Tom Jones

Tom Jones

Tom loves Sophie and Sophie loves Tom. But Tom and Sophie are of differering classes. Can they find a way through the mayhem to be true to love?

In eighteenth century England, "first cousins" Tom Jones and Master Blifil grew up together in privilege in the western countryside, but could not be more different in nature. Tom, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan C (mx) wrote: If they had enough money someday they can make how to train your dragon 3. If so, I would go watch it!I Know It's Not Quite as Good as How to Train Your Dragon but still one of the better dream works animated films.Score: 9.5/10

Cristi B (gb) wrote: Didn't aspect such a wide range of movies in one single parody film, put together make out a quite decent story

Adam S (au) wrote: Scorsese really gets it, what it means to be a cinephile, to understand a movie for more than it's surface, take in the images and meaning and apply it to other things. His commentary here on "On the Waterfront" and "East of Eden", Kazan's best films, is both insightful and poignant.

Sean H (kr) wrote: Apparently based on a true story that's even more depraved than what's portrayed here. This is an superb film. Some of the smartest dialog I've encountered, but it took me watching it twice because the interactions between the characters are so uncomfortable (intentionally so) that a lot of the nuance and depth got washed over by the emotional tension of the film the first time I watched it. Really amazingly done.

Harsh L (ru) wrote: Lookin or it's music clips! ustloved it!

E L (ca) wrote: A strange marriage of styles between black and Asian gang flick which doesn't work too well. There is absolutely zero charisma between Jet Li and Aaliyah, making the so called Romeo-and-Juliet subplot all the more ridiculous.

Dave W (au) wrote: This movie is just awful, and I have a bit of history. First of all, I liked the first Universal Soldier, Lundgren vs. Van Damme, one liners, good sets, quick pace competent screen fighting, it was pretty good, very sequel worthy. So, I was a little excited to see the second one despite the fact that I never liked Bill Goldberg the wrestler, mostly because his moves suck, but also because he couldn't act. But playing a regenerated dead soldier in a movie seemed like one role that he couldn't mess up. But then this movie happened, and it almost killed a promising franchise. It is one of those movies about a super computer that doesn't look like a computer, it's a rotating cube in a glass bubble or some shit that becomes self-aware and tries to take over the world or kill a bunch of people, it's been done a million times and usually pretty poorly. At the time of The Return's release, I didn't realize that a 2nd and 3rd Van Dammeless Universal Soldier movies had been released, and it doesn't much matter. The Return was playing at Seattle's Northgate cinema, a single feature cinema that is no longer in existence. I tried to get a summer job there after my Freshman year in college, hoping to see Universal Soldier: The Return for free, or actually get paid to see it. I didn't get the job, never paid to see it. Rented it one time, thought it sucked, then I bought one of those compilation DVDs that they sell for five bucks in a basket near the checkout stand at a one-stop-shop's electronics section. I thought it would be worth some small fraction of five bucks to re-watch it, but not only was I wrong, I feel that I was wronged. THIS MOVIE SUCKS.

Karly J (br) wrote: This director had a creative idea for this movie but his idea didn't come to life very well. The acting and the special effects in this movie were so awful that it made the movie entertaining. The storyline got confusing at points. For example, after the mom got the little girl off the swing she just fell over and the spiders attacked her. The way the actors talked and screamed was so fake and unbelievable. The sets and costumes were pretty good though. They director used a very normal setting which sent a message to the audience that this could happen to anyone. The clothes that they wore were true to the time and didn't make the movie more unrealistic. The lighting throughout the movie was good. I could tell in some parts they tried using different angles but the way they used them didn't sit well in my eye. It seemed awkward because they would throw in a different angle only every once in a while. Overall, this movie was so bad that it was kind of funny. Kids in the 21st century are used to amazing special effects and outstanding editing which brings the movie alive. So seeing this compared to the other movies of our time was disappointing.

Andy G (kr) wrote: A movie concerned with the consequences of being different in a place that won't accept it, and not much else. Still, the filmmaking style is comfortably experimental, and although it doesn't always pay off, the film takes a more active approach to a slacker narrative.

James M (br) wrote: I liked how the criminal for which the film is named after was never really shown. Only the effects that his actions had within a post-war Sicily were depicted making this ultimately a movie more about the history of Sicily than about Salvatore Giuliano. The corruption within Sicily at the time can definitely reflect the corruption of today.

Jens T (fr) wrote: Richard Brooks' Elmer Gantry starring Burt Lancaster and Jean Simmons is a fantastiv film about the inner christian faith. And where both Lancaster and Shirley Jones got their oscars. This is the story about the expelled priest student turned salesman Elmer Gantry (Burt Lancaster) who tries to live a decent christian life, but is to blinded by women. One day he attend a church meeting, where he falls in love with first sight with the famous prescer Sister Sharon Falconer (Jean Simmons) and use his experience as a saleman to let him be a part of her traveling tent ministry. And people love his speeches everywhere he goes, thoght some of them are extreame. Even Sister Sharon loves him, but does not intend to get into his trap that easily. Elmer Gantry does feature some great acting preformances. Burt Lancaster ofcorse who won his sole oscar for his amazing preformance, with alot of great speeches with I as a christian was amazed about. Speasialy the first scene where he preaching to all in the bar to give money to two women from the church on christmas eve. Also we have the grace and holy Jean Simmons as Sister Sharon who's religious beleaves can end up with fatal consequences. The atheist journalist Jim Lefferts (Arthur Kennedy) seems to be the most earthbound of them all, and is not afraid to writte anything that can harm Gantry, but neither afraid to befriend any one with diffrent point of view. One good preformance that didn't get nominated for an oscar. The other Oscar-winner Shirley Jones as the classy prostitute, whom Gantry once had a round with on christmas, but leaved before she woke up. What you shall reap is what you sow.

Conrad B (ca) wrote: The worst acting with a really bad soppy brotherly story line.

Brandon W (ru) wrote: Bad Santa is directed by Terry Zwigoff, and it stars Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox, Lauren Graham, and Bernie Mac in a dark comedy about a drunken robber that dress up as Santa during Christmas in order to get the money. Bad Santa is one of those films that could've go both ways of whether it be really funny, or too mean-spirited. Luckily it isn't the case for it being too mean-spirited as this is a hilarious Christmas film. The Billy Bob Thornton is really funny in this as he does have a balance of whether he goes too far or not in terms of him being a jerk. The beginning was a bit of mixed things for me as it gets some chuckles there, but it can also be a bit too much and wouldn't get a laugh out of me, but when the movie introduces the child character that's played by Brett Kelly, that's when the movie gets downright hilarious, whether it be from him, or from Billy Bob Thornton. The characters are a fun to watch, and with all the nasty stuff in this film, there are some heartfelt moments that is a little taste of Christmas in there that works effectively. The chemistry between Billy Bob Thornton and Brett Kelly is really good, and I'm glad that it doesn't go for the sort of father and son type of relationship. Bad Santa is definitely not for the faint of heart as it does get raunchy a lot, but for people that are into dark comedies, this a lot of fun to watch.