Spoof of the "Taken" franchise. An ex-CIA agent who is now a mall security guard discovers that things are being taken from him. He must team up with his mom, also an ex-CIA agent, to defeat his rival and save his family.

Tooken - The spoof on the popular Taken franchise. Now, instead of rescuing a daughter, a man will try his best to take his beloved dog back... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luke E (mx) wrote: While the Future of Studio Ghibli hangs in limbo, Mami Sunada's Documentary is an eye opening film delving into the mind of the studio's founders Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata on the verge of producing their last ever features. Its a fascinating look at the many different faces who have worked in the studio over the years and what they themselves have brought to it. Most of the time we get to hear what these certain individuals have learned over their years in the industry, as well as what mainly came out of their experience. Its also great to see how much of an impact Miyazaki's work has had on his life and towards modern generations. By the end of it, it seems apparent that Miyazaki wouldn't direct another film, although he could announce his next film next week. Purely recommended to the Studio Ghibli fans.

Andr D (ca) wrote: Gregg Araki, el director independiente y homosexual militante, que en los aos 90 nos present su triloga sobre adolescentes "Totally Fucked Up", "The Doom Generation" y "Nowhere", unas pelculas fuertes llenas de violencia y sexo explcito, nos trae ahora la ensoadora adaptacin de la novela de Laura Kasischke "White Bird In A Blizzard", una pelcula que funciona tanto como una obra de suspenso como un estudio sobre el despertar sexual de una adolescente a finales de los aos 80. Gracias a una fotografa evocadora y a una banda sonora celestial a cargo de Harold Budd y Robin Guthrie (miembros del legendario sello disquero 4AD) y de bandas Goth y Post Punk como Echo & The Bunnymen, Cocteau Twins, Joy Division y Depeche Mode, la atmsfera de la cinta adquiere una gran belleza que apoya a la magnfica actuacin de Shailene Woodley ("Divergent") una adolescente cuya madre desaparece misteriosamente sin dejar rastro. Puede que esta pelcula no tenga la visceralidad cruda de los primeros trabajos de Araki, pero definitivamente es una de sus mejores pelculas: pequea, delicada y conmovedora.

mark d (br) wrote: The film premiered in 2011 at the Toronto International Film Festival and has received positive reviews from critics.

Jesus C (fr) wrote: Documentary film making at its best!

leane e (us) wrote: well this movie was alright i mean it had a pretty damn cool creature but they didnt show it no where near enough and the acting was sub par but you cant get to crazy over it this is a B movie and this is what you get most the time even with the main girl in here being from cabin fever she wasnt great in that movie and shes no better in this but this movie was pretty well done direction wise and setting and the cool creature helped

Kaoru K (mx) wrote: I have never watched movie from Urguay. I was so surprized by the End.

Adam R (ru) wrote: (First viewing - Spring 2000 in theaters)

Kathy A (ru) wrote: It's a feel good movie and I love it!

David O (us) wrote: A very enjoyable thriller

Cameron M (mx) wrote: Childhood favourite.

Daniel O (es) wrote: Such a good movie until the last few minutes. Ill admit i was hooked right from the start. It is a little cliched and it walks the line of the hit film " buried", but it is somewhat original.