Toolbox Murders 2

Toolbox Murders 2

Hollywood, California is turned upside down by a series of strange and horrific murders creating chaos and turmoil in tinsel town. One particular victim is kidnapped, held captive and subjected to witness the torture and murder of numerous other victims. It is by her will, strength, and faith that she must survive the ordeal. Her escape seems hopeless and only worsens when outside supernatural forces become more difficult to contend with than her captor... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Go M (jp) wrote: The Berlin File (2013)

Jonathan G (ag) wrote: Interesting !? Indeed

Lisa Michelle A (br) wrote: I can't wait to see this as i loved Dead Like Me the TV Show too!!!

Adam M (us) wrote: Thank god for that cop who talked to himself throughout the movie while also supplying the audience with useful information regarding the plot.

Tim C (ag) wrote: I'd see it for Kristin . . .But other than that, no.

Hiromi Y (ru) wrote: Very french movie. I like it.

Ben S (br) wrote: "What do you think about vegetarians?""DEGENERATES! They are all turning into monkeys!"My hero.

Derek H (br) wrote: Johnny Was, really wasn't. This movie, given Vinnie Jones was the lead actor - I thought for sure it would be as gritty and well played like Lock, Stock. It was very lame. The movie featured Samantha Mumba (singer), in an acting role, as well as Lennox Lewis (boxer) in what must be his acting debut?

Christopher B (it) wrote: One of the more obtuse rom-coms out there.

Sean W (us) wrote: great movie, great soundtrack

Mickey M (jp) wrote: "Jakob" (Robin Williams) is a Jew living in a Nazi-occupied Polish ghetto where the residents have lost all hope. One night, he is ordered to report to the officer in charge after being caught outside, allegedly after curfew. While he was in the office, waiting to be repremanded, he overhears a radio report about the advancing Russian troops. When he returns to the neighborhood, he informs his friends what he had heard. However, as the news spread, his story transformed into something else. People began to believe he had a radio hidden in his home as his story began traveling through the grapevine. This is simply a story of hope for those oppressed such as the Jews during the Nazi occupation so many decades ago. And it is done very well. Let me say that this movie is not a happy story. Even the ending is shadowed by sadness, though it does have a touch of happiness. Williams is very good in this film. He made his character compassionate to those in his neighborhood. As he told the stories, which were just stories to keep the Jews hopes up, you began to believe them just as much as those forced into the same situation as he was in the story. He was very believeable as he told his fictional news. In fact, there were many good performances from the rest of the cast. You could actually feel the emotion from the entire cast. It was one of the most believeable performances from an entire cast that I've seen in a long time. One thing you will notice is the lack of light, and color. You get lots of gray, black and white in clothing, as well as the walls (interior and exterior). This helps set the mood perfectly if you ask me. The only time I can recall any color was a shot of the Nazi flag. There is also a lack of happy music in the film. There is one scene between Williams and the young girl (Hannah Taylor Gordon) that is short, but it is a happy scene with fun music. Wardrobes are very accurate in this film. The Jews clothing look worn, and very dirty. They look as if they didn't wash their clothing in some time. The Nazi uniforms are also quite accurate in their appearance. The violence is fairly mild in this film. There is a little blood, far less than you would expect. The Nazi soldiers use machine guns against the Jews, but there is little to no blood splatter as they are apparently struck. There is also little to no action. Many of the scenes drag on, but many drag at an appropriate pace that works well. To parents, I would suggest that you avoid this one if you have young children. If you have kids who are able to understand the plot, then watch it with them.

Degorden o (mx) wrote: im a hughe fan of the manson family..cant wait to see that one!...ill give it a 4 star anyway..

Cordelia W (de) wrote: Sometimes disturbing - but visually arresting - this is a must-see for cult film enthusiasts, and die-hard 80s fashionistas.

Lee M (es) wrote: While not as indelibly enchanting or inspired as some of the studio's most unforgettable animated endeavors, this is nonetheless a painstaking creative effort.

Jesse O (it) wrote: Home invasion thrillers really are a dime a dozen. There's so many of these films that come out that it's really hard to distinguish them. The only way you can really tell them apart is when they're really fucking good or, the other extreme, really fucking bad. When you get to the middle of the road movies, it's kinda hard to differentiate between them and it gets annoying sometimes. Perhaps that's not the right word to describe it, but it's to the point that I just wish someone would just change up the formula. There was one that did, Intruders, so that was appreciated, even if I didn't think that particular film ended up being good. At least it made an effort. Which brings us to this movie and its reception, particularly among the audience. If I'm being completely honest, I thought this was a perfectly solid little home invasion thriller. Is this a reinvention of the genre? No, not even fucking close, but it at least something offers that's somewhat believable within its own context. It's not a movie that goes too over the top with its 'hostage' situation, where Bob, Jane and Jared try to take over the lives of this family that they perceive to be perfect. They want to assume their identities and carry on living their lives as if they were this wealthy family. One of the things I liked about the movie was the fact that it went both ways. In many ways Jade, Bob's 'wife', had been indoctrinated by Bob into believing that she needed him around. And he has also molded Jared into a mini version of himself, where he just takes what he pleases and does what he wants. So, in many ways, Jane was as much a victim, maybe even more so since she has been in this situation for years, than the family whose life they wanted to steal. So I liked that aspect of the film, it gives it some more dynamism in that it doesn't just focus on the situation that Mark, Mary and Brendon are going through, it's also about the abuse Bob has put Jane and Jared, to a lesser extent, through. It's not a movie that's really all that violent, though it doesn't really need to be since I think it's got a relatively strong story. Perhaps strong isn't the right word, but it had a story I could get into and the actors all do a really good job at portraying their characters. Particularly Selma Blair and Rachel Miner, who really are kind of the focus of the film. James D'Arcy also does a good job as Bob. So no complaints on that front. The film, obviously, isn't a technical masterpiece and some elements of the film could have been tightened up, pacing isn't great. But, by and large, I still felt that this was a solid film. Which is why it surprises me that audiences weren't more receptive. Not that I'd expected them to think it was great, but I think it's a better movie than what the audience score, or critics review, would imply. Not saying their opinion is wrong, of course, as everyone is entitled to think what they want. But, for my money, this was a solid little house thriller that focuses more on character as opposed to the family being put in a terrifying situation. Though there's some of that as well, particularly with their young son facing danger. It's not perfect or anything of the sort, but I enjoyed my time with this movie. Can't say I'd recommend it, but I know I liked it. And, really, that's all that matters to me.

John D (gb) wrote: First Tom Hanks movie I've ever given less than 5 stars to. I just didn't get this one.