Tommy and the Cool Mule

Tommy and the Cool Mule

Tommy Braxxton's father went away to war and never returned leaving Tommy faced with the daunting journey of becoming a man and the responsibility of supporting his single mom and sister. Along the way Tommy finds an unusual friend - a mule...that talks! Driven by the possibility of winning money to help save his family's farm Tommy ignores the insults hurled at him by the older kids and trains on his new mule friend Jackie A. for the big county stock show. Going against all odds Tommy and Jackie A. triumph over the older kids on horses in a spectacular show of resolve and determination.

Tommy Braxton's father goes to war and never returns, forcing Tommy to become the man of the house and support his mom and sister. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tracy B (ca) wrote: Fight for your dream

Sanity Assassin (gb) wrote: enjoyed it more than i thought i would. genuinely funny moments mostly thanks to johnny depp being cast as the native american. the horse had more of a central role than the ranger!

Jessica H (jp) wrote: tries to feel like a tarentino film, but comes off as another pathetic imitation lacking imagination.

Kat A (de) wrote: Absolutely hilarious! I laughed out loud again and again. Not only at the Italian stereotyping, but the characters themselves, because they were exceedingly well drawn. The premis is simple, a closeted gay Italian Canadian man, involved with another closeted gay Italian Canadian man, comes out to his family. What isn't simple is that entire proposition is fraught with pitfalls, where all the comedy comes from. I loved that it was Canadian, that it was set in Little Italy in Montreal, that it starred starred Paul Sorvino, Mary Walsh and Claudia Ferri. I watched the short lived bilingual Ciao Bella, which was spun out of this movie and just loved it. I seriously laughed harder at this than I have at any other movie in a long while. Watch it!

Alfonso C (au) wrote: Not so good, ... Not so bad, ... Not so

Dane T (it) wrote: Very powerful and so masterfully directed.

Luke T (fr) wrote: By looking at the title of the film, you would think that this is a movie that is set in outer space. But that is definitely not the case here - this is a science-fiction horror.It concerns a Venus rocket ship which has crashed into the sea of the island of Sicily, leaving one person the sole survivor, or so it seems to be. That person is William Hopper as Colonel Calder, the leader of the gang. It's all going along fine until horror breaks out, when a big and huge dinosaur hatches from an egg and tries to cause chaos.It certainly does have its moments, and the acting is to an OK standard. There are some scenes that you may find uncomfortable.To be honest, this horror would have been better if the dinosaur had broken out earlier. But when it does, it will keep you interested until the end because there is a good enough and tense atmosphere to last you through.

Soleil D (fr) wrote: It's not a masterpiece, but it's good entertainment. You can't go wrong with Humphrey Bogart.

Henry F (kr) wrote: It was a good idea but it was so horribly executed. The screenplay is atrocious, only a few of the performances were serviceable.(Ethan Hawke giving one of the only good performances as Mason's Dad)The plot moves at a snails pace with memorable moments few and far between. The direction offers nothing special. I understand the whole "it took 12 years to make" thing is a huge draw but it doesn't make it a good movie by default. When it comes down to it the story of Mason, just isn't interesting in any way. I get that this is a movie about life and "life is boring" as people like to say, but that doesn't mean I want to watch three hours of poorly written, poorly acted, boring "life". Good idea, poor execution.

Jon W (gb) wrote: When you find your soulmate never give up fighting.

Ian C (mx) wrote: Great soundtrack, shit film that is full of shit and annoying characters. Only positive is a smokin' hot Zellweger.

Rachel M (it) wrote: nonstop great action! i was so surprised by Jackie Chan b/c his great act and he directed this movie in '80s. very impressive!

Gimly M (jp) wrote: Didn't hate it, but I expected more from a Twohy/Aronofsky combo.

Rod A (es) wrote: While this isn't as over the top as "The Wild Bunch", it still depicts harshness and brutality without pulling any punches. Heston and Harris are a funny pairing; both have plenty of ego and come from a more bombastic acting tradition than the more subtle offerings of Ben Johnson Warren Oats. There are no heroes in this film. There is no sense of the good guys winning (though plot-wise, they get what they're after). This is a film about conflicted people engaged in dubious exploits. Loyalty can often be murky.