Kylie Winters, a bullied and self-loathing teen, reluctantly agrees to babysit at an isolated country mansion on Halloween night. When a small boy in a pig mask appears at the door ...

Kylie Winters, a bullied and self-loathing teen, reluctantly agrees to babysit at an isolated country mansion on Halloween night. When a small boy in a pig mask appears at the door trick-or-treating, Kylie's night transforms into a horrifying and violent cat-and-mouse game. She must go beyond what she ever thought possible if she and the children are to survive the night. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seth M (gb) wrote: Very interesting movie.

Iris L (ag) wrote: Beautiful period film. A modern Greek Tragedy, well written, and acted. Gorgeous cinematography and costumes. Not to be missed.

Aaron G (fr) wrote: Finally finished this 2007 Oscar-nominated film known for soberly telling the story of US actions in Iraq, mostly about the occupation. I was amazed at how much I learned, after not being sure I wanted to put in the time to watch this, and rank this among the top documentaries I've ever seen. The magnitude of the suffering from mistaken decisions (which ignored the advice of experts interviewed), is overwhelming to consider, especially given the feeling I get from the film that the post-invasion course actually could have gone okay. How surprised I was by that possibility speaks to how long this conflict was needlessly drawn out: the time when things might have been wrapped up successfully is now so many years past, and since then Iraqi civilians and US soldiers have continued to suffer, and incalculable resources have been squandered. There is so much to learn not only about what happened, but what must be considered in future conflicts, that this film deserves multiple viewings. Luckily, it's on Netflix streaming that's not a problem.

Meredith W (fr) wrote: had a Jindabyne feel to it but it was nowhere near as good. Kind of boring acutally.

Angie W (de) wrote: i really want to see this

Alan M (de) wrote: More evidence comes up to prove that these teenagers are innocent. John Mark Byers is one fucked up dude, and most likely the real killer.

Rich B (us) wrote: Madison (2001): "We're gonna go, or we're gonna blow." - Jim McCormick "Madison" chronicles the 1971 campaign of Miss Madison, the American Power Boat Associations only community-owned unlimited hydroplane, that culminates in the Gold Cup Championship in the boat's namesake, the river town of Madison, Indiana. Despite running near the bottom of the points standings for years, the boat remained the town's pride and joy. At the time, Madison (Pop. 13,000) was depressed and its folks were struggling to scrape together the money to keep their out-of-date boat running, let alone host a Gold Cup. Soon, the town's people become discouraged at the team's performance, the team members start to fight among each other, and Jim McCormick, a former driver and now team manager, gets cross-wise with his wife. But sometimes, just when things are at their darkest... Seen through the eye's of McCormick's 10-year old son, this (based-on-a-true) film does a good job recreating a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the good people of Madison, IN.

Annie P (kr) wrote: perfectly Steven Seagal

Casey B (es) wrote: Glad I finally watched this. The influence that Altman had on Paul Thomas is clear as day. An incredible cast shines in this ensemble character study focusing on the seedy side of Los Angeles (and suburbia in general). Does have a few moments where it drags or delves into melodrama though and the individual pieces don't necessarily intertwine so as to have a clear impact on one another.

Blake P (au) wrote: Though it isn't as stylistically inspired as many other neo-noirs from the 1960s, "The Detective" is notable for two reasons: Frank Sinatra's hard-boiled performance that is awfully reminiscent of Humphrey Bogart's persona, and it's up-front and confrontation look at homosexuality, a scandalous topic that became much more prominent thanks to Andy Warhol's "Factory" crowd. Is "The Detective" spectacular? No. But there are many good ideas on display and is largely unsentimental. Joe Leland (Sinatra) has been a cop for over 20 years, but he is shaken up when the gay son of a prominent businessman is found murdered. The killing itself still rings to be graphic even today, even though it's talked about but not shown. After just a few scenes worth of looking around the shadowy, underground world of taboo, Leland arrests Felix Tesla (Tony Musante), one of the victim's lovers who had a reason to kill. Leland, who is promised a promotion, wraps the case up quickly, considering Tesla is unstable and admits to the murder. After he is executed, Leland gets a better job, but something just doesn't feel quite right. When a different man commits suicide, Leland realizes that the two deaths may be connected. It's extremely difficult to call "The Detective" a bad film because it isn't. It's photographed with sumptuous Panavision, creating a type of artificial optimism, features very good performances by its cast, and is written realistically, no matter how graphic. But it's undone by Gordon Douglas' unfocused direction, which causes the film to often wander and drag. Police dramas should be tense ("Bullitt" anyone?), but "The Detective" is too long, and there are many scenes that more pointless than important. One of the films biggest problems is its flashbacks. There are many glimpses into the past, with "Gilligan's Island" dream whirlpools to indicate them. But they are hardly glimpses because they often last longer than ten minutes. They focus on Joe's marriage to his ex-wife Karen (Lee Remick), and while Remick is a good actress, her relationship with Sinatra's character isn't believable. Because their marriage isn't fascinating, automatically, it makes all of the flashbacks worthless. Had these been cut (it's unclear what exactly Douglas was thinking), "The Detective" could have been brilliant. "The Detective" is disappointing because it doesn't live up to its full potential. Sinatra's career was interesting, and he was a fantastic actor; as great as he is here, he is let down.

Kelly C (ca) wrote: This was a much different Elvis Presley film. I excepted singing, dancing, and humor. This was a western featuring a 34-year-old Elvis wearing a beard. There is no singing except for the main title. The plot is slow and the climax left me feeling unhappy. I was really expecting more for an Elvis western...

Ken S (nl) wrote: An espionage obsessed 12 year old (Elliot from ET) fights some really under qualified bad guys who are trying to get there hands on an Atari game with top secret information embedded in it. Fairly entertaining, I'd recommend it to kids under 13, but being they don't know what Atari is I'm not sure it'll fly. Definitely worth remaking.

Cody C (de) wrote: Not great but definitely not bad. Enjoyable and stuff

Olli H (fr) wrote: Very lame horror movie, with very minimal ammounts of horror in it. The cast was ok but the story didn't really click on the necessary working horror movie levels.