Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry

Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry

After being evicted from their old house by Tom's owner for causing major damage, cat and mouse Tom and Jerry enter a race entitled the "Fabulous Super Race" to win a mansion.

After wrecking their house during a chase, Tom and Jerry enter a race around the world where the winner gets a new fancy house. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry torrent reviews

Mark L (it) wrote: Nowhere near as bad as it ought to be, but still pretty terrible. Imagine the cast of the Jersey Shore fighting killer sharks, and you've almost certainly imagined this film. Throw in some bizarre stunt casting and bazinga!

Daniel M (us) wrote: Talk about stupid terrible endings, about the already exhausted found-footage format in films, and the overused exorcism routine. I am so glad that I did not spent money on theatres for this pile of film junk.

Edwin W (kr) wrote: There were many historical errors in the movie. However, like Braveheart which also suffers from style over accuracy, it is an exciting medieval war movie. Maybe it will also pique the viewer's interest in British history.

Ethan B (nl) wrote: Bourne Legacy gives us a lot of good for being sans Matt Damon. Jeremy Renner holds his own very well and proves he can be a leading man in a blockbuster.Starting off prior to the events of The Bourne Ultimatum, Legacy finds Jeremy Renner's character in the Alaskan wilderness, being hunted by a pack of wolves. Then, all of a sudden, he discovers that a drone is trying to blow him up. Eventually, the film moves past Ultimatum and becomes about another secret government agency. They're feeling threatened by Jason Bourne's uprising and trying to kill their own assets before they have the chance to retaliate.The biggest issue with this film is that it tries to be cryptic. It's capable of telling us what's going on, but chooses not to--which can be frustrating when watching a movie. You can tell that these events are opening the door to something cool in the series, but it just doesn't let us figure out what that is until later. Often times, we find ourselves scratching our heads, hoping that it all ties together in the end. And it does for the most part. But even when things click, it means nothing of value. You just accept it and hope it will make sense in the next film.We're also never entirely sure how it all connects to the Bourne series--other than the same people are involved. But the glimmering hope that it's going to open the series up to something grander--the bigger picture--makes every piece of this film intriguing.Regardless of the mysterious plot, it's really entertaining. The action and chase sequences are high-quality, and there are some really intense scenes. It's all fun in the end.Twizard Rating: 85

Petros T (de) wrote: "What Just Happened" is a decent caustic satire that maintains the viewer's interest all the way through. The humour is fresh, the most dramatic sequences revolve around Bruce Willis's "fuckin' beard" and the romantic part, although familiar, leads to a totally satisfying solution. The acting ensemble is adorable: De Niro gives a terrific performance, Bruce Willis is good when shouting and even better when quoting and John Turturro has the most interesting stomach problems in cinema history.

Maggy M (au) wrote: I like like mike the movie so much it should pass 100 it should be a thousand

Zach T (gb) wrote: i have seen better and i have seen worse

Angelo M (ca) wrote: visto un sacco di proprio uno di quei film che fa piacere rivedere. che fanno un po' sognare. che mostra come l'amore dovrebbe nascere ed essere.

Tiberio S (nl) wrote: Every time I see Scorsese at work, it feels like every other film I've seen before it pales in comparison. There simply is no other visual maestro like him, and anyone who says otherwise holds him in such high regard that they feel the need to find every opportunity they can to knock him down a few pegs. Say what you will about this film, but it's a masterwork. The sheer pace and energy is justified by the sleepless rapid lifestyle of our protagonist, Frank Pierce. His various partners, his love interest, his haunting failure Rose, Noel and Mr. O, Red Death and Cy Coates, the guard with the sunglasses, the apathetic doctor - I love this crazy quirky world he lives in, how they interact with each other, the chemistry is flawless. Scorsese has the ability to take a great script, like what Schrader brought to the table, and make it feel so lived in, so raw and authentic, yet never losing a proper sense of surrealism. Richardson's photography is dreamy, flashing colors, glowing whites, mist filters, tilting the city sideways. It never fails to be interesting.

