Top Gear: At the Movies

Top Gear: At the Movies

Cars! Film! Cars on film! Film involving cars! You get the idea. It’s basically a DVD involving those two things. Gasp as we find the perfect drift car for a gritty, Bourne Identity-style chase! Cheer as we stage a race for all those unsung heroes of the movie industry! Whoop as we find the car that makes the perfect dramatic exhaust note to dub onto an action sequence! Make some other sort of noise we haven’t thought of yet as we re-attempt the classic Man With The Golden Gun barrel roll, having frankly made a total hash of it when we first tried it on telly! All this plus a vast fleet of sexy supercars and a man with a jet pack racing a Skoda. Top Gear At The Movies. It’s better than an actual movie. Probably. Actually, it depends on which movie we’re talking about. Truth is, you’d be better judging this on a case-by-case basis. Why not write to us with the name of a film and we’ll tell you whether this DVD is better or not. Actually, on second thoughts, don’t.

Cars are the bedrock of the most memorable moments in cinema history, so be prepared for a thrilling selection of races, stunts and awesome feats as Richard Hammond and James May celebrate ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Top Gear: At the Movies torrent reviews

Brahiam D (gb) wrote: Legendary is quite good. It may live up to actually be "Legendary" but its worth watching.

Andrew S (nl) wrote: I fucking love the whole pulse series. Storyline is just so out there, ill admit there is some stuff thats stupid, but overall, amazing movies.

Agnes B (br) wrote: Un scnario assez limit, des acteurs certes bons et quelques repliques savoureuses mais dans l'ensemble, c'est un peu longuet, l'humour ne fonctionnant pas a plein.

Sonia P (kr) wrote: i think this review speaks best but its definitely 5 stars for me, one of the best films i have or will ever see."he first 80 minutes are as close to perfect as it gets. The relationship's growth is completely organic and convincing, it's funny, touching, and relatable. But there's no doubt that after the last third of the movie is significantly different in tone, and it easily felt as long as the rest. The little details that the earlier section delighted in are mostly glossed over, and the progression of the relationship is painted with rather broad strokes. Most of all, I found the subplot with the first girlfriend at this point rather strange and out of left field. It didn't fit with what we knew about her character beforehand, and we were given no clues that her feelings were so intense. I will admit that I shed a few tears at the ending, but overall I can't help but feel disappointed by this, given how fantastic it is until that last half hour. But I've still rated this 4 stars, so obviously it's quite an excellent movie. I haven't seen anyone lodge the same complaints as I have, so maybe it's just me. And, I always feel the need to point out...if you don't like this style, you won't like this movie. Nothing revolutionary here. But you probably knew that the second you read the description. 15 minutes later, I thought of what I was trying to get at here. Joze herself is fully human through the beginning parts of the film. But after that shift I was talking about, she becomes a caricature. We hear nothing of her cooking or her knowledge, nor really anything else about her other than, "I haven't seen X before." This could very well be intentional, but it makes for less satisfying segments...Joze feels like less of a person after the relationship begins and all of those little things are tossed aside."

Mrtan C (es) wrote: Never mind the critics: a gripping portrayal of the American South's generals.

byron h (es) wrote: I Bet this is a true story

Ricky P (kr) wrote: Boasting possibly the greatest child actor performance of all time. Home Alone brings a warm feeling for Christmas holidays, hilarious supporting roles, hilarious moments throughout and a heartfelt message for kids.

MeLany C (it) wrote: Love it. Nerds nerds nerds.!!!

Antony S (de) wrote: Childhood classics. Can't even limewire this. Not fair. One heavy film

Jim F (jp) wrote: Now this is how to make a concert movie. Could be the greatest one ever made. Includes amusing incerpts and insights from an era where i can only imagine what the experience was. Awsome live version of Dazed and confused, my favorite part

Francisco F (fr) wrote: Suite de sketches inegaux. Celui de JLG est tres beau.

Adam R (au) wrote: I didn't care for the first Beach Party movie, but I couldn't stand Muscle Beach Party at all. Just too much dancing. There is only so much you can take. I learned my lesson and will now stay away from the other movies in this series. (First and only viewing - 5/19/2014)

Chrisanne S (fr) wrote: The ending doesn't make sense and Jack Lemmon is a bit of a heel-- but he's an enjoyable one! The songs aren't great, but the two dancers are and NO one can be as sour as Betty Garrett (although she is perhaps aged a bit too much). All in all-- pretty harmless, good one-night entertainment!

Jennifer B (mx) wrote: LOVE James Stewart ;)

Frank P (nl) wrote: Farewell to the original cast and just a damn good film! As good as the Wrath of Khan.