• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Tolerance 2000 full movies, Tolerance torrents movie

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Tolerance torrent reviews

Jingting L (jp) wrote: this was a supergirl movie not a superman batman movie...

Taba H (nl) wrote: Alussa pieni heist-kohtaus, loppuun poliisityota ja kostamista, snipes mitaan sanomaton kuten yleensakin, outhwaite tayttaa kaikki b-naispaaosan kriteerit (liian hyvan nakoinen rooliaan varten, lukee vuorosanoja ei nayttele, huutelee shit! paljon), kuraa...

Ilen T (ca) wrote: survival island the best film by ilen

Pia K (kr) wrote: Mukavasti meni aika tmnkin omaelmnkertaan perustuvan elokuvan parissa. (Suom. Miehet elmssni)

Brad G (ca) wrote: "That was some scene up there, remind me never to have sex with you." A trilogy of female assassins led by Julie Strain's Black Widow use the power of their fake breasts to lure their pray and steal an all-too-important-for-some-reason computer chip. The first film in the Malibu Express series to be directed by Andy Sidaris' son Drew, The Dallas Connection is wall-to-wall with awkwardly unsexy sex scenes (which is nothing new to this saga), but Strain's bad girl schtick is getting old. I miss the charm of Donna Spier's righteous government agent and even though I'm happy to see some of the regulars like Bruce Penhall and Rodrigo Obregon, the ladies are really lacking. Samantha Max, Cobra, Scorpion....where's the fun? VF.

Anthony I (kr) wrote: A psycho romance as intense as Fatal Attraction, only slightly better story-wise. Great performances from both leading ladies. It's a pretty decent thriller, a good one to watch for Halloween.

Kevin M W (ca) wrote: A very Christian rumination: what is the meaning of life? Pasolini poetically, lyrically offers the Book of Ecclessiates by Solomon (" ... everything is vanity ") for consideration. Made in the Sixties it reflects some of the counter- cultural ideas that were sweeping through the affluent West at that time.

Corey n (au) wrote: This is a comedy that stars Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. Set in WWII we have submarine Captain Sherman played by Grant whose sub is damaged in a raid by the Japanese. He gets the help from Lt.Holden played by Curtis to get parts for his sub since supplies are hard to find. But his means are not up to military standards and call for some quick thinking. Also they rescue some female officers on a island that turn his sub upside down. This movie is funny. Some witty lines and funny scenes through out the film. Cary Grant is excellent as usual. Curtis was very good in this as well. Grant and Curtis worked well together in this. One of my favorite scenes was when they sunk a Japanese truck instead of a ship. Very funny scene. If your looking for a fun comedy then give this a watch.

Zhanyi J (br) wrote: Fun to watch. Not the Bunuel that I came to know, but nice movie nonetheless

Orlok W (ca) wrote: Spooky Haunted House Sherlock Holmes Mystery--Murky Murders at Musgrave Manor!!

Charles S (ca) wrote: so depressing. R Lee Ermy at his most abusively awesome

James C (kr) wrote: One of the worst movies I've ever seen!......