (es) wrote: John Ford made 2 great films in this one. It's an obnoxiously idiotic action movie that is easily one of John Ford's weakest films.