Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure

Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure

Tom And Jerry are among the last animals living in Storybook Town, a fairy tale-inspired theme park "where dreams come true, if you believe."

Tom and Jerry are the faithful servants of Jack, the owner of a struggling storybook amusement park that gets a much-needed boost thanks to some mysterious magical beans . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan S (kr) wrote: Gentle, soft, and amiable...just like Michael Palin. It might have been funnier though.

Chance F (ag) wrote: This movie has the ability to change life's. Please, everyday go see this movie.

Gail K (ag) wrote: could have been better for a comeback film

Adam S (es) wrote: What a piece of crap. The acting was more than bad it was awful. The slash scenes were ok but this movie is total trash.

Jay T (kr) wrote: Quite possibly the most awesome movie ever. Ever. Especially if you love movies, have ever worked at a video store (or even remember what that is), and can always seem to work film into every conversation, whether anybody else wants to talk about it or not. Basically a masterpiece.

Justin A (jp) wrote: This was bad. I knew it would be bad, but I didn't expect it to be quite this terrible. This was Doom Asylum bad. I'm pretty sure this movie was shot in only like one week with a small crew with barely a script to use. How do I know this? Well, there are scenes where two characters talk to each other in the same room, but the camera cuts to them in different parts of the room (so basically, it cuts back and forth between the two like they shot their scenes separately as opposed to together). There are also takes where it cuts to daytime shots while running in the nighttime because that was possibly the only b-roll they had. I can understand such constraints, but this is supposed to be a feature film.As far as the movie, it has a promising plot, but doesn't really deliver, not even in the "so bad it's good" department. It's just too boring. The only part I was laughing was near the end when one of the characters drops her glasses while another character is being killed. Then she walks out of the room and trips over the bannister and falls to her death. I can't really explain it in detail, it's just one of the more absurd deaths I've seen in a movie and it has some awesome dummy falling action.The ending is dumb and really makes no sense. It would make sense if there weren't ghosts, but what was the point of the ghosts if there was a killer in the house? It felt cheap and there are too many "mommy issues" killers in slasher movies. This is just another one and kind of falls in line with the rest of them (though much worse). Not worth watching.

Karla R (br) wrote: Beautiful film about how the magic of a place like Granada can change a man's life. Attractive locations, colorful scenaries and all that Spanish touch along the film make of it a really delightful experience to the eye.

benjie n (br) wrote: i like the powerpuff girls

bill s (ag) wrote: An overlooked gem.Builds the horror and mystery to a final showdown that I did not see coming.

Ron M (jp) wrote: This is my least favorite Ridley Scott film, but it had nothing to do with Ridley Scott's directing. White Squall was based on a true story, and Ridley Scott brilliantly directed a film adaptation of a true story that I found totally painful. Parents sending their 15 and 16 year old sons off to 9 months on a floating high school. A school sailing ship where the teenage students are also the on-the-job trained crew, and everyone's is shocked when something goes wrong. Really?!The gist of the story was that in life, bad things happen. You can't be afraid of the wind. You need to press on and take the good with the bad. I get it, but that also doesn't mean that you let your kids play in traffic, or look for chemical fires to study Shakespeare in. The sea is dangerous. Very VERY dangerous. The only moral of the story I saw was, don't literally ship your kids off for 9 months on a sailing ship, and then be shocked that they would be in real danger on several occasions.Ridley Scott's record is unscathed. He did as well as any director could to bring this whacky story to the big screen.

John M (kr) wrote: A vintage scrap of the 90s that showcases a young Buscemi in the shambley light of a struggling NYC theater actor and a simple plot which pokes fun at film production

Markku R (jp) wrote: Fairly good sequel for a change.

R Treybian P (gb) wrote: So, I watched this again after more than a decade. And while I still find it a pretty decent commentary on racial/social relations, there are things in this movie I just really didn't care for. From the ridiculous questioning about who on the wall of a man's business, to the lack of respect shown toward elders & "others", this movie pissed me off more than a little. But Rosie Perez (a celebrity crush), and the awesome soundtrack made it all tolerable.

Michael H (ag) wrote: A classic of HK choreography and slap-stick humour

gary t (mx) wrote: wow umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch.....its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie....i think that willis bouchey, woody strode, jeffrey hunter, juano hernandez, judson pratt, billie burke, carleton young, constance towers play good roles/parts throughout this movie....i think that the director of this drama movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie...i think that this is a really powerful drama movie 2 watch as its a bit of a sad movie but this is such a powerful drama movie 2 watch n its a good movie

