Too Late

Too Late

An inexperienced prosecutor becomes involved with a local woman while investigating a miner's death.

Dumitru Costa, a young trainee prosecutor is entrusted with the investigation about the suspicious death of a Jiu Valley coal miner in today Romania. Accident or murder? Costa is being helped during this investigation by Alina, an attractive topographer engineer and it is love at first sight between them. Two other miners are killed, and the relentless investigation led by Costa soon begins to trouble the local authorities. The mine management is trying to control the discontent among the miners who live under the threat of the mining development being shut down. As the officials strive to hush the matter up, Costa and Alina begin to receive threats over the phone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anna C (mx) wrote: This is a kind of story only women can appreciate. I did, I felt very close to the girl feelings and even if I don't share all her choices about jobs I can understand why she did them and I think that this was the only way to tell them, any other kind of job wouldn't do it. The message is that no male, rich or poor, smart or stupid, tough or sweet, no man can give to a woman the same intimacy and closeness she could get from another woman, and this is the real truth!! Unfortunately the movie is not so good in reaching its goal, it's rough and sometimes too slow, it's a shame.

Aditya M (ca) wrote: I didn't feel the mystical awe this slightly heavy-handed film was trying so hard to impress upon its viewers, but it is nevertheless an interesting guided tour through a landmark cultural discovery.

Jim M (ru) wrote: Good movie...nuff said

Neil O (nl) wrote: Low budget but tender story about two guys who need to sort out their personal issues. Writer-director Damion Dietz keeps the film's pace gentle and understated, flicking around in the story through flashbacks that fill in details that are sometimes surprising, even as the main plot twists and turns as it develops

Vaibhav W (nl) wrote: Set in rural Kazakhstan this quasi-documentary about sheep herders has a funny bone to it, while maintaining the beautiful ruggedness!

bill s (ag) wrote: Moments but not enough to do a movie.

Brandon B (au) wrote: interesting gay film, a man's suppressed homosexual desire finally unleashed in Turkish steam bath.

BRIAN S (us) wrote: Def a Bmovie BUT jeffery combs(reanimator,frombeyond) adds his usuall Agrade acting the real star of the movie is the freak tho the gory deaths are great! nipples getting bit off bad horny freak lol

Yesianne R (au) wrote: Amazing, This is a wonderfull comedy. You must see this one.

Kyle M (fr) wrote: Travolta's energetic performance is the main praise for the dancing film's reputation. But it's not enough to have a higher rating because of the nonsenses including craziness and being mouthy. (B-)(Full review coming soon)

Kevin L (de) wrote: Better than sky fall.

Blake P (fr) wrote: "How to Marry a Millionaire" may not be looked at as a classic comedy today, but it certainly is a good one. Making use of the brand-new Cinemascope process, bringing the warmest of colors to the screen, and loving its ability to flaunt its three leading starlets, the film is great entertainment. It's stylish, charming, funny and ultimately gives you a nostalgic feeling that reminds us why vintage films are so lovable. Taking place in 1950s New York, "How to Marry a Millionaire" follows three models, Schatze Page (Lauren Bacall), Loco Dempsey (Betty Grable), and Pola Debevoise (Marilyn Monroe) in their attempts to get hitched to a guy with a great deal of money. Since the film is set in a time where gold-diggers weren't plastic surgery laden bimbos, instantly the three women are much more likable. Schatze, the leader, is the most experienced, and snags a 55-year old millionaire (William Powell) who is still mourning the loss of his wife. Loco, who acts wise but is really somewhat unintelligent, takes up with a married executive (Fred Clark) who she doesn't very much like, but still ends up spending a weekend with up in the mountains. Pola, blind as a bat but paranoid about wearing her classes, begins a courtship with an eye-patched (phony, according to Schatze) millionaire (Alexander D'Arcy). Yet despite how easy it is to get their suitors' attention, the women know that they aren't marrying for love, and it isn't very hard to get distracted by normal, middle-class men. "How to Marry a Millionaire"'s trio of women, Bacall, Grable and Monroe, are enticing right from the start, as they all have qualities that one can only dream of in the movies. Bacall brings her sultry, husky-voiced femme fatale to the table, Grable flashes her finely-tuned comedic timing, and Monroe shows-off her famous dumb-blonde routine in the best sense possible. They all are considered jewels from different genres, but their chemistry is more electric with each other than any of their love-interests. In a star-powered film like this, that's definitely a good thing. Yet you can't help but wonder: how does this film work so well? After all, its main characters are selfish and every detail revolves around materialistic things. But somehow, the glamorousness of everything, combined with the eye-catching setting, draws you in, regardless. Everything is handled with such beauty and humor, that "How to Marry a Millionaire" proves to be popcorn-fare at its finest. It's easy to tell when nothing thought-provoking is on display, but everything else seduces you. "How to Marry a Millionaire" is a great film when it comes to the filmography of its three leading ladies. When looked at in the spectrum of the classic movie world, it's minor. Nevertheless, this film is a delicious exercise in '50s entertainment, and that's good enough for me.