Tony Roberts: Wired!

Tony Roberts: Wired!

Live from Hollywood! As seen on Showtime

Comedian Tony Roberts showcases his hilarious and refreshingly energetic comedy in his first stand-up comedy special. The Detroit native draws from his own experiences to bring the house ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tony Roberts: Wired! torrent reviews

Eliabeth D (fr) wrote: fresh, original, witty and entertaining from start to finish! It's not often a movie can capture so many different elements (comedic and heartfelt) - it will appeal to a wide audience

Annie Y (mx) wrote: so long for the second half

Zack B (mx) wrote: I was actually enraptured at the beginning, much to my surprise considering I remembered the reputation of this film being a great disappointment when it came out. However, that is not to say I felt it was a good movie necessarily. Just that there was beautiful cinematography by Mihai Malaimaire, jr., who did the gorgeous cinematography for The Master, and that the story itself intrigued me. But, as the film went on, it seemed to tangle up in it's own desire to be complex and full of depth. It is a failure of a film, but a beautiful failure nonetheless.

Kiki M (mx) wrote: Excellent!...I saw Hotel Rwanda and this movie too me depicted a deeper view of the genocide.

Gareth D (kr) wrote: It's fine. Workable twists and a satisfactory ending. Don't know why it divides people. Maybe it's an IQ test.

Andrey B (es) wrote: A step by step recreation of the original movie in a different scenery.

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