Tommy Boy

Tommy Boy

Party animal Tommy Callahan is a few cans short of a six-pack. But when the family business starts tanking, it's up to Tommy and number-cruncher Richard Hayden to save the day.

The movie is about an incompetent, immature, and dimwitted heir to an auto parts factory must save the business to keep it out of the hands of his new, con-artist relatives and big business. Following this film to know more details! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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CookieDog C (fr) wrote: 80+ minutes of bad acting, bad CGI, stock ballooning footage and weather channel footage combined into something that will not keep your interest for more than 12 minutes. The name is so bad, I had to see what it was. Watch it for the hilarious CGI of balloons being sucked into a tornadoish type event at 09:30. Then turn it off.

Joanna H (ag) wrote: Almost but not quite. Excellent acting and getting a very important message across. Somehow didn't quite come together but a valiant effort.

Taylor D (br) wrote: Creepy, Suspenseful, Superb. Amazing!

Wilbert S (ca) wrote: Keeps the story going. This has an alternate ending than the one in the theater. Can't wait til the next chapter.

Mark B (nl) wrote: A really lovely documentary about a very special man. Very moving and I think it is physically impossible not to like his music.

Derek D (mx) wrote: I watched this for Harrison Ford and that's it. Otherwise, it falls into the "made-for-tv-movies that are dramas based on a real-life situation". Except it was a theatre release. Brendan Fraser is still vastly overrated as an actor, though he does try.

Bryan K (es) wrote: It's hard to tell whether this film has turned into what Scream used to spoof, or if the film is smart enough to know that, in portraying small-town folks truly cashing in on their 15 minutes (Gale is a Hollywood host, Cotton has a talk show, Dewey is consulting on a major film) that Scream has become what it used to spoof. The Westboro cast in this one feels more engaged and involved as a core group as opposed to being college students in Scream 2, and scenes such as Sidney awkwardly hugging Gale when they reunite are surprising in their chemistry. Though the lengthy run the film has towards identifying its villain does drag and border on the ridiculous, there is something to be said about how this movie, conscious of how much the Scream franchise meant to horror, actually goes Hollywood.

Rob L (ru) wrote: Stupid movie. Not funny or have any merit at all.

Toad K (us) wrote: I always wanted to play football for the wildcats. Good movie

Derek S (au) wrote: Why isn't this over here in America?! This is one of the best anime films to come out of the 80s and I had to find out late in the game! I love this anime with a passion for loads of reasons. The animation is fantastic, the characters--each representing a Greek good--are by far the best cast I've ever seen, the music is sublime, and the story itself is something that even the game "God of War" can't touch. All I can say is this: if you ever find this movie--with English subtitles!--hurry up and buy it while you can; and also, to all you anime distributing companies who are reading this, bring this over here to the states!

Michael J (ru) wrote: Back when Eddie was funny

Petros T (ru) wrote: If you excuse the rather mediocre acting and writing, you will enjoy this very fine martial arts movie, starring a Bruce Lee on top of his game and featuring several very good action sequences. It's a seminal film in its genre and it is not hard to see why.

Melvin W (es) wrote: "Life made her an outcast. Love made her an outlaw."I'm glad I wasn't alive when Scorsese made his first two movies. Both his first, Who's That Knocking At My Door?, and second, Boxcar Bertha, are both pretty bad in my opinion. Maybe if I had seen them prior to all of his great movies, I would have liked them more. Watching them now, after seeing movies like Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, it is hard to like them, especially Boxcar Bertha. It is nothing like you would expect from Scorsese.The movie is pretty aimless and the only thing that at all makes it seem like a Scorsese movie is all the violence. The movie follows Bertha through the depression. She falls in love with a union man and ends up braking him out of a chain gang, along with another acquaintance of Bertha and a large black man. The four then go on a robbing spree.This is an a really weird movie. It seems almost episodic and there's no real development of either characters or plot. Stuff just happens. There is no real pacing. Bertha hops a train, fucks a guy, meets another guy, kills a guy, robs a guy; who cares.From this point on Scorsese was the best though. It isn't how you start, but how you finish. With his first two movies, he was finding his way as a director and he definitely found it, because right after this he made Mean Streets and then arguably his best movie, Taxi Driver. The guys is definitely a legend, but I would still recommend skipping this one; I don't care how big a fan you are of him.

