A quiet weekend turns into a hellish nightmare when the boat some people are in shipwrecks during a storm. The family stays marooned in an island, and conflicts arise.

A quiet weekend turns into a hellish nightmare when the boat some people are in shipwrecks during a storm. The family stays marooned in an island, and conflicts arise. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason D (jp) wrote: Hobgoblins 2 is the long awaited (20 years!) sequel to the infamous 1988 cult classic that many dub one of the best worst movies in the world. This time, those pesky hobgoblins can appear when someone calls their names 3 times in a row, and instead of granting fantasies, these little creatures just exploit everyone's worst fears (lame). It's up to 5 very kids who eerily resemble the 5 from the first film (not to mention they have the same names) as well as Old Man McCreedy (unfortunately not the same actor) whose been institutionalized every since blowing up the studio in the first film. With the first film, there were plenty of moments that made me smile and even chuckle a bit, but all of that is lost on this incredibly stale and legitimately crappy film. Director Rick Sloane tries to recapture that magic again, but I think he tries so hard that he overshoots it and this film just becomes downright annoying. The women are still written the same, which was kinda amusing, but nothing could really salvage this failed attempt at making another cult classic. Lame film that took forever to end; even at 89 minutes.

Joshua L (ru) wrote: Very enjoyable happy movie. Lighthearted yet inspiring.

Michael M (de) wrote: Alil Weird but funny!!! Hahhaha...

Bea L (it) wrote: i hate this its !#@$*() rubish

Aimee C (fr) wrote: Entertaining sex farce.

Grant H (ag) wrote: Good movie. Funny, entertaining, with a great performance from Thornton.

Senor C (au) wrote: Martial artist Joe Lewis's first movie in a very short lived career. He doesn't bring anything special to the table but all in all Jaguar Lives was pretty good. Not for Joe Lewis but for a good supporting cast. Donald Pleasence almost steals the entire movie for the 5 minutes that he is on screen. Woody Strode is cool ass who I am enjoying more & more w/ every movie that Im seeing of his. Christopher Lee (although his screen time is limited & it takes close to an hour for him to show up) is great. A fantastic scene where he brings a small box to Lewis w/ something good & not so good in each compartment. Christopher Lee goes to answer the phone & Lewis beats the shit out the guard only to be captured again. Lee smirks & says it's for the better anyways that you didn't see what was in the boxes because you couldn't win..WTF! I wanted to see what was in those fucking boxes. Lee can be a sinister son of a bitch sometimes & I was really looking forward to it


Maelin A (nl) wrote: This one moved me in so many ways I forgot it was an animation

David M (gb) wrote: A new Bond for a new generation.

Koustubh B (ca) wrote: Apart from the sophisticated acting and cinematography, this film carries very deep social and moral messages which are not dumped on the viewer in a preachy manner. However, Charulata has been criticised often to be slow in its pace. As a Bengali, I have watched this movie multiple times while growing up and frankly I never understood the movie. In the age of Facebook and Twitter, I used to think that there is hardly a relevance of a story set in 19th century Bengal. On the contrary, I now find the movie highly thoughtful and deeply affecting. Certainly, I get the historical context better and I am an adult with my own experiences in love and betrayal but there's something else. Charulata is by no means slow paced. Rather, its pace aptly conveys the humdrum life of the title character - a lonely wife. I am not a woman but I believe that the refined feminist references in this film would be better interpreted by a woman critic. Whether or not you are aware of the impact of Bankim Chandra's literary works on Bangla society. Charulata is the interplay of inner feelings and insecurities that creep into our lives. Charulata is that realisation that no matter what our intentions may be, our relationships are as fragile as a bird's nest and a strong wind can take it down easily. Although we may not hear the sound of a relationship breaking, we know that things will never be the same. The original story on which this movie is based was by Rabindranath Tagore and conspicuously named 'Nashta-Nirh' (Broken Nest). I think Tagore wrote the story with a slight autobiographical connotation where he identified himself as a young struggling writer Amal in the shadow of Bankim Chandra who was an established writer when Tagore was still unknown. Tagore's personal attachment towards his elder brother's wife and the very important role of his elder brother in his life also seem to echo through this story. Nonetheless the film beautifully captures the essences of Tagore's story and says more than one could possibly fathom in a single viewing.

Orlok W (jp) wrote: She'll Slither Her Way To Your Heart--Nifty 50's horror opus!!

Simon M (kr) wrote: Despite good performances by Moaadi and Stewart, it's too predictable, shallow and preachy.

Ville H (kr) wrote: Lhes dokumentaarinen vankilaelokuva. Kuinka paljon elokuvan brutaali turkkilaisvankila sitten eroaa vaikkapa nyky-Yhdysvaltojen vastaavasta, en tied. Joidenkin tietojen mukaan, ei vlttmtt paljoa. Klassikkoelokuva.