Tomb Raider Ascension

Tomb Raider Ascension

Tomb Raider franchise, taking the story back to the beginning of Lara Croft's journey and showing her rise to become "Tomb Raider". A sacred artifact created by the ancient Mayan ...

Tomb Raider franchise, taking the story back to the beginning of Lara Croft's journey and showing her rise to become "Tomb Raider". A sacred artifact created by the ancient Mayan ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alice S (es) wrote: HBC and Aaron Eckhart meet at a wedding, and we get the impression that it's not the first time. Their characters' history is hinted at in split-screen flashbacks with doe-eyed Nora Zehetner as the former, whose resemblance to early-aughts HBC is really quite inspired, but her accent could use a little work.We know these ex-lovers are gonna fuck tonight, but the cat-and-mouse foreplay is still subtly suspenseful, with underhanded barbs and guarded tellings of their separate pasts. The script IS basic with no notable or quotable aphorisms, but I like that. The characters aren't trying to impress each other. HBC and Eckhart are so easy together that it's clear to see how the act of having sex doesn't really matter and how cheating on their SOs essentially isn't meant to be a hurtful or sinful thing, but a matter of course for the soul-connected. I didn't love or hate the split-screen technique. At first I found it difficult to watch because I couldn't tell where the angles and POVs were, but I got over it and enjoyed the few moments where the screens showed the future and the characters' different reactions. The end when the screens match up confuses me though. Do they end up together? Should they?

Honor M (gb) wrote: Not great but pretty funny

Ali P (br) wrote: The Best of Irritu

Diganta B (de) wrote: If you're in search of a film that will stay behind in your psyche and craft you surprise, subsequently this might fit for you. Suppose of it as an imaginative adaptation of the thinking man's edition of "It's a wonderful Life".

James (jp) wrote: good horror, a little different than expected definately worth a try

Bex S (gb) wrote: I've loved this film for years, Bob Hope was such a funny guy. A film that will always remind me of my childhood. Plus Roy Rogers and Jean Russell are very attractive in this. Thou Trigger steals the show!

Michael K (kr) wrote: A pale shadow of the awesome original.

Ana B (kr) wrote: A fun mix of crime, thriller and comedy based in the book with the same title by Janet Evanovich. It follows the endeavours of Stephanie Plum, an unemployed and recently divorced young lady forced to take a job as a bounty hunter at her cousin's Vinnie bail bond business. Her first assignment is to retrieve Joe Morelli to justice. He is a cop accused of murder that used to be Stephanie's old flame.When Stephanie starts to investigate the whereabouts of Joe she starts to unravel a web of dirty business that will put her life in danger. After several killings, chases and even a bomb Stephanie starts to learn the ropes of this difficult trade.Never read one of the Stephanie Plum books but I can see what makes them attractive: a pretty determined divorcee with a tough job but making no excuses for it follows to the end. Unfortunately those traits are what make it really hard to believe what is happening in the screen. No inexperienced woman could do that job successfully, even less an ex-Macy's lingerie manager with no gun. If you don't mind the unlikeness of the story you can probably appreciate the small array of funny and warm characters, Lulla, Ranger, cousin Vinnie, Grandma, Bernie Kuntz... the action scenes, the humour of the dialogues. In the low notes the mafia story is a little blurred, everything happens very quickly and it isn't properly explained. It is as much enjoyable as it is forgettable, probably I will end up reading the book it sounds as it could be good fun.

Joseph A (kr) wrote: unnecessarily obtuse narration for a politically heavy-handed story

Rafael C (ca) wrote: "Turistas", ta um filme que tinha baixado h tempos e finalmente consegui assistir em 1080p - Bem interessante viu, e por mais que no seja patriota, d uma certa raiva em alguns momentos clichs. um mix entre "Hostel" (O Albergue) com outros filmes. Vale a pena ver, apenas assista qdo estiver acompanhado. pois as cenas finais so dignas de sentir um forte aperto no peito!

Troy F (ag) wrote: I'll always have respect for this film being my true gateway into John Woo's films, which I've come to greatly admire in terms of crafting action. Hard Target stands out to this day because Woo employed a certain look and feel that he used in his Hong Kong films (slow motion, emphasizing minor details and images for symbolism, etc) and used them in an American made film, resulting in a unique looking film that's distinctive from other American action films. It feels so different that it's almost jarring! This film's action is impressive, giving every bit of violence, big or small, a certain power and intensity, the Mardi Gras warehouse scene alone is worth seeing, and Lance Henriksen is fucking great as the film's villian, playing it over-the-top yet believable and entertaining. That said, the rest of the characters including lead Van Damme and Yancy Butler are likable, but never have as much depth as you'd like them to, and let's be honest, with Van Damme he's great on the moves but not so great on the acting! For fans that are aware of the film's uncut workprint and have seen it, albeit not so great quality, it makes it slightly more difficult to enjoy the official release knowing it's not as complete as it could be. Still, Hard Target stands out best for its action and unique style, which along with its over-emphasized action, great antagonist characters, some silly and great dialogue moments, makes for an entertaining experience; while the plot is good enough to make you care, but not deep enough to hook you in completely.