Too Much

Too Much

When Suzie and her parents take a visit to Japan her father's business partner, an inventor called Tetsuro decides to make Suzie a robot. The robot's name is 'Too Much' (or TM for short) and he and Suzie become the best of friends. But when the day comes for Suzie to return home she finds she's not allowed to take TM with her, so they run away together. However, they must watch out for a rival inventor of Tetsuro's is looking for them so that he can examine TM's programming. Will TM and Suzie manage to escape from his clutches and prove that love conquers all?

When Suzie and her parents take a visit to Japan her father's business partner, an inventor called Tetsuro decides to make Suzie a robot. The robot's name is 'Too Much' (or TM for short) ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick D (us) wrote: Average doc about an above-average celebrity, Star Trek actor and LGBT and Japanese American activist George Takei. We get enough of the guy to begin to wonder whether the public persona he has created masks a something less than pleasant private person, which is a plus for a doc -- in other words, it barely escapes the apologia style of docs.

Luis Enrique M (ru) wrote: Make sure you have closed captioned on while watching this.

Arslan K (br) wrote: This is truly a beautiful movie. It tells a story of a dying man diagnosed with cancer and how his three friends go on a long walk into the wilderness as to celebrate his birthday. This movie really captures the stunning setting. The story is where I thought it lacked. But that's it. The acting is amazing by benedict cumberbatch and this is an amazing British drama short film. Overall outstanding film with stunning setting to its acting this is a must see.

Matthew A (jp) wrote: A funny Pixar short about a young alien who just wants to do something right, but can't succeed.

Faisal F (gb) wrote: Inti dari cerita film ini adalah diantara kekacauan dan kriminalitas tingkat tinggi yang terjadi di ibu kota brasil ternyata masih ada harapan dengan dibentuknya tim khusus pasukan yang secara mental dan idealis tanpa takut dari intervensi apapun. Film ini menggambarkan ibu kota Brasil yaitu Rio De Janeiro, yang penuh dengan kriminal, obat2an terlarang, senjata illegal, bahkan penggambaran polisi2 korup yang secara jelas dipaparkan. Adapun dari judul Elite Squad adalah merupakan unit militer spesial yang ditugaskan untuk menangani kasus yang berat atau yang sudah tidak bisa diselesaikan oleh kepolisian. Adalah kesatuan BOPE (Batalho de Operaes Policiais Especiais, atau Special Police Operations Battalion) yang ditakuti baik oleh Mafia kriminal maupun kepolisian, bahkan untuk join di kesatuan inipun sangat sulit dengan tingkat latihan mental dan fisik yang sangat berat. Saya rasa hal ini setidaknya menjadi sedikit gambaran juga dari Republik kita Indonesia yang penuh dengan Mafia2 kejahatan terselubung, dan kita harapkan Elita Squad ada dalam satu2nya lembaga yang patut dibanggakan independensinya yaitu KPK.

Don S (jp) wrote: A melding of a ghost story and a slasher movie which doesn't work as well as the producers thought. The slasher story is crap - I figured it out from the beginning. The ghost story is interesting, but is not given time to develop because of the slasher garbage. Decent acting, poor effects.

Angelina C (ag) wrote: Nothing gets in the way of men's fishing trip, not even a dead body in a river. The men opted to delay reporting their find until their boys??out weekend is over, they head home to a community outraged by their callousness. Their foolish act of negligence creates unexpected ripples through the small community of Jindabyne. It is a serious and hauntingly sombre film. I like that it is quietly riveting and I am enticed by the mood and the stunning Aussie outback vistas. This movie tackles that damaging race divide in Australia, the race divisions there are often as stark and intimidating as their landscapes. True committed work from Linney and Byrne exert an emotional pull here too. My only gripe is director Ray Lawrence, the guy who did the excellent Lantana, this movie often leaves the glass half-empty. As the movie draws you in further you get the feeling of neither here nor there, something isn't quite there to bring everything together. Perhaps, that is the point, that some mysteries are never meant to be solved

Morgan C (mx) wrote: It has a good cast, so I think I would like it.

Jodi L (ru) wrote: One of my all time favorites.

Adam R (de) wrote: Lots of fun! It gives the traditional murder mystery some comedic flavor. It is complicated at times, but the alternate endings were a unique concept that I enjoyed. (First and only viewing - 3/4/2016)

Clay B (de) wrote: THEY CALL ME TRINITY (1970)

Edgar C (nl) wrote: Plenty of symbolisms and cult elements are vivid and alive in this sensuous and pervert fairy-tale distortion. Jaroslava Schallerov is a blossoming red rose amidst a twisted world of psychosexual fantasies. Do not hesitate to proceed, my friend; rarely will you find another visually beautiful tale with vampires, magical earrings, menstrual periods, teen lesbians, demons, witchcraft and magic again having an orgy for more than just an hour. 99/100

Steve H (gb) wrote: My favourite Carry On film. It won't win any awards, but it's great fun.

Annie E (nl) wrote: stupid plot, stupid relationships, stupid movie

ryan b (mx) wrote: this movie looks dumb

Anne F (ru) wrote: The story of a WWI German spy in Scotland who finds his mission isn't as straightforward as it seems. This is the first film in which Michael Powell worked with Emeric Pressburger.

Justin S (it) wrote: Not even Bruce Willis can save this maddeningly cliche blight on a classic franchise.

Jason C (au) wrote: A sci film that had promise, but got lost in its murky story. The ambiguous ending left me wondering if the script writers ran out of ideas. Interesting to have seen once, but not sure that give it a second viewing.

Panayiotis P (de) wrote: Iparxi kati kalitero apo auri tin taineia?? Mallon oxi... Epiko aristourgima pou tha to vlepo ksana kai ksana kai ksana..

Erik W (es) wrote: Cary Grant and Tony Curtis are hilarious together in this comedy of submarine warfare. This is probably one of the funniest war comedies out there. I definitely recommend this one for all comedy fans because it's funny and not stupid.