Tom And Jerry: The Lost Dragon

Tom And Jerry: The Lost Dragon

Tom and Jerry find a dragon egg, and help the baby dragon find its mother.

Tom and Jerry find out a beautiful strange egg without knowing that is stolen from a fire breathing dragon. After hatching, the little dragon Puffy thinks Tom is his mommy while the real mama dragon is seeking to get her baby back. With the help of friends, Tom and Jerry have to fight back the witch named Drizelda to rescue the baby dragon and bring him back to his mother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Qasim Arif S (jp) wrote: Excellent Animation Movie.....................

Cole K (jp) wrote: This movie felt weak on a lot of levels. The character development was bad and the plot was uninteresting. It amazes me that Dave Bautista gets such a prominent spot on the poster, yet he hardly appears in the film. RVD as an actor is a travesty. He should stick to wrestling. This was just a very bleh film with an incredibly weak plot, bad characters, and horrid character development to go along with bad acting.

WS W (jp) wrote: Too Indie, too Frenchie, too pretentious, too liberating, too drifting, too unfocused, too self-indulgence, too lost.

Jerry E (mx) wrote: for some reason I liked this movie. To me it was done well and gave me the creeps had lots of spooks.This movie is so creepy when alone, it'll want to make a person not move into old apartments but yet in some way to help those that are lost..... watch with an open mind, it gives creepy feelings, don't watch it with distractions! and watch with no lights! ;-)I dare you!

Richard V (ag) wrote: Too bad The Ring Two did not take in this storyline, because this would have added a new and more bizarre layer to the first film's story. Really clever approach.

George P (mx) wrote: This film is a good one to watch if you have no brain. It is stupid and Casper Van Dien has a beard a la Jimmy Hill to try and hide his magnificent chin, Like Jimmy Hill he failed. My favourite bit is at the beginning when Casper Van D is filming a factory burning down and is actually surprised when said factory collapses on his crew! Next time film the burning down factory from outside you muppet!!! Oh and look out for Martin Sheen's superb barnet as the film progresses.

KDog (de) wrote: David Duchovny at his best, but even this wasn't enough to shake the XFiles.

Robert R (ca) wrote: Just when I thought I had most of the best "biographical dramas" accounted for, "Shine" comes out of left field and gloriously sideswipes me with its beautifully inspiring story, provocative structure, and its manifestly perfect performance from Geoffrey Rush.

Kevin N (it) wrote: Though it doesn't quite have the magic of the trio's fantasy masterpiece 'The Raven', this macabre comedy starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff (not to mention Basil Rathbone) has plenty of thrilling laughs and a really fun storyline. Price plays a broke undertaker who lives with his wife (Joyce Jameson), who he can't stand the sight of, and her father, played Karloff. When the boozy gravedigger can't pay his rent, he and his assistant (Lorre) begin creating their own cliental, but as it turns out, neither is very good at killing and both end up way over their heads when their toughest victim, Price's landlord (Rathbone), won't stay dead. It's as silly as it sounds, and Price gives one of his all-time most entertaining performances as he tips back bottle after bottle and flings bloated insults at his beautiful wife, who only asks for his affection. It's a crude and sloppy little number and Price gives it the perfect measurements. I always love taking in a picture with Peter Lorre, too; he was an actor who could do creepy and funny and often both at the same time, and here he plays Price's second brilliantly. The two really anchor the movie (Karloff and Rathbone don't have very big parts), but veteran director Jacques Tourneur, who helmed such underrated classics such as 'Cat People' and 'I Walked with a Zombie', gives the film a certain level of artistic bravado. The package as a whole is packed full of terrifically talented people who prove that serious actors and auteurs often know how to have fun, too.

Nique S (gb) wrote: I can see why people would not enjoy this movie, but I was in the mood for it when we crossed paths. I felt it was very dark. the first third seemed as if it was filmed in black n white. If you like medieval and sword fighting check it out. It might be a pass for you if you only get down with serious type films. I saw it on Netflix. It is what it is.

Bryan P (it) wrote: Urban Legends sees killings at a university with the youngsters thinking the first killing is just a crazy petrol station attendant. Soon a few of them realize they really is a crazy psychopath on site and must try to survive or he/she could be the next victim. Film set in the late 90's which is similar to the scream trilogy

Anthony I (mx) wrote: Its so terrible, in the best ways possible. Russ Meyer and a young Roger Ebert captured the chaotic spirit of the 60's in such a brilliantly cheesy way. I can't help but marvel at it.