Tormenta de verano

Tormenta de verano


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Tormenta de verano torrent reviews

Jason C (it) wrote: I just had to keep thinking if the script had been written by Aaron Sorkin it would have made a huge difference, especially with the dialogue that feels like the leftovers found in Sorkin's trash can. Has a nice twist at the end, just not nice enough. Jessica Chastain is good but not as great as her being Oscar nominated.

Alan L (fr) wrote: I was really looking forward to this Lucky McKee film. A bloody, unpredictable satire of annoying Cheerleaders and Jocks? Sadly it's more of an unfunny incoherent mess. Really disappointing. It has its fans though.

Samantha S (nl) wrote: A very pointless film a watse of time

Jennifer E (au) wrote: Super suspenseful & great acting.

Amanda L (mx) wrote: Interesting concept, poorly done.B-Movie, but still fun to watch.

Dave S (mx) wrote: I think Showgirls was a better Gina Gershon film. >_>

Julien C (mx) wrote: Mon j'ai aim mme si ce n'tait pas un grand film. Kevin Spacey chante et danse dans ce est vraiment talentueux. La difficult avec ce film comme plusieurs film qui sont biographique c'est de tenter la tche impossible d'inclure tous les vnements d'une vie en 90 120 minutes. Le rsultat est dilu. Peut-tre un focus sur une partie de la vie de la clbrit?

Muhammad G (gb) wrote: you must watch.........I love it...!!!!!!

Ted W (ag) wrote: When I saw the trailer, my mind was blown away! I want one of these suckers. Man, they can do a lot of damage. Loved when they almost killed the stupid young kid, haha! Lol and awesome! And cra- cra!

William W (au) wrote: Over the years, I have really enjoyed Smith's comic book writing, but this is the only film so far I have seen him direct. My cinephilic friends tend to dismiss his recent works, but this was very enjoyable. I like the influence he has had on independent cinema. 1994 certainly proved to be an important year for it, with the smash successes that independent studios had with 'Clerks' and 'Pulp Fiction'. I hope he sticks to directing films that he himself writes. I have the feeling he wants to expand his horizons but isn't quite sure how to go about it without alienating his huge fanbase. I have great confidence in him, and feel that if he puts his heart into it, he can be a great filmmaker, instead of a good one. I think for him to do so, he could do himself a great service and read a few less comic books and watch a lot more movies, particularly by the Hollywood greats from the Golden Age, such as Sir Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, Raoul Walsh and John Ford. It would be quite exciting to see what he comes up with, once his creative juices are recharged.

Stephanie H (es) wrote: this was a good one!

Kyle M (ca) wrote: This rarely funny Murphy - at his less spirited - satiric comedy is a definition of a silly hollow flick, even though it'd started to actually pick itself up towards the conclusion. (B-)

Sheila C (au) wrote: I'm saw this on in the theater, and I Loved it then.... but I was 6 years old...

Michael T (nl) wrote: Snappy little Corman gem.

John D (us) wrote: One giant innuendo. Seriously, this was one of the filthiest movies I've ever seen, with just about ever other line being something that could be taken on a perverted level. Which made it very enjoyable, that is until it decided to get all serious and ruin the fun.


Kevin B (kr) wrote: Entertaining cross-over with a great start and a horrible song.

Marcus M (ru) wrote: In the past ten to fifteen years we've seen the horror genre take some very bizarre leaps, moving away from the stereotypical slasher film and monster movies to torture porn ( SAW and Hostel) and scientists with God complexes turning humans into freakish creatures with half-assed backroom fever dream procedures( Human Centipede franchise and Tusk). As strange as these films are they've been very successful for straight to stream affairs, and the SAW franchise did enough box office money to make seven movies. What I'm saying is we have a morbid curiosity for strange horror, partially for the film itself but also to try and figure out what inspired these filmmakers. 1973's "SSSSS" offers a look at what may have inspired some of the most ludacris horror flicks of the past decade."SSSSS" follows Dr.Stoner (yeah), a scientist obsessed with snakes. We see him sell a failed snakeman early in the film to a carnival leaving the Dr. to find a new subject. A college professor colleague lends a student named David to assist Dr.Stoner. David is too dumb for his own good; as Stoner immediately injects him with an "innoculation" ( without asking specifically what it is) that we later find out is king cobra venom. ( Why this turns David into a snake instead of killing him is anyone's guess.Stoner doesn't say he augmented the venom).David begins flirting and making advances toward Stoners equally dim and unassuming daughter Christina,but David soon begins changing. He sheds his skin, hes constantly cold(cold-blooded), and begins growing scales. After Stoners final injection, David.....Well I'll let you guys find out for yourselves.There's plenty of bad dialogue, and cheese-tastic moments( like the Python they keep giving whiskey) I won't ruin those for you. This movie is two hours long and while there are ALOT of mono/dialogues about how snakes are misunderstood; the actually science shown early on in the movie is interesting(like watching animal planet), and the plot is silly enough to keep you entertained. There are some "WTF" moments in this film that are funny and disturbing at the same time. So get your friends together to have a blast, and remember. Don't say it. Hiss it. Ssssssssssss3/5