Five girls kidnap a serial rapist... to seek revenge.

Kat is a victim of repeated sexual assault. When the law does not help punishing the culprit, she decides to take revenge against the serial rapist by herself, with help from four other friends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tomboys torrent reviews

Amy H (us) wrote: Quite a well made movie of a female hero and her life story to stand up for her country and what she believes in. Very inspirational! Especially someone has to give up what they have for the greater good, but who will!?

Drew B (es) wrote: A very rare/honest film! It's filled w-very clever dialogue & it almost catches you by surprise & makes you feel for the characters as if they're people you know personally... Great performances by all of the actors in this film! The co-writer/star of the film Sam Rosen is FANTASTIC!&I look forward to seeing him in other films...When suggesting this film to friends I usually say it kinda reminded me of "The Wackness" &/or "Once", which were two other indie films that I enjoyed immensely&have a lot of heart! If you enjoyed either of those films then you'll LOVE "Stuck Between Stations!" (Note: My one complaint is that the trailer for this movie does not do it justice...)4&1/2 STARS!

Ramya S (es) wrote: The movie was very interesting. A mystery that I could not figure out till the end.

Nhia P (fr) wrote: I for one, am glad I live in a time where it's possible to CG a pterodactyl attacking a cabin.

Leena L (jp) wrote: A thriller. suprising and scary and full of darkness, rain, shooting and other violence. Entertaining though... with pretty ladies and all....

Matthew G (ca) wrote: When a married couple Choi Mi-sook (Shim Hye-jin) and Kim Do-il (Kim Jin-geun) are unable to produce offspring of their own, they decide to adopt a six-year-old boy named Lee Jin-seong (Oh-bin Mun) who has a peculiar obsession with trees and is constantly drawing them. Arriving at his new home, he is drawn to a barren acacia tree under the impression that it is his mother. Following a conflict with his foster mother, Jin-seong appears to run away and it subsequently becomes evident that there's more to the tree than meets the eye as an escalating number of bizarre incidents occur, all seeming to point back to the mysterious acacia and the missing boy. You can praise it all you like for its subtlety, but, in the long run, Acacia is nothing more than a film about an all-seeing killer tree at least twice as dull as it sounds. Actually managing to pull the creepy children card for its entire 103-minute duration, Acacia it gets old real fast and, like just about every other K-horror and J-horror flick before it, it ends with everyone either dead, insane, or both (in this case, both). I saw this movie after having heard positive things, but all I found was a by-the-numbers K-horror with precisely zero scares.

Delphine L (es) wrote: A beautiful ode to Russia, Hermitage and especially to cinema.

Joey T (gb) wrote: One of my favorite movies!

Bronwin (kr) wrote: Oooo dark revenge movie. Love it!

James H (ca) wrote: AKA: Invasion of the Bee Girls. I am not sure I understand the cult status of this film, it's not bad enough to be good, it's certainly not good. I suppose it is campy and the plot is unique, but it bored me in general.

Colin A (mx) wrote: captivating. I never knew cougars could be so interesting.

Jonathan M (fr) wrote: Why critics give it bad reviews is beyond me. It's why you have to be your own critic.

Paul C (ag) wrote: Very underrated film, the best of the die hard franchise imo


Glen P (ag) wrote: Lots of fun chase and spectacle, but more holes in the logic of the movie than in swiss cheese.