Vincent K (de) wrote: A really solid crime drama. Not your usual cops vs. robbers story. Instead, it's a really intriguing look at the dealings inside the D.A.'s office and police precinct, and how justice hinges more on who owes who what favors.

Alex r (ag) wrote: Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy is the first film of the Canadian comedy troupe Kids in the hall, and it is a very funny film. I'm a huge fan of KITH and their show was the finest sketch comedy TV show that I have ever seen. How does the troupe transcends to the big screen? Well, it's not a perfect film, but the Kids in the Hall manage to keep their eccentric brand of humor in the film, which in turn makes for an entertaining film to watch for fans of the show. Brain Candy is not a comedy for everyone as it will most certainly alienate viewers. The cast here is great and the storyline is terrific for what they try to accomplish. Brain Candy is entertaining and will definitely appeal to KITH fans, but to those not familiar with the troupe, they want to pass it up as they won't find it funny. As a diehard fan of KITH and the show, I thought this was a well crafted comedy that had the traditional elements that you'd come to expect from the Kids. At times, the film could have been reworked to make it a highly memorable film, but as it is, it's funny, but it of course leaves room for improvement. I felt that Show was much better, and that the troupe put more effort into their skits than on this film. I'm not saying the film is bad, I'm just saying there is room for improvement. For what it is, it's a fun comedy worth seeing if you're a fan of the KITH, but like I said, you may want to skip it, if you're not familiar with their work. Anyone looking for a final glimpse of the troupe may want to check this one out, as their later work, would depart from what they previously did on the show and in this film.

Seth L (de) wrote: This movie set a standard. It's incredibly boring, but at the time, it was hugely influential.

Amanda T (mx) wrote: WTF did I just watch?

J L (gb) wrote: I actually enjjoyed this movie, it reallly kept me interested and had a nice twist.

Don S (ca) wrote: Let's see: Jet Li vs. Jet Li in multiple universes (though we only see two); not as thrilling as you'd expect. The characters, Gabe Law vs. Gabriel Yulaw, know each others moves (because you know, they are the same person from different universes) and it is not that exciting. Silly sci-fi concept that works for the fight scenes when Yulaw is taking on others. Nothing special, though Carla Gugino is drop dead gorgeous in all universes.

Jim H (us) wrote: Two restaurateurs turned thieves pull off a heist but anger the mob.Mickey Rourke was damn attractive in his younger days, and his talent, on full display in this film, makes his career's eventual fizzle all the more tragic. His performance in this film doesn't sink to the depths of cliche the way some New York gangster portrayals do, remaining subtle, understated, and honest. Eric Roberts complements him perfectly with a performance that dances back and forth and around the line between over-acting and portraying a crazy character.The film, however, ends without resolving many of the conflicts it constructed along the way, and the deus ex machnia is so obvious that it's almost unpredictable. I would have been okay with the ending if the rest of the film didn't have so much grit, epitomized by Rourke who always seems like he's one step away from insanity.Overall, see this film to appreciate Rourke, what he was, what he still is in films like The Wrestler, and what he could have been.

Greg G (kr) wrote: Such a good movie :)

Grant T (au) wrote: Pretty amusing actually, although the cliches are uncountable by the end of the film. Mel Gibson is a pretty good lead for the film and Helen hunt is excellent in her role as Darcy!

Daisy M (gb) wrote: Mickey Rourke became one of my favorite actors after seeing him in Angel Heart and 9 1/2 weeks. Poor guy,if it was not for his looks ruined by the ages and surgery, I could thought of him to be one of the best late century's leading role men! But I can't say Wild Orchid was a good film, but it's not Micky Rourke or Carrie Otis fault. They were both attractive, and tried hard with the material,but the material just wasn't interesting. There was no plot in Wild Orchid. What was in Wild Orchid? Nothing. There was no love, acting was mediocre, the film wasn't entertaining. Just the last sex scene was erotic. For me, the film sucks .