Tombstone of the Fireflies

Tombstone of the Fireflies

Set during World War II, the film follows a young brother and sister as they attempt to survive the aftermath of the firebombing of Kobe City.

Set during World War II, the film follows a young brother and sister as they attempt to survive the aftermath of the firebombing of Kobe City. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tombstone of the Fireflies torrent reviews

Petri P (mx) wrote: Juuu.. kylhn tn loppuun kattos..

Alex W (de) wrote: Great funny gay film, if anyone can pass "the golders green really hard red bull test" gimme a shout :)


Dave S (br) wrote: I had movie night at Big Lew's house tonight. We watched his favorite movie, The 'Burbs. I enjoyed delicious vegan food at a butcher's house. It was prepared by his daughter who is vegan. I love the irony. This movie was alright. I really don't understand why it's Big Lew's favorite movie, but it is. There were some funny parts and also some pretty dull parts. I felt like the film was dominated by males in general. There could have been some more female perspective added in, but instead we got plenty of cleavage. Lew wants to try and turn this movie into a play. I think that would be cool. He wants me to be Tom Hank's character. I can dig it. He wants to play the fat neighbor/antagonizer. Patrick can be the military guy. This movie came out the year I was born.

BellaRay (mx) wrote: Oh my god! I forgot all about this movie. I used to LOVE this when I was a kid. I absolutely have to watch this again! It gets a rating based on my childhood memories of it (which are probably very irrelevant these days)

Levi P (au) wrote: American Graffiti, or Dazed and Confused, but set in a soulful 70's car wash, but not nearly as good. There is however an incredibly catchy title song is! Also, this has nothing to do with the film itself, but don't be fooled by its modern marketing, which claims it stars Richard Pryor and George Carlin. Combined, both of them are in this movie for less than ten minutes.

Truth T (jp) wrote: I couldn't even get halfway through this movie.. Its unfortunate because the trailer didn't look that bad, and Marlon Wayans is a funny guy. I could only bare half an hour of this disasterpiece of a comedy.

Shawn W (es) wrote: A second set of astronauts crash lands on the planet with a single survivor who ends up finding humans living in the underworld subway ruins of New York from present day. Lots of anti-nuclear messages here. Got too bizarre with the church service worshipping the bomb. Was disappointed Nova only got to speak one word in two films.

Kaitlyn B (fr) wrote: It was better then I thought it would be. Really predictable, but some cute moments, and some funny ones.

Mo S (gb) wrote: Beautiful film - I loved it.

Caitlin M (ru) wrote: fuckin sick film all u critics are arseholes 11/10