• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:23 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Tonsättaren 2013 full movies, Tonsättaren torrents movie

Kristoffer, an unemployed musician from Arvika is given the task of composing music for all of Stockholm's subway stations. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tonsättaren torrent reviews

Carlos I (kr) wrote: Not sure what in the hell I just watched. I liked it though. classic bizzaro Gilliam. Beautiful imagery, and cool existential questions.

Margriet S (gb) wrote: Contrary to the hyperboles on steroids in the 'Movie Info', this movie is greatly disappointing. Though there are some attractive sequences (Lionfish hunting), this is a collection of the 'obvious been-there-done-that': gorillas in their forest, elephants looking for water, flamingos and oh yes why are they pink. Also, again, the crocodiles waiting for the Wildebeest. Can't get enough of it.... . And really, a commentary voice (Idris Alba) telling you water always goes downhill, 'always to the lowest point'? Mercurial? Mmmmm. 'Fantastical'? There's nothing 'paranormal about that either. Oh, by the way: the 'World' and 'Mother Earth' confines itself to one continent only: Africaahhhhh' (as Alba pronounces it repeatedly). Yes, it's in 3D, that's the best thing about it. Switching off the soundtrack might also be sensible. Unless you like African elevator-music.

KarlJohan L (ca) wrote: Fortsettelse av den grafiske tegneserien om Largo Winch. Jeg likte denne. God del action og konspirasjoner her.Som tittelen sier.

Brittany J (it) wrote: I need to just comment on the actress that played Rosemary, not only was she great at seeming self concious throughout the entire movie, but when she is seen as the "skinny" version of RoseMary, she still walks like shes bigger, which is an amazing add to the character

Grayson W (it) wrote: Gritty and depressing, Threads is a well researched ,Accurate depiction of what a nuclear holocaust would look like. The disorganization and unprepared government to the immediate effects and the long term consequences. Very brutal in its realism. I believe it was made by the BBC

Lester Y (it) wrote: This Yakuza flick is interesting in that violence is aplenty but treated in sort of a numbingly nonchalant way, like it doesn't matter. And indeed, the main character doesn't fear the concept of death because death would only mean no longer being afraid to die, so he kills and watches all the violence around him and the camera peers at his tired, expressionless face. Some strange, tender, often beautiful moments stick to you, like horseplay at the beach and the extended fireworks scene. Actually, most of the scenes that involve their seemingly normal activities in the beachside property are especially nice to look at, with the possibility of violent death lurking around the corner.

Kris W (nl) wrote: 'The sun dawned bloodied...two great armies met face to face...and the earth trembled to the sound of the Zulu death chant!' 'The Blood AThunder Epic...A True Story' Prequel to Zulu

Brian C (au) wrote: Fantastic Canadian horror movie from the twisted mind of David Cronenberg. A woman with a vagina-type opening in her armpit has a penile like appendage that sucks blood from people and gives them super-rabies, which she received from a botched plastic surgery.Yep, and it just gets crazier and crazier. Surprisingly well acted, and filled with subtle themes on the medical profession, police states and promiscuity.

Emmanuel S (ca) wrote: 'Alexander', not-so-great (too easy?)