Tora-san's Forbidden Love

Tora-san's Forbidden Love

While at a bar, Torajiro befriends a salary man who longs for his countryside hometown.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:107 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sequel,  

While at a bar, Torajiro befriends a salary man who longs for his countryside hometown. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barry T (ca) wrote: A slow but well made drama about 2 sister in the 1960s. The acting is great from Newton and Chiweil. Its a bit on the serious side but worth investing time in

Deborah M (mx) wrote: Good cast and an initially intriguing premise but it fails to fully reach its potential. Worth a watch (Copley is the standout) and keeps you guessing but the end is rushed and does not live up to the build.

Lovro H (mx) wrote: What a misleading title... I've bought this movie knowing nothing about it (except the 3 sentence synopsis at the back of the DVD box) and thus I didn't know what to expect and I was still heavily dissapointed... The story is quite interesting, though. It's about 4 friends who have lost a friend 10 years ago, but that friend now mysteriously returns and some secrets about the past are revealed. Although it's obvious there's a twist ending, it's still a suprise when it happens, even though the twist is quite illogical. The movie is made to be seen in 3D. There's many 3D scenes which look very odd when you watch the 2D version and just plain stupid. Speaking of stupid, there are some really, really cheap CGI effects, as well as some really bad acting which ruins a lot of the movie. Another problem, perhaps the biggest, is that the movie is not scary at all. It can get creepy, but then something happens that ruins that initial feeling. For example, there's this creepy scene with mannequins coming to life and there's a stupid scene with a girl jumping on a guy 3 times in a row. It's easier to know what I'm talking about after watching the movie for yourself. The atmosphere is pretty neat. There are some really well designed set pieces. I can't speak much more of this movie as it really isn't worth talking about this much. All in all, a highly dissapointing Japanese horror movie with no scares, no good acting, but an intriguing story, albeit illogical. I wouldn't recommend checking this movie out.

Kari W (ru) wrote: i would see this. its a different plot and Costner is the shit

Waleed A (br) wrote: amazing prequel, gives a full story behind everything in the first two movies with characters from both. intense, emotional, action, drama, beastliness. some of the fight scenes were shaky with quick cuts (about 5 viewings)

Nayan S (us) wrote: MAHESH IS THE BEST..........

Jenn M (de) wrote: A heartwarming story, although fairly cheesy at times. Quite a tearjerker, in the sense that it's every parents worst nightmare, if u lived in 1950's Ireland. Being based on a true story made it that much more compelling and the acting in general was decent. The weird parts with the sun rays were laughable though, I had to laugh and belt out a "come on!!"

Filip C (kr) wrote: First feature movie of Fatih Akin. Enjoyable coming-of-age love story. Recognizable screenplay structure: you can already discover a glimpse of the screenplays of "Auf der Andere Seite" and "Soul Kitchen".

Shirley W (gb) wrote: This movie is Fantastic, Romanic

Michael T (br) wrote: Weird enough to hold the attention until a gloppy mess of an ending.

Naoya K (ru) wrote: Those negative reviews on this film by American cinema critics who only can see things in the totally Hollywood-oriented way are pathetic. As Greek and for Greek, Angelopoulos continues to tell stories in very Greek style - like old spectacular and emotional Greek myths, and that's what I admire of him most. Great story, great mise-en-scene as usual (although music is little bit too loud), great performance by child actors, great cinematography, and above all, great tempo (which is comparatively slow to these "mainstream" or "Hollywood" films). This film is definitely something not only to just "watch" but to "take part in" and "experience."

Camille L (gb) wrote: Il est dommage qu'il faille attendre prs de 40 minutes pour enfin quitter le premier dcor de Numro 17 et y trouver un joli climax d' peu prs 20 minutes dans un train lanc grande vitesse qui implique aussi un bateau vapeur. Visuellement, c'est plutt russi et le travail sur le son est assez tonnant pour un film de l'poque. Mais avant a, l'histoire est si complexe et dcousue qu'il est impossible de s'intresser au moindre personnage, surtout avec ces acteurs extrmement cabotins (Leon M. Lion en tte).

