Tony 10

Tony 10

A family film which tells the unlikely and timeless story about almost ten year old Tony, whose father rises from being a crane driver to Secretary of State. As a result his parents get divorced and Tony does everything he can to bring them back together. He even calls in the help of the queen.

A family film which tells the unlikely and timeless story about almost ten year old Tony, whose father rises from being a crane driver to Secretary of State. As a result his parents get ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John K (jp) wrote: Trigger Man is better titled, Look at the Backs of our Actors. That is what the unfortunate viewer must see for the first 30 minutes of Ti West's follow up to the 2005 movie The Roost. In Trigger we meet the least likable douche bags to grace the screen since the cast of Mobsters. They are oh so uber hip New Yorkers that could also be the uber poor from Appalachia. Pale, ugly, semi-bearded, with awful haircuts, two of the three look badly hung over in a kind of way that is so detailed, and accurate that you realize it can't be an act, because nothing else in the movie is so well done. The delivery is so holy-shit-i'm-in-a-movie-and-when-I-get-back-to-the-city-I'm-gonna-use-this-to-try-to-get-laid conscious that I wanted to throw off my earphones in disgust and walk off the set. But in the actors defense the script, and I can't imagine there is one that includes dialog, didn't give them much to work with. Potential viewers can await such screen gems as "Finally shaved your pussy." and one side of a cell phone conversation where the movies hero(?) argues with his girl, only to triumphantly conclude "Look, can't we just talk about this when I get back? ... I love you, too. Bye." Watching that I thought, "So she was mad at him for not telling her that he was going hunting. But they decided to talk later and work it out. Whoa, I'm in for the fucking ride of my life." Ah, the dangers of casting your buddies in a shitty low budget movie. Once the trio of friends -- and keep in mind we don't care about them at all because we know nothing about them -- reach the woods the hours nothing happening begins. I read reviewers say things like "Ti West gambles and skillfully shows what it is really like to hunt by letting the characters walk around for 30 minutes without talking or making much noise." Let me tell you something, there is nothing skillful, or artsy about following your buddies through the woods with a camcorder, and then forcing people to watch their backs for 30 minutes of dead fucking silence. Its called shitty film making. There is nothing interesting about real time if what is happening in that real time is excruciatingly boring. Tom Brady could make a real time sex movie that shows him getting dressed, driving to his girlfriends house and banging her, but the only interesting part is him banging her. Ti West, we don't care about your thoughts, feelings, or passions, about film making. We care about watching good movies. Once you make it to 45 minutes and the first douche bag dies things pick up. It was painfully obvious that someone was going to die at the cliff. So when you see homeboy get splattered with his friends blood, it was about as heart thumping as a Fox New Alert. Five minutes later the dude with the mullet and the jacked up grill gets wasted and we discover that Ti West watched the Zapruder film, when the now-traumatized Hero tries to pick up his buddy's brains while crying. The only legitimate emotions this wretched little film evoked was pity for the girl jogger, who is targeted by the unseen assassin. Her sudden death provoked an actual gasp when I watched it. Kudos, West. The rest of the film is the hunted turned hunter, victim turned murderer, blah, blah, blah. So there you go. If you're considering buying this movie on DVD mail Ti West the money and do something you love for 90 minutes. You'll be richer in the end.

Nic Y (jp) wrote: Fair enough by Zhang. But he always know how to film the beauty of mainland China. I love that old guy from the village who always make fun of that translator's Japanese :]

Ken S (ca) wrote: Robert Rodriguez capped off his Mariachi trilogy with his own version of "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." This is a cool action film that, like the film Rodriguez is clearly most influenced by here, focuses on three different major characters, and deals with a CIA agent who hires El Mariachi for an assassination job, and a former FBI they all get wrapped up in this coup-de-tat plot in Mexico. Not as strong a plot as the first two flicks in this series, perhaps a bit too complex with too many characters that aren't El Mariachi...but I thought it looked good for being shot in HD video, it feels big and epic, and it was a lot of fun.

Joey F (br) wrote: This is one of the most masterfully made thrillers I've ever seen. I'm amazed this movie works as well today as it does, despite the final twist being very obvious by today's standards (I predicted it at least). What I didn't predict, was where the movie was going toward the end of the first 3rd. Hitchcock manages a complete and utter bait and switch of a story that I thought was just magnificent. It's a classic, and everyone should watch this. Also, Bernard Herrmann is the real MVP of this movie.

Rich B (es) wrote: Johns (1996) - Lucas Hass (Witness) and David Arquettte (Scream) star as two teens working the boulevard in Hollywood trading sexual favors for money. David gets himself into trouble and Lucas, who dreams of them becoming lovers, tries to help, but this is a hard world where everyone is on their own and nothing is predictable. The story is edgy and the acting is pretty good. The story keeps you guessing.

Randy T (mx) wrote: Bad enough that Aileen Wuornos took eight lives, but to see the collection of buzzards, leeches and assorted slime that assembled to profit from her pending execution is sickening. The worst of the lot is her sleazebag attorney, auctioning off interviews at $20,000 a pop. There is a stink here that won't wash.

Ben S (us) wrote: This makes Citizen Kane look like a diseased hippo. Amazing. The stellar performances are only out done by the dedication by the above godlike director. It's not even cinema or art. It's mana from a heaven that's to good even for Jesus.

Jennifer E (ag) wrote: It would have been nice to see some of the nun's back ground. Interesting ending, but still cheesy.

Nguyen Thuy H (au) wrote: Godard clearly designed Jean-Paul Belmondo's Michel Poiccard a character to fall in love/eroticism with, but since I just watched David Hemmings' Thomas a few months ago - Poiccard falls short, sadly.

MF J (br) wrote: From what i remember this is a solid entertainment flick with a great cast & some decent action sequences.