Lewis P (fr) wrote: Way ahead of its time*** This review may contain spoilers ***Do not miss this picture! Part noir, part docudrama, it features a brilliant, understated performance by the very talented Ricardo Montalban who plays a detective on Cape Cod who must investigate a murder. A good part of the film is shot on location on Cape Cod and in Boston which adds to the film's realism. The cinematography is by John Alton considered to be one of the finest "noir" cinematographers. If you watch the DVD commentary, you'll get an idea of just how many great shots are in this film.The film is unusual in that the narrative does not follow the typical noir script. The protagonist, Lt. Morales, is not introduced until about 20 minutes into the story. We're first introduced to the circumstances of the crime. This expository sequence introduces us to the victim, a barmaid, Vivian (played by Jan Sterling), pregnant by a well-respected businessman on Cape Cod, Harkley, a married man, who she seeks to meet so that presumably he can pay her some money to support the child. Vivian helps Henry Shamway (an ordinary Joe who has been drinking following his wife's miscarriage)move his illegally-parked car but then ends up driving both of them out to the Cape while Shamway is too drunk to know what's going on. Just as he begins to sober up, she dupes Shamway into getting out of the car for a second as she pretends to let him drive the car and leaves him in the middle of nowhere. Before you know it, in a shocking scene, Harkley murders Vivian by shooting her point blank in the chest as she sits in Shamway's car talking to him. Even more shocking, he embraces and acts like he's kissing the dead barmaid to make it appear everything's normal to two passing motorists. Harkley buries the body near the ocean and the skeleton later turns up in a sand dune.Montalban's Lt. Morales is not your usual noir detective. Not only is he not American born but he keeps a cool head of objectivity as he investigates the crime. Although Morales is the protagonist he is not the hapless male patsy found in many noirs nor does he fall victim to a femme fatale. Shamway is the poor schmuck who is taken advantage by the conniving female (in this case, Vivian, who is immediately dispatched by the principal villain, Harkley).Lt. Morales goes to Harvard University where we get to see some great forensic investigation with the help of the head of the pathology department at the Medical school. Using a slide projector, they match up a picture of the skull with a missing person's photo. Great Crime Scene Investigation way ahead of its time! The forensic investigation goes even further when they find the car where the murder occurred, dredge it up from a pond and then trace the trajectory of the bullet. Before Morales realizes the victim has been murdered, Shamway is arrested and implicated in the murder. There's a great scene where Morales questions Shamway's wife at their home about his canceled checks. The wife, expertly played by Sally Forrest, slowly becomes more and more emotional as she reads each canceled check which ostensibly is made out for things related to the birth of their child that was not to be (now a double whammy for the wife?the loss of a child and recent arrest of her husband). Despite the wife's emotional outburst, Morales acts true to character: as a hardened detective, he stubbornly clings to the belief that the suspect is truly guilty.Meanwhile, Vivian's landlady, Mrs. Smerrling (played very nicely as a nasty eccentric by Else Lancester) discovers Vivian's connection to Harkley so she goes to Cape Cod and attempts to blackmail him. She comes away with the murder weapon which later figures in the climactic scene. After Morales obtains a search warrant, searches Harkley's home and is unable to find the gun, Harkley realizes that Mrs. Smerrling stole the gun earlier and goes to her apartment and promptly strangles her!This is not a sentimental story in the least! When Shamway's wife comes to talk to Mrs. Smerrling, she's knocked down by Harkley just as Morales arrives. Now Morales finally realizes that Shamway is an innocent victim and doggedly searches Smerrling's apartment for the murder weapon. In a great scene, after spending the entire night and finding nothing, Morales is about to leave when he by chance notices the key to a train station locker lying on the bottom of Mrs. Smerrling's parrot's cage! Harkley is one step ahead of Morales when he's able to get Mrs. Smerrling's bag out of the locker only to find himself trapped inside a railway car after being chased by Morales. When he pulls out the gun there's no bullets in it since Vivian's roommate, Jackie, took the clip out earlier.If you watch the DVD commentary, you'll find out that Jackie is played by Betsy Blair who was blacklisted by the film industry in the early 50s. She finally got back into films after her husband, Gene Kelly, threatened to leave MGM. Mystery Street also deals with the subject of racial prejudice?look for Harkley talking to Morales in his office. In that scene, Harkley shows his class prejudice and disdain for Morales who "wasn't born here". Mystery is a great oldie but goodie! Its emphasis on forensic science is way ahead of its time. Ricardo Montalban steals the show as the true-to-life investigating detective. Mystery Street's only flaw is that it places Harvard University a bit too much on a pedestal but for sheer entertainment it really hits the mark!

DC F (au) wrote: One of L & H's early feature films and arguably one of their best! Shows the boys in prison and trying to escape!

Campbell P (fr) wrote: I thought this would be a huge and really good horror film. It was huge but not as good as I thought it would be. First of all Chloe Grace Moretz is way too cute to be a social outcast but they did a pretty good job making her one. And the movie went by too quick in my opinion! I was hoping for like a half hour more of something! The bullying was plain cruel and whoever was like the bully in the movie in real life is really stupid and senseless and I doubt anyone would go that far in real life. It overall just wasn't my kind of horror flick. C-

Tyler S (br) wrote: Being a sports fan I really dug this film. A die hard Boston Red Sox fan trying to balance his love for the game with his love for his girl. Fallon was surprisingly good here, and Barrymore also was pretty charming. I could see myself being in this same position one day. The relationship between them formed in a strange way and it didn't really click at the beginning why the hell they were together. But fallons humor (which was excellent) proved to be the connection that won her over. The end as with most romantic comedies was super cheesy and predictable; that being said as a diehard sports fan I couldn't help to like it despite its many flaws.

Kelly B (br) wrote: Ok, so it's cheesey, and predicitable. So what? This was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid, and I still sort of love it.