Top Cat: The Movie

Top Cat: The Movie

Top Cat and the gang face a new police chief, who is not at all happy with the poor Officer Dibble's performance trying to prevent Top Cat's scams.

Top Cat and the gang face a new police chief, who is not at all happy with the poor officer Dribble's performance trying to prevent Top Cat's scams. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Top Cat: The Movie torrent reviews

Charlie D (jp) wrote: This movie sure makes you hungry... But this movie is just like any other feel good movie and it is too predictable

Herb S (kr) wrote: I never thought there could be a boring hit-man movie; this is the one.

David S (es) wrote: pues nada nuevo en esta movie, exorcismo y bien poquito, lo demas puro drama y uno mal hechoo :/mejor la de emily roseee

Alex M (au) wrote: Good story, interesting characters, I enjoyed this movie very much.

Konrad A (br) wrote: When I was Younger back in the day I read this book and watched the movie it was heartwarming and funny the book is as good as the movie. The music is wonderful to hear! It is another children's classic for kids to enjoy, even I still watch this movie.

John K (mx) wrote: Love this movie. What a fun movie with our old friends from the Enterprise D.

Tim G (ca) wrote: I like this movie... It's different from your typical thriller. Michael Keaton steps out of his usual comedy role and plays a pretty cool scam artist and psycho.

Lucero C (es) wrote: What an adorable film!!! and still applies to today's society and women

Daniel S (ca) wrote: Some surprisingly solid practical effects overlay a ridiculous, hammy storyline that's jammed with unintentional hilarity. Between the great creature effects and the wonderfully ludicrous dialog and plot, this one's a surefire good time.

Chili D (ag) wrote: Comedy Gold. Harold Ramis, Doug Kenny, and Brian Doyle Murray wrote what they thought was a funny script about caddies and then they cast it. Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield and Billy Murray shifted Ramis's focus and they basically improvised the movie with witty lines and arrogant quirks.

Will C (fr) wrote: Whilst the dialogue is so riddled with clichs it essentially becomes a giant, lone clich, and some of the actors appear almost embarrassed at times, it is scored to near perfection by Lorne Balfe, and some of the characterisation is likeable. Just such a waste of potential. At least John Thaw wasn't here to see it.

Conrad T (jp) wrote: Garbage as expected.