Tomorrow's Memories

Tomorrow's Memories


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:28 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Finnish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Tomorrow's Memories 2005 full movies, Tomorrow's Memories torrents movie
  • Category:Short
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Dat1Phit
  • Country:N/A
  • Director:Iiris Härmä
  • Writer:Iiris Härmä

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Tomorrow's Memories torrent reviews

Frances H (ag) wrote: Rather touching story of a grieving father and how he copes (or doesn't.)

Greg R (kr) wrote: the birts make good gangster movies....this is a standard brit gangster movie....if you like brit gangster will like this...

Curt M (ca) wrote: This film is a documentary which follows the development of a group of Philly inner city culinary arts high school students. If you've ever wondered about the difference between the results an average teacher gets compared to a teacher that is fully invested and deeply cares about her students, this film will provide an answer. You don't need to be a foodie to appreciate this film. In fact, there's not a lot of technique that is passed on. Mostly, we catch a glimpse dreams dreamed and dreams realized. The final shot before the screen goes black is one that was the kind of ending that brings one's mind to somehow shout, "Whoa," and "Nice" at the same time.

Jeremy W (es) wrote: This movie tried to be a bad movie and it succeeded.

Phil L (kr) wrote: Joanne hi-jacked my iPhone

Michael J (gb) wrote: Haha, madagascar's good!

Diego E (au) wrote: Maybe not 100% historical, but is a decent biofilm. Dont know why it has so low rating here.

Jim G (fr) wrote: If you combine a Loch Ness type of monster in a lake with a couple of kids, some toxic waste, two sub-marines and an old man claiming to be connected to the monster, you have the movie Magic in the Water (1995; 60% rating). This turned out to be a much better movie than I expected. Heck, it is even a family movie. While it is billed as a fantasy movie, I'd be more likely to call it a kids action movie. Is the monster real or an old story? You decide. I do recommend Magic in the Water.

Jaws N (us) wrote: What's that? A self-aware mid 80s slasher? It's more likely than you think.

Diane W (nl) wrote: Long before Julia Roberts became a household name, her brother, Eric, was acting rings around her. Bugs the hell out of me that she gets so much attention while his talents are ignored!

Ronald R (de) wrote: Willie from sesame street.

Julio S (nl) wrote: The positive is that the vampires are scary...that's it.

The Movie G (ru) wrote: Intense and scary. I enjoyed it not a lot, but I did enjoy it.

Maya M (mx) wrote: didn't love but funny