Tokyo Psycho

Tokyo Psycho

Sachiko Kokubu, the beautiful owner of a Tokyo design agency, finds her life disrupted when she receives paper scraps stitched together with piano wire with the message "I know you were meant to marry me." As further messages come she embarks on a nightmare investigation to uncover the identity of her tormentor.

Sachiko Kokubu, the beautiful owner of a Tokyo design agency, finds her life disrupted when she receives paper scraps stitched together with piano wire with the message "I know you were ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark E (us) wrote: Its silly and fun but very short. Exactly what you'd expect. One for younger viewers.

Paul D (nl) wrote: It's not the most engaging of films but the story about trying to sell Uranium to the highest bidder in the late 60's makes this quirky and interesting enough with some odd characters in the mix.

Timm S (fr) wrote: The School-Boy Bachelor Humor Just Doesn't Work For What I Thought Would Be A G-Rated Kid-Friendly Disney Romp. I Found Russell Brand & Even Rob Schnider Funnier, Exemplifying Over-The-Top Characters Juuuust Right. Sander Appears Bored & Frustrated At Times, Maybe It's The Fact That This Fantasy-Story-Into-Reality Thing Has Been Done Before, & In Much Better Fashion...

Matt A (ru) wrote: I saw this at the cinema. This is only one of the things that I regret.

Justin O (ca) wrote: Not as funny as the original, but still has its moments, even though the story is kinda weak.

Donovan M (mx) wrote: Ed Harris was just incredible. He was amazing in this, great dialogue, he chewed scenery like nobody's business. He makes the film worth watching.

Caleb C (gb) wrote: Pretty funny, but not really memorable.

Andrea G (jp) wrote:'s definitely not historically accurate but if you choose not to compare this movie to actual history and take it as a separate entity then it's interesting and the scenery is beautiful. It seemed a bit odd that the Native Americans knew English and I noticed the movie was corny at times. As far as aesthetics go Miles O'Keefe had a handsome face but he needed to tone up for this role more because he was wearing revealing clothing at some parts and looked flabby. I saw this on T.V along time ago, too long to remember much but the DVD version seems to have been edited from the original version.

Euge F (gb) wrote: There were many things that bothered me in this movie. These were...TRAMA: the plot of the movie was not interesting and you reached a moment in which you don't care about the characters anymore and you get bored. While I was watching it I just hoped I hadn't invite my whole family to watch it with me.CHARACTERS: Jasmine's personality is, in this movie, very different as it was in Aladdin. It seems as if she was five again... were has all her maturity go? Same with Aladdin. Genie was yet a little funny but not as in the first one.MUSIC: Aladdin's music is unforgettable and that's why its soundtrack is so famous. But in this movie the music is not good at all and is easily forgettable.ANIMATION: its quality was really poor, nothing to do with the classic.Well, that's pretty much all. I do not reccomend you to watch it, as it is a pointless and dissapointing to such a classic like Aladdin. At least don't invite anyone to watch it with you.

Aaron C (mx) wrote: A spanish twist on Legends of the Fall / Inventing the Abbotts. This movie is mostly fluffy and predictable, but one can take a step back and appreciate the comedy (especially from the poor ol dad's point of view). Gil's mustachio's the funniest!

Benjamin F (nl) wrote: A very slow, moody film that leaves one hell of an impression on you. A tale of directionless youths in modern Taipei, and the beginning of the ongoing story of Tsai's teenaged Norcha reincarnation.

Bret L (nl) wrote: My buddy Gabriel Damon!

Jayakrishnan R (es) wrote: 45%Kevin Costner is undeniably good, but the film is meant only for die hard baseball fans and the fantasy is too boring for people who have no idea about the baseball that's mentioned over here. Most of the drama feels manipulative and forced.

Jennifer M (au) wrote: Pretty good for a cheesy movie!

Sandeep S (nl) wrote: This is such a beautiful film! Very riveting and very much a movie worth watching...I thought the ending was one of the most powerful things I have ever seen on the screen...Guru Dutt is one of my favourite directors, Waheeda Rehman gives such a awe and inspiring performance...

David L (mx) wrote: Breathless has exquisite direction from Jean-Luc Godard, great performances and charisma of Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg, wonderful cinematography and art direction and solid score, but all those great technical aspects do not make a great film and this movie is no exception; it lacks in the storytelling department with a script that never feels interesting nor good enough thus never achieving the masterpiece status it is supposed to achieve.

Karen G (kr) wrote: Excellent film. Richard Gere's acting was phenomenal and was at it's best - the best I have ever seen from him. His character was entirely believable. I could feel him, understand, and sympathize him. My only problem with this film is the ending. Very unrealistic, awkward, corny and dumb. THAT was disappointing.

Mike E (ru) wrote: Utter crap worst film ever

Denislav R (ca) wrote: An incredibly funny beautiful dreamworks movie. Great story, great voice acting, awesome script.

John S (nl) wrote: Richard Attenborough delivers one of the most chillingly believable performance i've ever seen, in this classic serial killer film. Although, the film is guilty of being rather straightforward. I found myself emotionally wanting by the time the credits ran. When analyzed on paper, this film is a bit two-dimensional, but Attenborough's performance vindicates everything and anything.