Too Tired to Hate

Too Tired to Hate

This modern western depicting juvenile crime takes as its theme the struggle of an individual against a vicious circle of violence. The spiral of violence and revenge is only broken when ...

This modern western depicting juvenile crime takes as its theme the struggle of an individual against a vicious circle of violence. The spiral of violence and revenge is only broken when ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sabina V (ru) wrote: I know that the crazy psycho couple was supposed to be funny, but I wanted to murder both of them from beginning 'til the end. This is definitely the worst movie I've ever seen. Sorry, Sophia Bush.

Joy B (jp) wrote: downloaded this for free to my iPod. not michael moore's best, but I was impressed with how hard he worked in '04 trying to get kerry elected.

Jose P (gb) wrote: Enjoyed this movie a lot.

Matthew H (es) wrote: A rather interesting story. With great performances from the main three actors/actresses, I was constantly wondering where all this was going to go. The style of this film was a nice break from all the Hollywood movies we watch nowadays. It's not going to blow your mind or leave you jaw dropped but let it's subtlety lift you up.

Sean G (ca) wrote: i wnt to see its good

Eric W (it) wrote: when I first saw this movie I had no idea it would turn out like it did.Great movie

Charlie G (ag) wrote: A cop is accused of killing innocent people when apprehending a criminal and put in the deep freeze prison.The criminal he caught escapes 30 years into the future where the future is full of weak officers not used to the criminal madman. The cop is thawed out to apprehend the criminal once more.Lots of action.

John B (br) wrote: This early Stone has a few flashes of what we can expect from the director later but it is ultimately imperfect.

Troy F (ca) wrote: Ginger Snaps seems to hit the a lot of the right spots for a good horror creature flick. Dark and twisted, with some surreal elements and dark humour. Two suicidal sisters stick close together, obsessed with death and antagonizing life. The one sister one night gets attacked by a werewolf and starts becoming one. Initially, people think she's just maturing and coming out into the open as she goes from an anti-social to a flirty socialite with the boys. Shit goes haywire as Ginger craves to kill, and only her sister Bridgette can stop her. The film holds up better than you expect thanks to practical effects, and reminded me of The Faculty in tone sort of, expect this one was much darker. While the whole werewolf and finding cure stuff has been done before, I gotta say the two sisters were unique characters who did excellent here. They really do look like shady anti-social types, and what's important is how they go from finding life meaningless to learning to value life and their relationship albeit in the worst way possible! I enjoyed it a good deal.

Dillinger P (au) wrote: Although the Trouble With Harry may cover a lot of the same subject matter, that Hitchcock likes to continually output, here he does it in an exciting and somewhat different manner. The Trouble With Harry is a delightful comedy, glossed over with sinister over tones and an extremely simple and heartwarming brush stroke, that makes the film utterly hilarious and infectious all the same. In a small little village, where everyone knows everyone, the appearance of a dead body in the woods is about to take its toll on the locals. Harry's past is little known by some, however after multiple characters begin to solve the puzzle, it turns out its all in their best interest that not only is Harry dead but that he should stay out of sight. Much like his previous efforts and his ones after, Hitchcock plays his cards close to his chest throughout, using the continual burden of Harry's existence to gain laughter from the audience. Not only can the man craft wildly inventive who done its, but he can also have you in fits of hysterics, and he knows the exact balance in which to present these ideas. The characters are all wonderfully realized, cookie, delightful, zany and even by modern days fresh. It's utterly compelling to watch actors output the quality on show here over 50 years ago and still out do most modern actors efforts, this is mainly because Hitchcock not only knows how to cast but he knows how to get a performance. His ensemble here Edmunad Gwenn, John Forsythe, Shirley MacLaine and Mildred Natwick are all gloriously, multi layered characters that really get stuck in your hearts, even if initially they all seem a little weird and unconcerned about the appearance of a dead body. They all play it brilliantly with Forsythe, quite possibly pulling out the best performance. Hitchcock also simplifies his visuals here, allowing the actors to do most of the work, this is testament to them and the script, in fact although the colour may be wonderful and the framing acceptable, the most iconic and stand out visual on show here is an extremely brief but poignant low angle shot on the corpses feet, it is however so striking and pungent you cant help but bask in its inclusion. There is very little to say about this outing, although nowhere near as compelling and jam packed with brilliance as his previous efforts, Hitchcock manages to pull out an overly simple and quirky effort that is extremely enjoyable, funny and slightly morbid, in all the right ways. Its by no means his best work, but it would be a shame to let it pass you by.

Logan M (ag) wrote: Despite multiple scenes of exploitation, it's hard to deny this electrifying and peculiar combo of comedy, drama, crime, and romance.

Richard D (au) wrote: I think the biggest obstacle any film of this story has to overcome is getting an audience to understand and at least empathize with someone who engages in clearly dangerous behavior. It's not difficult to get an audience to feel regret over needless and insanse violence, but it's harder to get them to see why somebody might ignore the obvious signs that they are in danger, and Peter Sarsgaard certainly radiates danger in this film. Hilary Swank really succeeds in painting a picture of Brandon Teena as somebody so isolated by differences that ignoring the danger is an understandable response to feeling accepted. The film itself is a bit too long, but the performances are great.