Toolbox Murders

Toolbox Murders

A historic Hollywood hotel houses a supernatural evil. It's been subdued for decades, but when renovations start, a series of murders take place.

Steve and Nell are a young couple struggle for their life in Los Angeles. They hire a flat in a building managed by a bad man Byron McLieb. One day, the number of young women murdered violently increases quickly in her building and she uncovers secrets involved to the building manager and her fellow tenants. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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nipp s (br) wrote: Before he was The Punisher & his partner became Two Face they teamed up for this comedic gangster flick. The opening scene is one of my all time favorites, especially the letter jacket worn by that hot ass cunt! (If you haven't seen it don't get pissy about the use of the C-word) With his first try out the gates writer/director Skip Woods prematurely makes up for A Good Day to Die Hard...... but I'm still not giving him a pass on Wolverine!

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Augustine H (nl) wrote: You can hardly find a better cast with world-famous singer, composer and director. Magnificent score by Mr Sakamoto.

Jeremy S (au) wrote: Man what a piece of crap but as a kid I didn't know better

Stefano L (de) wrote: Uno dei primi gangster-movie dalle tematiche vicine ai fatti di cronaca nera (naturalmente in questo caso si tratta del periodo della grande depressione di Chicago). La trama, che gira attorno alla "scalata al potere" del piccolo criminale verso i vertici della societ, stata ripresa in molte pellicole di genere analogo, pi esattamente due anni dopo nell'originale "Scarface". Ci che colpisce di pi la rigida espressivit (dalle caratteristiche che si rifanno al cinema muto) di Edward G. Robinson nel ruolo di un delinquente che non prova nessun sentimento di piet verso gli ex amici che hanno deciso di lasciare l'attivit delle rapine a mano armata per farsi una famiglia e intraprendere uno stile di vita pi onesto. Sembra tutto piuttosto prevedibile ma la storia comunque orchestrata in maniera sufficentemente trascinante.

Josh F (gb) wrote: Really enjoyed this one. Dated, obviously, but a fun watch. Interesting plot and good acting.

Dr F P (gb) wrote: I used to watch this as a kid on Sundays with my father. It was always on TV for some reason. It's a pretty sad movie and i'm sure i've watched it more times than i've ever wanted to but it was always engrossing if you were patient enough with it. There's great scenes that look beautiful and Michael Caine is pretty good, not that i'm much of a great fan of his, but he was okay. It's just sad, that's all i can say.