The hottest summer in years: Meteorologist Jan returns from Oklahoma, where he has studied twisters up close, after faring a traumatic catastrophe during his dangerous research. Back in Berlin, he comes to face with his past and his ex-girlfriend Eva, who he had left behind. He clashes with his father, head of the local weather institute, and only his blind sister Sophie still seems to trust him. But no longer is Jan in town that an unusual cold front approaches the city. Immediately Jan recognizes the familiar warning signs of impending doom. He tries to alert the officials, but is ignored by both his father and the government. He is later proven right, and a tornado devastates Berlin. Jan tries to save the people he loves so dearly, even if it means sacrificing his own life

The hottest summer in years: Meteorologist Jan returns from Oklahoma, where he has studied twisters up close... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tornado torrent reviews

Nigel S (br) wrote: The perfect example of a good idea badly executed.

Millo T (es) wrote: For those who don't know the film, it's a social movie about unemployment and how it affects to they people they suffer it. It is a story with really good actors, and it's mainly a story of characters. You can not loose it.

missy m (gb) wrote: Puffy will kick your ass, WESSIDE!

April W (ag) wrote: This movie was completely different than I expected and took me some time to get into, but once I did, I found it to be a very interesting and well done story.

Gabriel K (gb) wrote: Loved the visual style and decidedly 80's feel of the movie. I just wish there was more to the story.

Lee M (gb) wrote: It's a film that comes with a perfect shoeshine and smile underneath its ludicrous and cynical premise. Only Mamet could pull this one off.

Adam R (es) wrote: (First and only viewing - 3/22/2010)

Paul P (nl) wrote: I got a good laugh that this was a remake or re-imaging of a Douglas Sirk film. Because the description of the film sounds like a melodrama and even the beats of the story feel like them. The difference is the film has an edge and intelligence to it that is lacking in most pulpy melodramas. Its sets the stage with there relationship early and sits back and watches the people around them try to tear it apart. Performances are great, especially Mira and Salem. The claustrophobic shot framing works wonderfully. My first Fassbinder film and i'll definitely be coming back for more.

Anna N (gb) wrote: Classified as a classic = Interested.

Agus B (ru) wrote: se me hace buenisima porque los actores actuan re bien y ademas porque me gustan los perros.

James H (gb) wrote: This may be an underrated thriller. This movie boasts some very interesting characters that you hate and love and the premise itself is very interesting. Bits of it are cringe worthy however (which is probably meant) and my main problem is that movie doesn't come to a full circle at the end but still a solid character study.

Francisco S (fr) wrote: Run all Night counts with great performances by Liam Neeson, however the plot is too much explored, what makes it predictable for the most part of the spectator. This movie fell in error to concentrate very much in action scenes, becoming the plot very exhausting that doesn't let the spectator breathing for a second, and less clever as it should be to be distinguished. Furthermore, the suspense scenes aren't thrilling as they should be and the soundtrack doesn't help.

Scott W (de) wrote: Paul Telfer is gorgeous and Elizabeth Perkins is great! Unfortunately, the writing is really clumsy. I never understand why people insist upon bastardizing myths in modern re-tellings. The reason they've lasted is that they are great as is. This story ends up being more Roman than Greek with all of it's plotting and suspicion. I'm still waiting for the one, great, faithful Hercules film.

Scott C (br) wrote: It looks fantastic and there are some great musical numbers, but the story is stupid and Prince's character is basically a big a-hole.