Tomorrow's Children

Tomorrow's Children

A young woman wishes to marry her boyfriend and raise a family, but because her own family has been deemed "defective" by the state health authorities--her parents are lazy alcoholics who continue to have children, and her siblings(brothers here) are crippled, have mental problems or are jailed--she is ordered by a court to undergo sterilization so that her family's "defective genes" won't be passed on to any more children. Her boyfriend and a kindly priest desperately search for a way to stop the forced sterilization before it's too late.

A young woman wishes to marry her boyfriend and raise a family, but because her own family has been deemed "defective" by the state health authorities--her parents are lazy alcoholics who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick L (kr) wrote: "The usually gruff and lively Jason Statham makes this unwanted sequel a pleasing good time even though it's swimming on familiar waters"Movie Review: Mechanic: ResurrectionDate Viewed: September 1 2016Directed By Dennis GanselScreenplay By Philip Shelby and Tony Mosher, Story By Brian Pittman and Philip Shelby, Based on characters created by Lewis John Carlino and Richard WenkStarring: Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones, Michelle Yeoh, Rhatha Phongam, Sam Hazeldine and Natalie Burn.Nobody can do slick action in sloppy action movies better than Jason Statham, he always doesn't suck even in his worst movies like "Parker" and "Homefront", he always manages to come out clean. "Mechanic: Resurrection" is the unneeded sequel to "The Mechanic" which was a remake to the classic 1972 action thriller which starred Charles Bronson. I wasn't a fan of the 2011 remake but surprisingly enough, "Mechanic: Resurrection" is a rare "sequel to a remake" that's more entertaining than the original.Sure, this is an action movie that would likely head to straight-to-video but the usually gruff and lively Statham makes "Mechanic: Resurrection" a pleasing good time even though it's swimming on familiar waters. After faking his death, Arthur Bishop (Statham) thought he could never go back to his old life but his past comes back to eat his dust. While in Brazil (Oh yes, during - time where Zika struck the country and politcial leaders were forced out of power.), Bishop meets a woman who says that her employer wants Bishop to do three more hit-jobs but he has grown tired of this dangerous business so he fights off the woman's mercenaries, takes a picture of her and he flees the country.Bishop then goes to Thailand where he meets an old friend of his, Mae (Michelle Yeoh, who unfortunately left her action chops at home) and learns that the woman he encountered in Rio de Janeiro was working for a man named Riah Crain (Sam Hazeldine). Bishop and Crain have a history together, they were sold to a gangster back when they were orphans, they were trained as killing machines until Bishop escaped.During his time in Thailand, Bishop meets a young woman named Gina Thorne (Jessica Alba), they have comfortable scenes on the beach together and Thorne goes for a swim while sporting a blue bikini (Oh good! This takes me back in the days when Jessica Alba in a blue bikini top actually meant something). After the eventual sex scene between Statham and Alba, Thorne gets kidnapped by Crain and he orders Bishop to take out three targets and make them look like accidents or he will never see Thorne again.Bishop's missions take him to Malaysia, Australia and Bulgaria as his three targets are a powerful African warlord who is locked up in a Malaysian prison, an Australian billionaire who runs an underage sex trafficking ring and an American arms dealer named Max Adams (Tommy Lee Jones, who doesn't appear until 70 minutes in). Really Movie! How can you have the great Tommy Lee Jones and have him do a limited amount of screen time?Nevertheless, Jones is the best thing about "Mechanic: Resurrection" even though he probably has about 5 minutes of screen time. There are some amazing stunts and good action scenes but was there any demand for a "Mechanic" sequel? The first movie did okay at the box office but it wasn't that big of a hit and it was certainly no classic so who was the one person who begged Jason Statham to do a "Mechanic" sequel?The villain isn't really memorable but I actually thought Jessica Alba did just find in this. We learn early that her character worked for a children's shelter in Cambodia but Crain threatened to kill her children if she didn't follow his lead and arrive in Bishop's location.Was "The Mechanic" really worth resurrecting? Nope, but at least Statham still knows how to kick some serious ass in a C-grade action movie like this. Despite some serious flaws and weak plotting, I still say "Mechanic: Resurrection" is a fun guilty pleasure because I'm one of those die-hard Jason Statham fans.

