Tora-san's Love in Osaka

Tora-san's Love in Osaka

When his travels bring him to Osaka, Tora-san falls in love with a local geisha. He helps her to track down her estranged brother, and informs his family that he plans to marry her. His plans are foiled when the geisha informs Tora-san that she is engaged.

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familiar s (mx) wrote: Good try on a zombie genre, but it doesn't pay off well enough. The performances (specifically that of Kuna Khemu) are excellent. Apparently, without a worthy script, swell performances can't help much.

Mike H (us) wrote: I was hoping for a look into the generational conflict in cultural morality within Iranian society...what I got was an Iranian lesbian love story.

Deborah F (ag) wrote: I admired the way the Green lantern evolved past his irresponsibly to take up the torch of doing the right thing to help others, noble.

Drago C (de) wrote: Slow and deliberate, full of long shots and moments of silence Animal Kingdom manages to create atmosphere like few other movies can. This crime drama about family, vengeance and the dirty underworld of Melbourne is one of the best australian films I've ever seen, up there with The Proposition and Michd's own The Rover. THe cinematography is top notch, in Michd's slow and steady style, the cast is bloody fantastic, from Jacki Weaver and Guy Fucking Pearce to Mendehlson, Stapleton and even newcomer Frecheville who pulls a sedate but believable performance. I'm looking forward to more from Michd. Worth Watching.

Jonathan G (es) wrote: I'm of the belief that there should be a documentary about (almost) everything. This particular one tells the story of a few mortals that dress up like superheroes daily on Hollywood Boulevard and work on tips. Some are fanatics, some are aspiring actors, and some just fell into the role. It's real life stories about hardships and following your dreams - where ever that path leads. I found it quirky and just interesting enough.

Ahmed E (es) wrote: Very dark and disturbing, but eye opening at the same time

Brandon M (es) wrote: Just as good as the first.

Daniel J (es) wrote: absolute disgrace to the books. christopher paolini will groan in agony as he sees his fantastic debut of a book turned into a piece of terribly directed, horribly inaccurate, and atrociously acted kind of trash like this

Rameshwar I (it) wrote: While it has its moments of incredible, the entire movie structure, characters and plot twists feels like just another Owen Wilson movie. I believe this was the last successful movie this band of comics have produced where the mantle has been long passed on to Judd Apatow's protges Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Jason Segal and Jonah Hill. John (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) are buddies who crash into weddings taking advantage of the romantic air and single women. During one of their stints they end up in Secretary Cleary (Christopher Walken) eldest daughter's wedding and make their move on his two younger daughters Claire (Rachel McAdams) and Gloria (Isla Fisher). When John starts to have feelings for Claire, they go deeper than they have always trained themselves to be. Vince Vaughn generates most laughs and best lines in the movie with incredible timing while Wilson was on auto-pilot doing his usual stuff. The brand of comedy is nothing you have not seen before and the most jokes have already been told in different phrasings in other movies. All the characters are stereotypes or caricatures of an ethnicity or social background they belong to, screenplay is too convenient and the movie is a good 40 minutes too long. Too long, too overrated, hardly any fun

Matt M (gb) wrote: A movie that did not need to happen.

Brandon W (fr) wrote: How can a movie that I once rated 5 stars drop down to a 2-star rating? Let me try to explain. I never grew up with Space Jam. I was only one year old when it came out. However, I have a certain nostalgia about the 90's even though I was only around for half of it and can barely remember it. So when I was about 18, I gave this film a watch and I loved it. The jokes, the soundtrack, and just the overall joyful tone was so 90's. A laugh out loud time. Over the next couple years, I would give it a couple more watches here or there, but after watching it most recently (last time I saw it, I wasn't writing reviews for movies), I realized something, Space Jam is a one-trick pony. I recently reviewed the 90's Batman movies and said that they are best watched in a certain setting. That is if you and some friends want to go down nostalgia road for the night and just binge watch 90's movies, shows, etc. However, with the Batman movies, they can be viewed multiple times and even without the 90's nostalgia night, they are still enjoyable. I believe Space Jam can ONLY be viewed in that setting AND if you were born in the 90's or late 80's and grew up with it. The movie itself has a wacky fun premise and the jokes are great, but the jokes are only great if you have never heard them before. You know a comedy is golden when the jokes never get old and can watch it over and over again. Space Jam doesn't have that. It did put a smile on my face, but I don't think I'll be watching Space Jam for a long time. If you haven't seen it and you're born in the 90's, give it at least one watch. I'm sure you'll really enjoy it, and then leave it at that.

Joe C (fr) wrote: yh yh i don't about ron

Tony C (kr) wrote: A clever scifi movie from the makers of Wolf Creek, it almost breaks out of B movie territory. Well worth a watch.

Ola G (br) wrote: Charles Brubaker (James Brolin), Peter Willis (Sam Waterston) and John Walker (O.J. Simpson) are the astronauts leading NASAs first manned mission to Mars. Seconds before the launch, the entire team is pulled from the capsule and the rocket leaves earth unmanned much to Brubakers anger. The head of the programme, Dr. James Kelloway (Hal Holbrook) explains that the life support system was faulty and that NASA can not afford the publicity of a scratched mission. The plan is to fake the Mars landing and keep the astronauts at a remote base until the mission is over, but then investigative journalist Robert Caulfield starts to suspect something and then things become complicated..."Capricorn One" is amongst the classic conspiracy thrillers from the 70s with paranoia as the main ingredience. Peter Hyams wrote the story with the classic conspiracy theory that the moonlanding was a hoax in mind and this is of course a quite intriguing thought that still floats around. I reckon the main issue with "Capricorn One" is that Hyams has not managed to build a solid story on top of the initial plot and thus it feels a bit patchy and not that exciting. The thriller elements are missing if you ask me, despite Hyams is trying to create those moments for example with the chopperchase. And I was not happy with the ending that felt almost like a last minute idea. "Capricorn One" is a disappointment.

Nick K (au) wrote: Catchy music and wonderful cinematography. It is also a decent story.