Tora-san, the Expert

Tora-san, the Expert

Tora-san gets into an argument with his uncle and sets out on the road again. In Kyushu he meets a young woman named Keiko and the shy zoologist Saburō, and attempts to play matchmaker between the two when they all return to Tokyo.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sequel,  

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Tora-san, the Expert torrent reviews

Hayden M (gb) wrote: Middle School is hilarious but can still be serious when needed it is plain fun.

David H (kr) wrote: Fantastic movie. Reminds me of earlyChristopher Nolan stuff

Walter M (it) wrote: "How I Ended This Summer" is a suspenseful movie, yet not in a traditional sense, as it neatly paced in a slow burn in a remote weather station that has an uneasy blend of ancient and new technology(for example, it is especially awkward trying to do an emoticon over the radio) on an island in the Russian Arctic in the permanent daylight of summer. And if I have any serious problem with this movie, it is that it does not take as much advantage of its unique setting as it should but then the conflict here involves more humans than nature. I am sure at some point that Pavel(Grigoriy Dobrygin) thought that the job would be easy enough money, requiring a few simple measurements, sleep, playing video games, sleep and listening to his iPod. Then, there is a very good reason that his older co-worker Sergei(Sergey Puskepalis) tells him about the time he held off a pack of polar bears with just a toothbrush, in that the land is unforgiving and to always be prepared. This also has a side effect of intimidating Pavel and it is not until a scene in a sauna that we realize how lanky Pavel really is underneath all of his bulky clothing. In any case, Sergei has been around long enough not only to be cautious about possible dangers but as to what he can get away with when nobody is looking. So, he takes off for a few days to go trout fishing, leaving Pavel to take the measurements with the help of 'an alarm clock that could wake the dead' and if he gets hungry there is walrus meat(but no booze?). And that's when the news arrives from the mainland.

Simon B (au) wrote: To put it in simple, easy to understand terms . . . this movie is really shit!

Rob M (de) wrote: Decent movie. Lots of violence though. If you like that check it out?

David G (ca) wrote: Even as a youngster I never wanted to see this.

Ice R (jp) wrote: Perfect film. Eileen is absolutly excellent!!!

Chris O (jp) wrote: Way better compared to the garbage that has been coming out. Clever and enjoyable

Trent G (nl) wrote: A summer musical that brings back sweet memories with every song ??