Top Mission - Im Netz des Todes

Top Mission - Im Netz des Todes


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Top Mission - Im Netz des Todes torrent reviews

IOnell S (br) wrote: Intrigante, perturbadora, interesante como buena peli Extranjera. Una trama sicologica que te enferma con el pasar del tiempo. Los errores del pasado tienen consecuencias a largo plazo.

Mike B (ca) wrote: Not quite sure what to say. It was very good, and I thoroughly enjoyed the ending.

Lee (mx) wrote: Prior to viewing this a lot of people would have heard this to be an homage to the Italian Giallo films of the 70s, and it is, but mostly in style only. Plot-wise it's very different to your conventional police detective on the trail of a killer type deal... in fact story is very minimal in this one, as is the dialogue and I was left bewildered as to what it was all about at the end of it all. Only one kill in the whole movie, but what a graphically vicious one it is though, definitely not for the squeamish. But there is undeniable quality in the style of it all - very pleasing on the eye. The suspense is masterfully built and there are some genuinely creepy and haunting moments to be had, especially during the first segment. I'll definitely need to give this one another watch to make sense of it all, I just didn't expect it to be so artsy.

Sherry (nl) wrote: Had some good actors in it. the story was kind of dumb its good for a one time watch.

Rahul B (nl) wrote: Kiarostami... as always... mesmerizes .... the final scene is one of the most beautiful endings in cinema in true Kiarostami style...

Jess L (it) wrote: A well structured film that doesn't pack an almighty punch but leaves an impression.

neil L (ca) wrote: Dark and creepy atmosphere. Great

Hvard P (au) wrote: Albert Pyun is one of the worst filmmakers EVER!!!