A beautiful girl Maya (K.Gauri) comes to Mumbai to become rich and famous. After passing through some struggle she joins the modeling career in one of the top agency owned by a lady Dolly (Shweta Menon). In a short span of time she succeeds to become the top model in the advertising and fashion media. During this time she meets a handsome boy and love develops. Maya has got everything in life one can wish to have. She has name, success, money and above all true love. A moment comes when she is offered high money to model as Topless for a product of big corporate sector. She refuses. Offers are multiplied but Maya is not saleable. She is rock-steady in her decision.

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Topless torrent reviews

Amy H (kr) wrote: Very blairwitch project style movie, which I find very annoying running around with a shaking camera. All the dialogue came from websites word by word, not much interview and encounter at all. So basically you know what's going to happen in the house without watching this movie.

Dorian G (it) wrote: A true disappointment. I enjoyed the first one so much, and this one does not compare at all. A few laughs, and the big celebrity cameos are fun, but it just tries too hard, with way too many one liners and cheesy cliches, and the special effects were not charmingly bad like in the first film, but were poorly done in CGI, which just looked bad. It was also super long and confusing, too many main characters due suddenly. Watched on Netflix at home, February 21, 2016.

Phil H (br) wrote: Well I guess you know what I'm gonna say about this third sequel. The first film was great and the second was decent enough but was walking a tightrope in terms of how much further they could take the franchise. This final film falls from that tightrope right into a large vat of poo.The idea is weak, so very weak. The intrepid bushman is back, this time in LA, why? because his love must go there to run the family newspaper business for a time. This of course equals lots of pathetic predictable visual gags that refer to LA culture and anything remotely well known in the area. For example 'Dundee' goes to Paramount Studios for a tour, he ends up as an extra on movie sets and there is a hideous cameo by Mike Tyson, pretty much all the things you would expect from a comedy film set in the vile city of LA.Its sad because it just seems that LA has nothing to offer in terms of locations or ideas that somehow don't end up revolving around the film business. I mean there are other tacky moments of course, you have the obligatory attempted drive by mugging by some stereotypical Latin American youths, dubious nightclubs, airhead blondes, fast food drive thru's etc...but still the whole thing still ends up revolving around the movie business with most sequences taking place on movie sets.I get the impression that because the first two films were set in New York, movie folk in LA (the West) were jealous so they had to make another with Dundee in their neck of the woods battling with their cross cultural problems (gotta have something to do with LA it seems, can't not have that *groan*). I mean really, the whole notion is such a waste of time, you could of made a much better go of it in another country at least. Try Dundee in Japan or Russia or Italy or where ever! sure the whole idea is still stretched and pointless but at least it would be more interesting, but no lets make it in LA, cos we can't possibly leave out LA.Ignoring all rational advice we have this terrible result, a total cheese fest. Admittedly the continuity is again good with cast members returning, down side is Dundee now has a brat (son of 'Crocodile' Dundee? thank god not yet), luckily he is not involved too much which begs the question why put him in there in the first place?. Hogan still defies the laws of time and looks damn good as Dundee, his weather beaten tanned leathery face still looks youngish as does his body, makeup aside.With US/Hollywood meddling this final chapter in the Aussie franchise is a by the numbers load of fluffy crapola that didn't even need to be made. Could of been reasonable with better imagination, maybe a new location instead of boring LA...and what the hell happened to his croc skin waistcoat?! Guess that wasn't very PC for nowadays.

Cody C (au) wrote: This movie is a piece of shit in the best way possible. Throw this on for a group of people that love cheesy movies. It's strange that this doesn't have a cult following or anything. It really needs one, and fast. I don't wanna give much away, just watch it. And Scott Cohen is amazing in it. Watch it right now please. Thanks.

Christopher S (br) wrote: Take a B-side sy-fi movie and give it legitmate actors and a good special effects budget and you get Species. Sil is one of the best horror villians of all time and certainly one of the scariest. For me this film way over achieved as it took what could have been a disaster and made it an enjoyable guilty pleasure. Not sure how they got Sir Ben Kingsley and Forrest Whitaker but Im glad it happened.

Jonny P (it) wrote: What could be better than watching Kurt Russell be mean to Goldie Hawn for 90 minutes? It starts off as a screwball comedy but ends up being an incredibly heartwarming film.Some of the dialogue out of the kids' mouths (particularly that line about the Brady Bunch) is hysterical.Alan Sylvestri rips off the piano part at the end of "Layla" by Cream.

Paul A (kr) wrote: a good movie which is a little overrated... not really much of a storyline seemed a little bland but fantastic acting.

Matt C (ag) wrote: I was looking forward to this a lot but in the end it was just all slightly too ambiguous for me to really connect with the story. The performances are uniformly excellent and the tone is sinister but I constantly felt like there was a much better film straining to get out from the shackles of the tone of this one. I would certainly search out Durkin's next effort though.

Jason S (de) wrote: Very funny and topical. It's a little too sporadic for its own good but seeing Chris Rock back in his game is a pure delight.

Tyler S (ag) wrote: A list cast, memorable scenes, tons of twists, and a legendary sex scene. Some comedy goes along and what comes out is a classic.

Joseph C (gb) wrote: This is not really based on "actual events," anymore than the Coen Bros' Fargo, or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The killer it was very loosely based on was captured and is in prison to this day. Wolf Creek is a work of fiction. Still, that notwithstanding, this was a fairly suspenseful film, building and building its tension. It gets much worse before it gets better. It never really gets better, actually. John Jarrett's loathsome Mick is a pretty fun villain -- he plays it with a creepy relish that is hard to shake off. Then we have McLean's vistas and landscapes which give an ironic turn to the action: with all of the space and vastness of the Outback, there is still no place to run and a panic-inducing claustrophobia. The violence in this is strong, but it didn't seem as "pornographic" as other films, such as Hostel, et al. It didn't dwell on torture and the tortured like I was expecting. The ending is utterly unsatisfying, as they were making it up anyway......but I certainly don't have any desire to visit the South of Australia anytime soon, either.