Brandon W (jp) wrote: Tower Heist is directed by Brett Ratner, and it stars Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Casey Affleck, and Alan Alda in a heist comedy about a group of employees who worked in a well known building, and they all lost their pensions to the boss who got arrested and made bail for it. So they got fired for doing something that they shouldn't do, and Ben Stiller's character hired Eddie Murphy's character to help rob the building to get their money back and more. Brett Ratner is one of those directors that some people will still hate for the reason that he destroyed one of the franchises, but he's definitely not one of those directors that direct every bad film like someone like Michael Bay as Tower Heist is better than I thought was going to be with Eddie Murphy not getting much success these days and it being a heist film. The plot is honestly very generic and really nothing special, but it's the humor that made the film better than it should've been. The acting is great, especially Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy, making Murphy return to being funny again. The characters are not developed as much as something like Ocean's Eleven, which is also written by the same writer, and not nearly as smart too, which I don't think it was suppose to be though. The heist is a lot of fun to watch and it has a lot of good laughs. I really like Tower Heist and it's really cool to see Eddie Murphy be funny again.

Kenneth B (jp) wrote: This is complete tripe. If you want to see an interesting 'real sex' film the watch In the Realm of the Senses. It has something called character development, radical I know.

Dillinger P (br) wrote: If most people are touting you as the master of terror, taking on a Stephen King novel is one tick box you really want to be checking off your to do list. Although not the only, but probably the most notorious horror writer, cinema has treated King's work well throughout time, although King himself hates Kubrick's adaptation of The Shining, but what does he know? So it really comes as no surprise then that John Carpenter would tackle his material at some point and although the final product is far from perfect, it has an abundance of character and unease to steer home a watchable and enjoyable film. Arnie isnt a popular boy at school, he lacks confidence, he is a bully victim and his only best friend is a highly successful football player, Dennis. After a rough patch, he decides to treat himself and buys an old beaten up car that no one can really understand his reasoning behind. After working wonders on the renovation and pulling some strings, Arnie has soon transformed into a completely different person, with some suspicious allegations arising about his new found love, Christine the red car. The story is wildly preposterous and its a good thing that Carpenter and co realize this before tackling it head on, Christine has a wonderful sense of black comedy about it, littered with tongue and cheek dialogue, that at first can seem slightly over the top. Although the script is far from perfect it has an enormous amount of charm and tries its best to deviate from normal teen stereotyping the best it can. The cool kid is best friends with the kid everyone hates, the school bully is a knife wielding maniac and the love interest is an intelligent girl, rather than some fake barbie doll who screams the entire way through the movie, its not wildly original but it deviates enough to feel overly familiar and watching Arnie's transformation throughout the run time is brilliant fun and actually gets psychotic the further down the rabbit hole he goes. Keith Gordon really is the star of the show here and luckily Carpenter realizes this early on and allows him to flourish, building a brilliant character arc and undergoing a monumental transformation during the films 1 hour and 45 run time. However Carpenters movie would crumble if Christine was any less than perfect, in a story about a possessed car, you really need to inject as much character as possible into a motorized object and the work he does here is truly breathtaking. Christine feels like a person, albeit a very shy person, Carpenter blurs the lines constantly between who is the driving force behind her rampage, but his wonderful moments with the car behaving on its own are superb. Christine loves to blare 50's rock and roll music to suit her situation, giving the film a huge percentage of its gut wrenching laughs, her ability as well to be utterly terrifying is also to be applauded. Carpenter treats her like another actor in his piece and luckily he spends enough time and energy on her to make her truly stand out, one scene in particular with her engulfed in flames while chasing a character down the road in cinematic bliss. And Christine is a good looking film, the effects work is all top not, everything is done in camera, Carpenter pulls out all his usual tricks, use of lighting, sound, jump scares, he really is the master of suspense and here you will find yourself constantly suckered into the story and feeling uneasy, which yet again is no easy task, given the stories subject matter. Christine is far from perfect however, some characters are hugely underused, Harry Dean Stanton for example is kind of wasted as a police detective, who just shows up in a handful of scenes, Dennis misses the entire 2nd act of the film and Buddy, the school bully, misses just about the entire film. The film jettisons through a huge period of time in minutes and it becomes noticeable how absent some of the plot points feel. Arnie's transformation is acted well but I feel we could have seen more from his family, more from the police detective, more from him being bullied, in making the choice to steam roll ahead, Carpenter touches on just another horror movie over substance slightly, which is a shame cause there are themes here that would be a nice addition, had they been fleshed out. The main issue of course is how completely preposterous the movies story really is, if you are capable of suspending disbelief then Christine is most likely going to grip you from start to finish, however people who prefer their entertainment more grounded in serious realism, will no doubt have huge difficulty enjoying this imaginative outing. It's by no means perfect, however with so much character and charisma, Christine is a hugely entertaining watch.