Tomb for a Strongman

Tomb for a Strongman


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Tomb for a Strongman torrent reviews

Dennis L (gb) wrote: Would have helped if they actually had a funny script.

Daniel D (ag) wrote: Episdio Final do Seriado Prison Break!

Philippe C (jp) wrote: Histoire intressante raconte de faon super originale.

Private U (mx) wrote: By no means perfect, but found it a thoroughly absorbing insight into the gymnastics world - both contemporary western and old-school Eastern bloc. Some very nice hairy-chested totty and a chastening demonstration of what great physical shape a man can be in at circa 40.

bill s (nl) wrote: If you're thinking about going to see this movie just throw your money out the window and let it do some good.

Kenji Y (us) wrote: incredible! crudely shot & edited but fascinating story

Andruw F (es) wrote: Samuel L. Jackson gives a great performance! There are a lot of other great actors too! There are some laughs, and it's pleasantly gory at times, mainly with the kills. It also diverts the genre tropes by making there be a reason for why all of it is happening. I can safely say that I will probably see this several more times!

lam h (jp) wrote: watched it in french lesson, cute but for little kids.

Robert M (es) wrote: Aside from Jason and the Argonauts, this is probably Ray Harryhauson's best film. The Kraken and the owl were the two best executed stop-motion characters. The film is a tad more corny then I remember, but most of the characters are relatable and includes a basic but entertaining story that shows enough more then it tells. Overall, the visual side of Harryhauson in this film I didn't feel was the best looking, but some of the action moments were well worth of a taste and the film itself is a decent classic of mine.

Ken S (fr) wrote: Pretty typical WW2 Espionage flick, but Rita and Glenn's chemistry here doesn't even approach what they had in Gilda. Fans of Hayworth will enjoy the dance sequences. Also contains the gem of a line "Didn't you used to write articles about the V2 rocket before the war?"

K E (br) wrote: By the Gun is an incredible film!!!! It's a tough guy film with a lot of violence, but I think women might like it, too. The characters seemed very real and authentic. Ben Barnes totally inhabits this role and is unrecognizable as a conflicted, complicated tough guy. Leighton Meester does her best work in this movie. There is a scene with Leighton that is gut-wrenching and I was not the only one in the audience who cried. This is a great film to get your adrenaline pumping and see characters who are unique and seem very real.

Benjamin R (fr) wrote: Rodriguez short was hilarious, Tarantino one was ok, the other two are pretty forgettable...

Cooper H (nl) wrote: Gremlins is fun and charming. Gizmo is as lovable a side character monster as ever.

Dominique D (jp) wrote: Vu ca sur un vol NYC-SF. Bon ptit film sans pretention avec des bouts inspirants.Jolie morale. Petit fait drole relie a ma vie: Y'a 2 personnages qui s'appellent Sam. Le 2e arrive et sort Annie, (fille sans un cheveu sur le calloux et tout a fait charmante) une amie de Sam #1 (qui est le personnage principal joue par Ted dans How I met your mother (qui a aussi ecrit et realise le film)).Ensemble, Sam #1 et Annie l'appellent #2 ou Sam #2. :)

Turtleboy G (kr) wrote: Oh my god. I have no words to describe how terrible this movie is. It was nothing like the games and was a complete waste of time. Nothing made sense, it had a horrible plot, and they even dragged amazing actors into this movie. Such a horrible movie that is a complete waste of time.

Adrian B (au) wrote: Pretty good thriller about a school teacher (Joaquin Phoenix) who is very reserved until he meets a fellow teacher (Emma Stone) who shows interest in him and develops into romantic feelings. What transpires is quite shocking and there's some unexpected twists in the mix

Drew B (ag) wrote: I loved the second one better than the first one due to Emily Blunt appearing as the second evil queen. Chris Hemsworth, Jessica Chastain, and of course Charlize Theron. Good Action and a fun story.