Toofani Tarzan

Toofani Tarzan


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Toofani Tarzan torrent reviews

Kelly H (mx) wrote: Really good, scary movie! I liked it a lot.

Damon T (jp) wrote: Frains is at his best. With cutting edge cgi, movie goers will be on the edge of their seats. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.


David W (ca) wrote: It's a Mike Myers movie.

Martin S (gb) wrote: Pretty damn boring and some retarded machine gun fights.

JeanMarie L (jp) wrote: C'est a, LE film qubcois voir absolument? Zoom, gros plan, grand angle, musique... chaque effet est d'une insistance si consternante qu'on en oublie le sujet du film!

Hannah H (ag) wrote: This was a beautiful film, but all of the pretty scenery doesn't really make up for a plot that can sometimes be boring or reactions from the characters that can sometimes border on ridiculous. Its end is the best part--but the journey to the ending is just scenery with Katharine Hepburn crying or smiling over-zealously.

Jamie C (ru) wrote: Although the future films have eclipsed this film in every way we have to praise this film as the plan before this movie came out was to make straight to DVD sequels but thanks to Vin Diesel he got the original cast back and the rest is history, The film is the first to change gears (Pun intended) and focus on more crime/action than anything else, There's still street races but they take a backseat in this one (No pun intended) The story is nothing new but it had the odd twist to keep it entertaining, The action was pretty fun and the car chases were brilliant, It's not the first one in the franchise you will think of when you hear Fast & Furious but it's the one that breathes new life into the franchise.

Vanessa A (au) wrote: Such a beautiful and sad movie; I never thought a silent film could make me cry. This movie is now on my top 15 of all time.

Charles P (ag) wrote: Basket Case's low-budget effects certainly look artlessly substandard even for 1982, but there is a fond B-movie approach and a real sense of characterization to the creature.

Barry C (de) wrote: I am a huge animation fan and a big Batman fan also. While I found the story entertaining the art was sub-par. It looks too much like the TV series. O.K., I can live with that, the thing that bothers me the most is that the creative team can't decide what century the story is in. You see computers with flat screen LCD monitors, the bad guys are making plasma rifles but all the cars and trucks (except Batman) are from the 1940's and 50's. No wonder GCPD needs Batman if they're using 60 yr old tech. Maybe Wayne Enterprises should help fund the police force? The last problem I have is the architecture. It's all from 1900 to 1930. Everything is Art-Deco. I didn't see one glass and steel sky scraper in Gotham and again the police station is an antique joke. Come on guys, at least put everything in the same decade!