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Heather M (ag) wrote: Movies based on books by authors like Sandra Brown tend to be rather weak, but this one is a nice surprise. The plot is simple enough to follow with a "twist" at the end. I will admit that the twist isn't a great shock if you were paying attention to the story.

Ash J (it) wrote: Hmm. Sounds interesting.

Steve S (gb) wrote: Pretty miserable attempt to bring the popular video game to life on the big screen. Lots of loud shoot outs, but little in the way of actual plot or enjoyment.

Ethan T (it) wrote: this thriller is short on thrills.

Kyle W (jp) wrote: A truly ridiculous film. is should have tried to stick to what it was a flop of a comedy, instead it tried to incorperate a variety of issues and tries to become an emotional comedy. The acting is sad, and the story is silly. this film is a flop.

Johnny T (gb) wrote: "Lady in White" tells a classic ghost story in such an everyday way that the ghost is almost believable, and the story is actually scarier than it might have been with a more gruesome approach. The sort of spooky flick you can watch in the dark with your pre-teen-ish progeny and not have to worry about the sex, smut, or splatter. While it's true that the movie manages to trudge through a small handful of dry spots, there's enough quality here to overshadow the glitches. Guessing the killer isn't hard, and in fact he shows up rather too early. While the motive(s) for the monstrous acts that are committed here are never given (he just does it it seems). But this is a clever and well made film. Aside from the down-home quaintness and the generally engaging ghost story, Lukas Haas delivers a fantastic performance as our lovable hero. Lady in White is not flashy or hip or particularly original, but it's an example of a filmmaker wanting to share his favorite ghost story ... and, all things considered, doing a pretty good job of it. LaLoggia has problems ending the story without making it a little goofy and a little cliched. But until the final minutes of the film Lady in White is a positive gem of filmmaking. Far from perfect, but what it lacks in finesse, it makes up in shaggy-dog charm....the fun is in the journey. VERDICT: "In The Zone" - [Mixed Reaction] These kinds of movies are usually movies that had some good things, but some bad things kept it from being amazing. This rating says buy an ex-rental or a cheap price of the DVD to own. If you consider cinema, ask for people's opinion on the film. (Films that are rated 2.5 or 3 stars)

Scott R (ca) wrote: Very creative, but not especially well written. It gives insights into George Lucas' imagination. On a visual scale it was on the borderline of grand.

Private U (kr) wrote: I think this was based on a true story.

Angela E (kr) wrote: What must be one of the funniest Carry Ons

Ashley H (it) wrote: Morituri is an amazing film. It is about a war pacifist is blackmailed to pose as an SS officer. Marlon Brando and Yul Brynner give excellent performances. The screenplay is well written. Bernhard Wicki did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the action and drama. Morituri is a must see.

Benjamin W (kr) wrote: At least the other sequels had solid connections to the other movies. the only things that carried over were the equipment from "Ghost of Frankenstein", and Boris Karloff, who didn't even play the monster! This felt like some monster movie fan-fic. I mean honestly, I was half-expecting Abbot and Costello to appear at some point, there were so many non-Frankenstein monsters in this film. For 71 minutes, it sure felt like a Dracula story followed by a Wolfman story, with Frankenstein just tacked on the end. The funny thing is that most people think of Igor based on the character of Daniel in this film. That is, the hunchback and "Master, master . . ." refrain.

David L (fr) wrote: 42nd Street may have some cheesy lines, not much of a plot and a cliched script, but having in mind its age, it is not cliched but rather one of the first of its kind influencing what is now considered a cliche story. What propels this film to an almost minor classic status however is its last third with phenomenal and catchy songs (especially the superb titular song), thrilling dance sequences and acts, elaborate set design and an all around fun ending. It may be a bit overrated, but it is nonetheless a charming ride and a joy to watch.

Tom R (us) wrote: This truly is my favourite movie of all time. It has every possible thing I love about movies; the cast is fantastic, I love the end chemistry between Tom Hanks' and Leonardo Dicapro's characters, Spielberg's direction is some of the best I've ever seen (and I don't usually love Spielberg movies). How this movie didn't win everything it was nominated for I will never know, I also truly believe Dicaprio's performance in this movie was oscar-worthy and he wasn't even nominated for this one. Seriously, if you haven't seen this movie you need to, it's fantastic

Andrew L (us) wrote: Not as good as the novel on which it's based, but still one of my favourites from my childhood. Still to this day has the best CGI effects in any film.

Will T (it) wrote: It's sentimental and formulaic, but what saves this football flick from being entirely forgettable is its exciting and well-crafted sequences on the field--which are enjoyable even for those not the least bit interested in football.