Tonic Dominant

Tonic Dominant

Three days in the life of a young clarinetist (Fernando Alves Pinto), who is in love with a violinist (Vera Zimmerman), but can't get her attention. In the first day he feels alone and frail; in the second day what was supposed to be pleasant becomes a nightmare; in the third day he finally achieves fulfillment through music and helps a pianist (Vera Holtz) who is rehearsing for a concert. These three days correspond to a three movement sonata - the director (Lina Chamie) is a musician, so she imprinted a musical structure to her movie, with few dialogs and poetic images. It's a movie for music lovers. Written by CeciliaWolf

Three days in the life of a young clarinetist (Fernando Alves Pinto), who is in love with a violinist (Vera Zimmerman), but can't get her attention. In the first day he feels alone and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marcus B (it) wrote: Wow, what a stinker!!! Main character can barely act, the plot is laughable and you're acually spending most time not watching the movie, but wondering how the hell did they managed to lure deNiro and Whitaker into this mess.

Aaron C (us) wrote: Bland and hopelessly conventional, Larry Crowne is a light-hearted comedy that doesn't strive to be anything more than that, but the seamless chemistry between mega stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts is enjoyable to watch.

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Matthew B (us) wrote: Sounds ok, no doubt mark will bum it cos its Asian cinema.

P M (fr) wrote: Gets 1/2 star only because of Lucy Liu being in it. A complete of waste of time and money spent on the rental.

Katelyn B (ag) wrote: This movie is a little ridiculous. I mean the plot was ridiculous... the rest of the movie couldn't be helped. Haha. I like Ashley Tisdale - she was great in this movie. However, the movie itself was a little too high school and a little too cutesy for me.

Li K (it) wrote: Hillarious in an unintentional sort of way of course. Too much Cabbage, not enough Jack Palance.

Sam S (it) wrote: underated 80's horror film. given the admittedly standard slasher film setup, u'll be surprised just how suspensful, well written, and well acted it is. It also has the distinction of making it's characters adults not teenagers...and you actually care about them.

Dalton D (jp) wrote: A fantastic revenge and family feud film fantastically written and executed.

Carpet C (it) wrote: might need another watch, but in the first one i completely lost interest after about a third of the movie. i'm a fan of smith and i really wanted to like it but this is the one movie for which i completely agree with the negative reviews.

Thomas B (us) wrote: Michael Caine gives tremendous wait to what is a very familiar revenge story. Full review later.

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