Tora-san Takes a Vacation

Tora-san Takes a Vacation

Mitsuo goes to Nagoya to visit Izumi, whose father left Izumi’s sad, bar hostess mother for another woman, so together they decide to confront him in Oita. Meanwhile, Izumi’s mother befriends Tora-san and together they travel to Oita to meet them, with Tora-san quickly falling for her en route.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sequel,  

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Justin B (es) wrote: AN ultra disgusting, fit-for-Troma premise played pretty straight. Not anything too special but given how bad this could have been, it's impressive. Fun and entertaining.

Peter P (de) wrote: Funny, rude, but funny, and I don't think their is another comedian that can get away with all the racial sterotyping that Russell Peters does.

David B (es) wrote: A bacterial infection threatens to kill off the first manned mission to Mars. Threadbare in all departments with a script a 7 year old could have brought more meaning to, this starts off quite brightly but within 5 minutes stumbles badly and never recovers. The script is appalling with lines that just made me raise my eyebrows. A waste of 1h30 mins of my life!

Bill B (es) wrote: Mad Men's Matthew Weiner made this charming story of two friends returning to their hometown when one of them loses his estranged father, and I have to say it has a lot of heart and featured the best performance I've seen for Owen Wilson.Well worth a rental if you have the chance.

Johnathon W (fr) wrote: Hilarious crime comedy notable for being the comebacks for both Robert Downey Jr. & Shane Black to cinema greatness. Downey is superb as Harry Lockhart, hilariously fumbling his way through the crime caper while proving what a great actor he is (reportedly, it was this performance that convinced Marvel to cast him as "Iron Man"). He is paired perfectly with Val Kilmer as Gay Perry, a openly homosexual detective forced to keep Harry from killing himself while trying to solve the murder. Behind the camera, Shane Black crafts a hilarious send up to crime movies, mocking everything from the voice over narrative (Downey excels at this as well) to the cliched twists. However, it is not an full on satire and there are moments of real drama (when Harry is forced to see someone die before his eyes, it leads to a pretty powerful moment). Overall, one of the funniest crime comedies in recent years, and since it's Shane Black, a darn fun Christmas movie.

Filippo V (es) wrote: L'interesse per la religione di Aronofsky, manifestato in altri suoi film, si fonde con la matematica, la scienza per eccellenza, creando un film che arriva a trattare temi quasi metafisici. Visivamente, con il bianco e nero ed un effetto sgranato molto spinto, si riesce a conferire un'atmosfera sinistra, che incarna perfettamente le emozioni provate dall'enigmatico protagonista. Come primo lungometraggio del regista il risultato davvero convincente e merita di essere ricordato come il re dei film a basso budget.

DC F (us) wrote: This one has Cheech and Chong going overseas as celebrities just to be mistaken for other celebrities. There are some pretty funny parts, but it's hard to make up for the rest of the film and certainly too hard to recapture their great early work. This one is more boring and pridictable as if they are trying to hard by this time.

Dan P (ca) wrote: It was good when I was 5 years old. Upon seeing it recently this movie BLOWS a big one.

Martin D (ca) wrote: Sadly this is a masterpiece that is ultimately flawed. There is so much that is quality, visually unique and stunning,ground breaking, a superb soundtrack and a title that sums up the story and the very making of the movie. It took me a while to put my finger on why it was a movie that was among my all time favourites but one that I was reluctant to recommend to anyone. After yet another viewing it finally dawned on me, it was the casting that they got so terribly wrong. Frederick Forrest and Terri Garr don't work, they lack any chemistry and sadly they were the wrong choice, no doubt an honest mistake, but one that sunk an otherwise perfect ship.

Andrey B (fr) wrote: Sarcasm at the level of mockery. Beautiful.

Brian B (br) wrote: This movie is about a troubled man who meets a stranger and they decide to open up an underground boxing club which eventually grows out of control. The movie is dark and unorthodox. The brutality helps drive the movie and it shows how a simple fighting group can go out of control and take a dramatic turn. It has a surprising twist ending which will knock you out cold. It was very surprising and I liked the choice it made. The movie gives clues throughout the movie that most if not all people would miss the first viewings which leaves room for re-watching it. Every time I give it another viewing, there is always something new to be found. Many people might turn away when they see the brutality but it didn't bother me. What makes this movie so special is that it dared to go where no film has ever attempted to go before and that's what makes it so special. I think that this is one of the best movies of the 90's. Its creativity can inspire hours of discussing and it will be a film which will probably age well.

Raji K (gb) wrote: Disney presents its 15th animated film, Lady and the Tramp. Lady is a brand-new dog that is brought into the home of a lovely couple. Lady gets all the attention she can ask for and is raised well and could not be happier. One day she is struck, and she is unable to figure out why. She consults with her two friend dogs Jock and Trusty and they tell her a baby is on the way. She also encounters a stray dog Tramp who tells her that soon things will be taking a turn for the worse, as all the focus will soon be on the baby and not on her. The baby is soon born, and Aunt Sarah comes to watch the baby. This is where the movie really takes a turn. Lady is confronted with two devilish Siamese cats named Si and Am, and a vicious rat that enters the baby's room, and is forced to wear a muzzle. Between these events she is thrown out of the house, and eventually runs away to roam the streets with Tramp. With Tramp, she learns the lower-class side of being a dog, where you have to find your own food, fight off other stray dogs, and deal with the being locked up in the pound. Lady and the Tramp may be the best film for encapsulating the various struggles that a dog may go through. The parallel between Lady being a high-class dog, and Tramp being a stray was quite enjoyable. Trusty and Jock were excellent side characters. Lady and the Tramp does not particularly have a stand out soundtrack, or even a compelling villain. Despite this, the film has tons of character and some excellent scenes which of course include the iconic spaghetti eating scene. The film ages fairly well and is under rated in a crowded field of excellent Disney films. -11.12.2016

Liam H (de) wrote: I have just watched American Ultra for a 2nd time and it is for sure one of the best films of this millenium so far. On the first watch I really enjoyed it but after 2nd watch the significance of it just hit me. It's a very complex, grown up plot but explained in a clear way and is easy to follow. It's got lots of action (very clear and smooth) but it is not over bearing with action. It has elements of believeable romance and comedy. It has elements of deep human thought. It has great characters. The characters have detail and this helps to formulise them as complete wholes rather than just characters on a screen. All of the actors give good performances.This movie is a grown up, detailed plot. The movie itself is fun to watch and thought provoking. There are no elements of this movie that are not executed professionally and done to a high level.