Edith N (kr) wrote: Too Dry For Its Own Good There are some films which really cry for remastering. This film was in Technicolor, but it's so faded that it looks colorized. On the other hand, I shudder to think how dreadful the ghost makeup would look in the original Technicolor scheme. Graham walked into the room midway through and demanded to know why there was a corpse in the room. The filmmakers decided that the way to have a ghost in the room was to paint the actress green with red lipstick and nail polish. It was decided that this was a better way to do it than double-exposing the film. I believe they felt it gave the ghost more range to interact with the other characters, which I suppose is true. But I have to say that I wouldn't have gone green for it. Grey, I think, would have been a far better choice. Charles Condomine (Rex Harrison) is one of those drawing-room comedy types, a man who is quite well off despite having no discernible means of support. He is married to Ruth (Constance Cummings), but seven years previous, he was married to Elvira (Kay Hammond). (This is pronounced El-VEE-rah, and not like the Mistress of the Dark.) One night, he and some friends--Doctor (Hugh Wakefield) and Mrs. (Joyce Carey) Bradman--have in Madame Arcati (Margaret Rutherford), a local medium of the Dotty Old Bat variety. During their sance, she summons the spirit of Elvira, who proceeds to harass Charles. At first, of course, he must convince Ruth that Elvira is even there, because of course he's the only one who can see her, and in fine old Ghost Comedy fashion, everyone thinks he's nuts when he talks to her. I don't know if this is how Nol Coward saw love, but I find it appalling. It's perfectly right and healthy that Charles remarries, if he feels he's no longer mourning for Elvira. It's also understandable for Ruth to worry about how his past with Elvira might influence his relationship with her. There is nothing wrong with that. It's even reasonable, I think, for a returned Elvira to be upset that Charles has moved on and married someone else. All of this I can get behind with no complaints. But the way these people handle all of their feelings is extremely distasteful. Elvira seems to think that it's Ruth's fault that Charles didn't spend his whole life grieving, that he remarried two years after becoming a widower. She's also a little eager to reclaim Charles, especially given what getting him back would entail. Neither woman much worries about his feelings one way or the other. Another problem with the movie is that it simply has too many endings. It's only a little over an hour and a half long, but the last twenty minutes or so really seem to drag. It's almost as though Coward wasn't sure how he wanted it to end. And then when we do get through the various possibilities, it's perfectly predictable and yet contradictory of what we believe just happened. We might as well have cut the bit where maid Edith (Jacqueline Clark) is brought in to resolve the situation for some reason that I did not at all understand. It didn't make sense, and it really gets in the way of how the movie does end. And that ending frankly brings about a few more unpleasant connotations which I think we're supposed to brush off as lighthearted and wacky. Not, you know, sordid and bitter. All in all, I am torn by this movie. It is amusing in places, and of course Rex Harrison excels at this sort of character. It's one of the reasons he was such an excellent Henry Higgins, even though he was starring in a musical without in so many words being able to sing. The medium becomes pretty entertaining as well, and I was glad she was a more major character than the completely innocuous doctor and his wife. However, taken as a whole, the movie didn't really do anything for me. I remember having seen this a long time ago, and I remember having quite liked it. Alas, these things do not always stay. After watching a few minutes of it, Graham suggested that it was something like a gender-reversed [i]Ghost and Mrs. Muir[/i]. This isn't quite true. For one, there isn't the complication of the daughter, and the second wife knows about the first wife going in. There are some other issues as well. On the other hand, I think I ought to have just watched [i]The Ghost and Mrs. Muir[/i] again.

Punyaruk B (de) wrote: Much more than just a chick flick with a lot of abs (or the campy trailer).That doesn't mean the abs are any less than FANTASTIC though. I give an extra full star just for that part alone. Eye candies like this doesn't come often enough for us lady viewers.

Shawn R (mx) wrote: Rich rude guy needs money so he finds baseball players in India and risk his career to bring them to America. Meanwhile Lake Bell calls him out for being a rude asshole then he becomes super nice guy and everyone is happy. Moral of the story rich people be nicer.

Mike T J (br) wrote: Kevin Spacey was good in this...

Anthony V (es) wrote: Lots of Hammer horror fun.

Cooper H (de) wrote: Slither is a crazy and bloody adventure that combines aliens and zombie walkers. It's weird but fun.