Tôkyô kôshinkyoku

Tôkyô kôshinkyoku

A classic melodramatic love tragedy addressing social inequality in feudal Japan, depicted in Kenji Mizoguchi's typical style. The nostalgic scenes of 1920s Tokyo provides a valuable visual...

A classic melodramatic love tragedy addressing social inequality in feudal Japan, depicted in Kenji Mizoguchi's typical style. The nostalgic scenes of 1920s Tokyo provides a valuable visual... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tamille B (es) wrote: A sweet story and lovely photography.

Mahesh P (jp) wrote: Yuvvraaj had great potential, and could have been made much better. The basic storyline is great, however poorly executed. It seems like the plot never really developed with the slow steps that it should have. it was slow for a while, and then suddenly, it jumped to a whole other realm. I would have expected a lot more from Subhash Ghai, director of Taal and Pardes. This movie is centered around the incredible acting by Anil Kapoor. While Subhash Ghai might not have had the right approach to portraying a mentally challenged guy, Anil Kapoor did the most with what he had, and it turned out to be the best acting of his entire career. Salman Khan's acting was also great. He knows exactly how to act in each one of his movies, changing his style effortlessly, making him one of the most talented actors in bollywood. Zayed Khan has succesfully created his image as the worst actor in bollywood with his crazy screams to the sky. He has no talent whatsoever. Katrina Kaif didn't have that big of a role, and therefore didn't have to do much acting at all. It is always fun to see Boman Irani in a new movie. He always has some way of bringing unique zest to a movie, and never overdoes it with his acting style. He will never get old. The music might not be in A.R. Rahman's top 10, or even his top 20, but he has made some pretty enjoyable songs for this movie. great for the context of the movie, but not 'listen to a hundred times' material. i do believe, though, that if Rahman had chosen K.K. or Abhjeet to sing instead of Sonu Nigam, the songs would top the charts. the scenes and dances of the songs were created on a grand scale, and were appealing to watch. excellent choreography. The concept of this movie was great, but the execution was sub par.

Valria V (au) wrote: A great biopic, Audrey Tautou plays Coco Chanel fine.

Lisa R (de) wrote: Really? Are you kidding me?

Michael W (gb) wrote: Dynamic duo of Dudikoff and James together again with high stakes on the line to battle a drug lord in remote Caribbean island manufacturing an army of genetically engineered super ninjas. Another high kill count but a stretch on credibility. Likely a disappointment for fans of the original.

neil L (au) wrote: the story sucks but the music is great. My favourite part is the fat boys

Josh W (ca) wrote: Very crude, surreal war movie that's not actually about the war, but the aftermath of somebody obliterated by the horrors of war. It explores the absolutely worst-case scenario of being alive by not having any senses whatsoever, and just how that person manages to cope by living with their thoughts and dreams. The bizarre dream sequences and flashbacks really add to the protagonist's plight and state of mind, and although the some parts of the movie really feel dated, it actually contributes to the trippy nature of the film.

Les E (nl) wrote: It did eventually get interesting but the wait was too long.

kkl10 a (au) wrote: 3 Women (1977) - 9 Willie, Millie, Pinky. Willie is asocial and bitter, a mysterious woman who runs a bar where Millie and Pinky hang out with cops. She spends most of her time alienated in her intriguing and unsettling mural paintings which seem to fascinate Pinky. Willie is pregnant. Millie is a fulfilled young woman working at an health spa for the elderly and living in a small apartment rented to Willie. She is extremely confident of her attractiveness towards men and is strangely outgoing and communicative despite the fact that others severely neglect her. Pinky resembles a teenager, she displays almost childlike naivety and impulsiveness. Admitted as a new worker in the spa, she develops a very strong affection for Millie as the older employee guides Pinky through her new job. Pinky willingly becomes Millie's roommate. The roles and relationships between these three women will undergo a metamorphosis as the events unravel and a final hierarchy will be reached. Reality will change as well, a certain degree of abnormality is visible in human relations. Hilarious, heartbreaking and disturbing social dichotomies coexist with all naturality, things that hardly fit within the frame of a real and concrete world. The absurdist aura omnipresent since the beginning intensifies until the movie truly assumes it's dreamylike nature that leaves us perplexed in the end. The thing is, the relationship between the three women is the reality of the film. The bleak landscape of a small desert city somewhere in California can either morph into a poetically beautiful window or into a crude stage of a surreal psychological Thriller/Drama of great emotional power. Top-notch (in large part improvised!) interpretations from Shelley Duvall (the director's muse) and Sissy Spacek, as good as the brilliant camera, photography and sound work. This fascinating and mysterious movie was literally born from a Robert Altman dream and it shows the talent of this great master of cinema. A beautiful cult film, I think it deserves more attention. I loved it and highly recommend it!

John O (de) wrote: A guy from a privileged background uses his time travelling powers to set himself up in life with a beautiful wife, job, kids etc. Then, and only then, he tells us that he is going to stop using his gift and live every day to the full... and we should too! [email protected]%k off Bill Nighy is great though:)