Tonny is a schoolboy in fostercare who serves his first sentence in a jail for adults. We follow him 24 hours before his parole and 48 hours after his release. We get to see his experiences... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tonny torrent reviews

Tiyana W (jp) wrote: Interesting, in a good way. :)

Angelo A (jp) wrote: this movie was a hot mess I don't see why the made it

Mark N (fr) wrote: Incomprehensible, uneventful nonsense. You've seen it all before and it's exactly what you'd expect from a low budget vampire flick.. including some heavy handed nods to 'I am Legend'. On the positive side it's competently shot, acted and they had the sense to keep the sets dark. It fails mostly in weak editing, so that even jump scares are mistimed so they simply don't work, and a limp plot.

Sarah L (gb) wrote: this is one of the worst freakin movies i've ever seen. what a total piece of crap.

Rick V (es) wrote: A nerds prom misadventures

Logan M (ru) wrote: This could've been a great film if Paltrow weren't casted. Anthony Hopkins and the prince of Persia himself were solid and like able. Paltrow, whom I find physically repulsive, was an akward love interest for gylenhaal, seeing as she's 8 years his senior and at the time of the film, looked more like 15 years his elder. Then she goes into her mopey craziness trying to look cinematically haggard, but comes off more as a discarded, shapeless sponge in sweatpants. You feel no compassion for her character which is a pivotal role for the films emotional platform. You just wonder if they found the greatest actor of all time, and one of the hottest actors at the moment, why did they settle for a female who was neither on par with their ability or beauty?

Scream Q (jp) wrote: A very touching movie about Catholic school in the 60's

Yifan C (ag) wrote: Surprisingly funny and captivating.

David S (us) wrote: Do not be fooled by my low star rating. This movie was made in 1972 on a shoe string budget. It was in one of those cheesy "20 classic films" collections that you see in Wal Mart or Target or Best Buy. The production value was pretty terrible. The dialogue throughout the movie was very fuzzy and you could barely understand what the people were saying. But I must admit, this director knew what he was doing with what he had to work with. First off, the story was pretty easy to follow even though you can barely hear what the people are saying. And it isn't always like that. There is much you can hear. Secondly, I don't know where these actors came from or where they went to but they pull off some really solid performances. Thirdly, the cinematographer was excellent. This was not a horrible film. It would be nice to see a young film maker get the rights to this film and remake it. It has the potential for some spine tingling. I do suggest a watch.

Todd S (gb) wrote: The ratings on this movie should be much higher than posted above. For a horror/suspense this will give u chills. If you're a Samuel L Jackson fan like me, this is a must see.

Daniel M (mx) wrote: Great film for entertainment

Jolly M (kr) wrote: The beginning of the film starts out very slow. The love story is over dramatized, and the historical inaccuracies are real. Afterwards, the battle of Free Market spices things up. It's sad to see the characters go. I really enjoy it and hope people see it;

Agata W (mx) wrote: I'm not really into horror films, especially not the gory ones, but this one draws from the best that the genre has to offer. I felt stressed all the time haha Its both creepy and makes you feel uneasy in the best possible way. Plus solid performances from the cast.