Jenn T (ru) wrote: This was a really decent flick. It was well acted and generally interesting although there were points I found it moved a little slow.

Lurple J (jp) wrote: After watching the director Soi Cheang's film Dog Bite Dog, I'd been very much looking forward to Shamo. What would he do with a martial arts movie?Something similar but not as compelling. It's probably not entirely accurate to call Shamo a martial arts movie, although it does have a lot of fight scenes in it. Shamo has certain things in common with Dog Bite Dog-themes of man being stripped down to animal nature and fighting for survival, but it lacks characters that are as interesting. There's nothing wrong with a spare storyline but you need something solid to hang it on. The visual style is great; I'd say it's the best part of the movie. The cinematography is excellent. There are a lot of beautiful artistic shots and great use of lighting and color.The fights don't fare quite as well. While there are some good fights the editing gets in the way at times. In some cases the excessive editing lends a sense of bone-crunching impact, but frequently it just obscures the action.I wouldn't recommend actively hunting Shamo down if you're a martial arts fan, but if you happen to run across it and you're in the mood for some dark martial arts action it's worth seeing. If you're a fan of Soi Cheang it may be worth tracking down.

Tuncay K (us) wrote: i really like this movie

Marjorie T (es) wrote: Great cast; good soundtrack (music); crazy movie. Based on a personal memoir. You really feel bad for the main character who has to deal with so many dysfunctional people in his life.

Lee M (es) wrote: The result is an entertaining story with some solid acting, but like so many Irish films, it seems fragmented because at the core of the drama we find the situation, not the characters.

Michael L (ca) wrote: A great performance by the whole cast, especially Cameron Diaz as well as a superb soundtrack makes for entertaining viewing.

Arjun A (ag) wrote: A cool mashup of genres

Andrew K (ag) wrote: The usual goofy Hercules stuff here. Reg Park is enjoyable and the rest of the cast is decent. The plot is the usual adventure/bad guys/love story stuff in sword and sandal movies. This one moves at a pace that keeps it from being boring for the most part. Try not to watch the awful public domain versions unless you have to.

Chanel M (jp) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie! Very fun, but one thing I don't get is Marilyn Monroe's role was miniscule and everyone makes such a big deal about her in this specific movie. Great comedy*

Anand K (us) wrote: Ok dye packs explode when you get a certain distance from the bank not inside the bank or hours later and miles away.

Mark R (mx) wrote: Kind of fun, in a brainless sort of way. Good if you were 10 years old on Halloween in 1993...

William W (fr) wrote: I hardly ever watch contemporary American comedies in which most of the top cast are women (I still haven't seen either 'Clueless', 'Bridesmaids' or 'Heathers', for example), but recently I enjoyed 'The Devil Wears Prada', I have liked both Lindsay Lohan (especially in 'Bobby' and 'The Prairie Home Companion') and Rachel McAdams (most significantly in 'Redeye' and 'Passion'), so knowing that one of my favourite SNL comediennes, Tina Fey, both wrote and co-starred in this, made me give it a shot. It being critically lauded by some male cinephiles I trust didn't hurt matters, either.It was full of laughs and subtly got across its points about 21st-century American society and of the growing pains for young women in its high school shenanigans. 'Mean Girls' is definitely worth the trouble to find and to give a try yourself. It left me enthusiastically wishing Ms. Lohan can sort out her personal troubles and get back to acting, where she belongs.

Adam R (kr) wrote: (First and only viewing - 2/25/2011)

Alex M (ag) wrote: Pretty much the same as the sleepaway camp 2, but with little to no gore(censored I think!!) I did appreciate some of the death scenes(flagpole, firecracker and lawnmower) but the fact that you don't ever see them executed makes them wasted and pathetic. It also became tedious the way Angela chose to kill...unlike the second movie where she tried to hide her victims and still appear "normal" to the others, she just went along with killing almost at any moment's notice, removing any suspense or anticipation that we had in the previous ones. this was shot at the same time as the second one so it's cool to see they're practically in the same camp and use the same sets. The flashback scenes are atrociously edited though and complete wastes of time. even for having a few interesting sequel moments, it's not as satisfying to watch as the previous.