Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb

The Forest Queen grants the wish of Jonathan, the woodcutter, and his wife, Anna.

The Forest Queen grants the wish of Jonathan, the woodcutter, and his wife, Anna: a child, who is "no bigger then her thumb." The movie tells of the adventures of five-inch-tall Tom Thumb as he performs heroic feats and escapes capture by two thieves determined to make a fortune from him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sonia G (ag) wrote: Tout a fait delirant, trame sonore du tonnerre. Sans etre tout a fait une comedie ce film est une satyre de ce que represente l'ideal esthetique. Tout a fait lait...

Katarina M (fr) wrote: Am jealous of the filmmakers. This is a film I would have loved to have made (with the exception of the sheep slaughter scene...)

Mike W (jp) wrote: Rick Moranis has done it again!

Kristy P (it) wrote: Really cute movie...cute dog and cute kid. I couldn't get over the kid's dad though!! What kind of man lets his son work for for someone doing manual labor and then when the someone refuses to hand over what he promised, HE JUST LETS HIM DO IT. I was not at all pleased with the Dad's role. Dad should have stood up to the man, and not just stand passively by, letting his kid get used like that.

Ian L (us) wrote: The stuff I watch at 3 in the morning !

Alon G (gb) wrote: Woody Allen has always known how to bend reality just enough.Would recommend to true Woody Allen Fans

Angel G (mx) wrote: What is very important to know and realize in this film is that although The Caped Crusader may be considered paranoid, he is still cautious. It shows us that Batman can single-handedly take each and every one of the Justice League members.

Jennifer B (de) wrote: This movie is definitely dipicts the disadvantages of living in the technological age. The story follows three young men and how they are addicted to being plugged into their computers and cellphones. Their actions lead them to have troubles with the relationships or lack of relationships in their lives.