Tomorrow Is Forever

Tomorrow Is Forever

A soldier, reported dead in the war, returns home 20 years later. Wounded and with a new face and identity, the crippled man discovers that he has a grown son and that his wife has remarried.

Elizabeth and John say good-bye as John leaves to go to war. When the war ends, Elizabeth receives a telegram that John has been killed in action. She finds comfort in Larry and they marry.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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lex V (mx) wrote: Vibrante, vitalista, ambicioso y apabullante documental sobre la forja del Londres multicultural, una entidad compleja y con vida propia.

Andrew F (kr) wrote: I liked it but would imagine many wouldnt. Nothing great but i enjoyed it.

Anthony P (jp) wrote: A decent film that markets itself as a horror film yet its more of a crime drama/thriller. Anna Kendrick gives a good lead performance and rises above the predictable material/plot given here. Worth a rental

Stp Z (it) wrote: Creo que era esta, muy buena pelicula

Joshua L (es) wrote: I actually enjjoyed this movie, it reallly kept me interested and had a nice twist.

Mark L (au) wrote: A cast that on paper seems doomed to failure is strangely apt for this movie about 'the process' (I suppose). Nothing against John Cusack or Jennifer Tilly, but one would not necessarily associate either with Woody Allen. Cusack is slightly too handsome and composed to play the Woody Allen character, but somehow it works. Jennifer Tilly is, one might think, too shrill and annoying to be in any movie, but as the stereotypical gangster's moll she is really rather good. Dianne Wiest though is the star, in one of Allen's greatest comedy characters. I strongly considered simply writing 'don't speak' several times instead of this review.

Karol P (ru) wrote: Classic, Brilliant, superbly acted thorough out!

Kenneth B (jp) wrote: This appears to be another one of those scandalously underrated British animation films (see my review for The Plague Dogs). It is thoughful and understated, in fact it barely shows anything other than the central couple of characters holed up in their house. It doesn't need to show anything else, the situation and characterisation say all they need to. When the Wind Blows is far more succinct and subtle than the sledgehammer that was Barefoot Gen (an interesting companion piece) but it's not necessarily any less effective. It's a slow-burner that's for sure but it deserves to be seen on a wide scale.

Oona B (jp) wrote: unsuspecting story for the time period - although georgy is not "fat" nor "gawky" - she is an ordinary american girl, trying to live her life, finding a respectable mate. excellent music!

jay n (au) wrote: Silly bit of nonsense, not really surprising considering the title, that isn't the worst film Elvis made but falls squarely towards the lower end of the scale. To begin with the so called comic relief best friend is an irritating buffoon who is annoying every second he is on screen. The songs are forgettable and it wastes two of the best assets it has. Namely the always welcome character actress Connie Gilchrist who is hardly used at all and worse yet the terrific and underrated Julie Adams who looks great as the ranch boss and certainly is a more interesting screen presence and better match for Elvis than the vapid Jocelyn Lane. Not painful to sit through but a great example of cinematic junk food.

David A (ag) wrote: although I highly respect it as it's probably the first ever horror movie and it was extremely groundbreaking I personally found it quite boring and not enjoyable

Chok S (it) wrote: There goes another horror film featuring creepy clown! All Hallows' Eve is an anthology film where all the segment features some inventive creatures and of course, a pretty damn creepy clown but unfortunately they are all pretty dull, pointless, and aimless bunch of short flicks. The GORES here are grisly and bloody enough to keep horror fans happy as well as the creepy clown alone (probably the only thing) makes up most of the SCARES in this film. Overall, this is just another mindless horror flick that is mildly enjoyable enough to watch with a bunch of friends on Halloween party night and be forgotten the next morning after. [C]

Tristan M (it) wrote: Didn't expect a whole lot from this one, but it did better than I would say I was expecting. Discovering Anakin Skywalker was in this one was a surprise, and it took me a while to figure out that it was actually Hayden. This was a mixed blessing, although I am a Star Wars fan, he wasn't exactly great there, and didn't overdue that performance here either. None of the acting was great for the actors involved, but it was good enough. It has a decent story actually, and overall isn't bad in that respect at all, just didn't feel well executed. The love story was weak, and didn't play out at all in the end, as the movie just ends without showing us anything which was really disappointing. The 2 black guys seemed to play as the bad guys, although I'm not sure if that was entirely intended, and none of the characters were really all that likeable. The bank robbery scene seemed like a rip off of Heat, which it tried really hard to be, and fell flat. The gun shots were fake and lacked good effects, same with the blood and bullet impacts. Kinda falls on it's face during the thing that was going for it the most: the bank robbery. Could have been a lot better through some simple improvements, but to be honest, great things were not exactly expected with this one anyways, so it's not a huge loss.

Marischa B (au) wrote: The divorced Lorraine Burton (Maria Bello) is an insecure woman that raises her seven year-old son Chad (Connor Hill) alone and without money. Her ex-husband Gary (Jeff Joslin) is a former military that went in court martial and presses Lorraine to take Chad for him.One day, Lorraine stops her car in a gas station after her therapy to buy frozen pizzas for Chad and her. When she returns, the bank robber Roy (Stephen Dorff) carjacks them and heads to Tijuana, Mexico with Lorraine and Chad. Along their journey, Lorraine tries to protect Chad from the psychopath Roy."Carjacket" is lame garbage, with a stupid story, awful screenplay and a collection of clichs. The plot is so ridiculous that does not worth to spend my time writing about this crap. My vote is one (awful).

Anke V (es) wrote: only 6.8 on imdb, i don't get. The acting is very subtile, Ewan playing a role with asperger syndrome... the humor is very smart.

Anthony I (ru) wrote: This bizarro comedy is flat-out hilarious. Sean Penn and John Travolta are awesome as the world's worst husbands. Robin Wright is fantastic as well. This is Cassavetes at their finest hours.

John T (gb) wrote: Guy marries a mob boss's daughter and goes to great trouble after she is kidnapped. He predictably falls in love with her.I didn't think this movie was amazing.

Joshua L (es) wrote: Solid prison/boxing movie!