Tomie: Replay

Tomie: Replay

A young girl is hospitalized. When an ultrasound examination reveals that something is moving inside her, a surgeon operates. The surprised surgical staff find themselves face-to-face with--not a baby--the disembodied head of a beautiful girl. Her name is Tomie, and she is in the process of regenerating herself. Though you may try, Tomie cannot be killed. She will return to seduce and to kill. Infected with Tomie's blood, the surgeon disappears, leaving his daughter, Yumi, to try to discover Tomie's identity and to solve the mystery of her father's disappearance.

A young girl looking through her father's notes finds something written about the last experiment he worked on before he went insane. Everything in his notebook looks ordinary until near ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DeWitt B (jp) wrote: just sucks no comparison just inferior in ever way possible and it is as if it was shot by a eight year old. I mean sorry i am being a jerk to eight year olds

Damian M (ag) wrote: This a brilliant film. I love the Animation, the story is great. The change of title in the US was wrong. For my money it beat some of later Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks films. I think in time, others will see it, this film is wonderful, it has a true heart to it. Five stars from me.

Rachel C (au) wrote: Based on the novel On Love by Alain de Botton, writer-director Julian Kemp's My Last Five Girlfriends traces the romantic journey of thirtysomething bachelor Duncan (Brendan Patricks. As the film opens, the despondent Duncan is apparently preparing to take his own life, but not before taking the time to send a message to the last five women he dated. Taking the form of a whirlwind tour through Duncan World, the film is a comedic exploration of his failed relationships. Love the idea of the movie!

joseph k (au) wrote: Oh man so bad it's not good. When Jerry Ferrara is the best actor in a movie then it must be terrible. Freddie Prinze jr. may be the worst mob movie actor of all time. OMG that terrible accent and that dumbfounded look he always has, like a puppy dog after shock therapy. Scott Caan is not quite as painful but still baaaaahhhhdddd. Sonny Corleone he's not by any means. Alec Baldwin is like a mentally challenged drama teacher leading his class in a high school production of Goodfellas. The Director... oh man he should be wacked. The cliches and the tough guy posturing,ughhh it's all just too painful to watch. How do people this stupid get gigs. I mean this director has got to be a rich kid who somehow got into a good film school then blew somebody to get them to let him make a movie. ughhh how do actors read scripts, play out scenes, watch playbacks ect... without knowing how bad it sucks?. You would have to be a total moron to get involved with anything so awful; or the Producers must have you buy the balls to get you to do it. Mena Suvari seems like a smart girl in person, guess not.

elise h (jp) wrote: these movies need to be burned and destroyed

WK J (mx) wrote: I really, really wishI never heard of Amy Fisher.

caos e (de) wrote: Yes it has its faults, but funny non the less, much better that most of the trash that goes for comedy out there. Of course if you don't like monty pyton then its not for you.

Tommy A (de) wrote: This was one of my first movies to see in the cinema.

Deke P (mx) wrote: Snap out of it, Cher.

Alejandro E (ag) wrote: Mezcla de comedia y accion con un reparto capaz de mantener a flote los 111 de metraje. Buena opcion para una tarde de miercoles.

Larry S (nl) wrote: Totally unrealistic and great sci-fi

Timothy S (au) wrote: Clint Eastwood's days of playing Dirty Harry Callahan are clearly behind him, and his latest film as star and director has him playing an age appropriate retired FBI profiler. It's a part that fits Eastwood, tailor-made for him even, and he's not the reckless, one-man police force that he made famous in "Blood Work". He's a heart patient this time out, and his vulnerability makes him easier than ever before to identify with. The film is a sharp police procedural, more laid back and mature than his "Dirty Harry" films, with a terrific jazz score and an unusual premise that grabs your attention and holds it. Unfortunately, things fall apart and they fall apart fast in the final act. The revelation of the killer is a joke, and it comes so far out of left field that it feels tacked on solely to throw the audience for a loop. It does just that, but it just doesn't feel genuine and betrays everything good that the film had going for it. The finale that features Jeff Daniels getting trigger happy with a machine gun, is quite simply ludicrous. He looks like Scarface, and that's completely out of place here. Also not fitting in is a supporting performance by Paul Rodriguez spouting inappropriate and stereotypical humor. It would have fit in during many other Eastwood films, but it doesn't in this one. I was also disappointed to see a romantic relationship develop between the star and his much younger co-star Wanda DeJesus. I was about to praise the film for avoiding that cliche, but it eventually gives in. There's a lot to admire about "Blood Work", but a lot of it goes awry in the last minute. Until then, it's a very enjoyable thriller.