Tom & Thomas

Tom & Thomas

A young boy thinks he's got a lookalike around him, but nobody believes him. Then, he meets Thomas and they switch homes.

A young boy empath who feels the pain and experiences of another is dismissed as having an imaginary friend. Then the two meet and the adventure begins as the discovery of their mutual history unfolds. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tom & Thomas torrent reviews

Inga H (mx) wrote: does exactly what is expected of it. 7 year old boy happy for 90minutes

James B (ca) wrote: A great documentary about my favorite band. Lots of never before scene footage. A very well put together piece!

Bruce B (au) wrote: A Good Family Film, put out by Fox Faith Video, this one is not as good as the others they put out but still a good family film, I might add it some day to my collection.

bill s (kr) wrote: This was an unneeded foray after the last movie(and the best of the sequels).Ruined the whole franchise for me as Micheal finally kills off Laurie.Thanks you bunch of A HOLES.

Sunshine J (kr) wrote: love this movie soooooo funny

Jerry F (it) wrote: One of the best films I had seen in a long time. A convincing love story. Very moving. Superb locations. Great acting by Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins. Loved it !

Anna Q (gb) wrote: I will watch this movie whenever it's on, no matter what part it's on.

Bret L (ca) wrote: With our buddy Max Alexander

Scott S (nl) wrote: Enemy Mine (1985) -- [8.0] -- After tackling fantasy in "The Neverending Story," director Wolfgang Petersen turned to science-fiction in this intimate tale of opposing fighter pilots who crash-land on a dangerous planet together. Dennis Quaid plays the human, and Louis Gossett Jr plays the alien, unrecognizable under Chris Walas' incredible prosthetic makeup. The screenplay wisely spends the first two-thirds of the movie building a bond between the characters, taking them from pure hatred for one another to outright brotherly love. It's time well spent, because when act three rears its ugly head, the conflict and sacrifice are all the more powerful for it. The sets may not convince you you're not on a sound stage, but they're pretty cool nonetheless. Maurice Jarre's score works best when it veers into full symphonic mode, and less when it relies on electronic instruments.

Greg W (us) wrote: good pre-code talkie and the only oscar winner for the Fox studios (pre-20th century fox days)

Yash B (ru) wrote: Silly but fairly decent ride. It's a Michael Bay movie so therefore it's not as great when it comes to characters and emotions but it delivers some wonderful special effects and thrills. It's a very underrated movie for sure. I enjoyed it for what it was, as should you.

Rob P (us) wrote: This movie still holds up pretty well, though the science is really bad. The effects are still good, and I liked it more than Armageddon which came out the same year, with the same story.

Film C (us) wrote: Enjoyable thriller. Doesn't try to hard but at the same time delivers everything you'd want from a thriller!

Simon D (de) wrote: Didn't like this at all, mainly because I don't like the music of Glen Hansard, a Cat Stevens wannabe, and this film is basically a showpiece for him. The story is weak and boring and is just put together to try and justify the movie.