Torno a vivere da solo

Torno a vivere da solo

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Torno a vivere da solo torrent reviews

Kristina K (de) wrote: Too absurd and obscene. We can't simply accept that gays are such swingers... The movie makes you a sad observer.

Marshall B (es) wrote: I try not to think about it. The more I try to figure it out the more I wish I hadn't tried.

Andrew I (ru) wrote: Conjuring up nary a smirk from me with an irritating opening title sequence/music, half an hour of magicians was more than plenty. 4.5/10

Ida K (es) wrote: This movie made me appreciate being an American!

Patrick S (nl) wrote: It has great action and a good sense of pathos at the end but it's story-line just shattered logic in ways not heard of.

Ernie T (nl) wrote: Wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised. I'm not saying that because I know people in it. I thought it was better than U-571.

Janay T (au) wrote: love it love it love it

Alec L (kr) wrote: A true abomination. Actually a rather disturbing film.

logan w (kr) wrote: one of the best old movies of the year

Frodofan Ida B (it) wrote: Odd and quirky romance. I really enjoyed it, but I think it could have been better. The story could have been tightened up in places I think. Emma Thompson was very different than I am used to her and Jeff Goldblum was as adorable as ever. They made a great awkward couple. It's different yet it follows the same basic plot of your basic romantic comedy.

Ben C (mx) wrote: This complete rip-off is pretty bad, like, really bad. But, I really want to watch it again for some strange reason.

Miguel R (mx) wrote: While one can't simply deny its stellar cast, Silverado fails to unfold its story correctly and ends up losing itself along the way

Galvy F (gb) wrote: When we need a deeper look into our life to analyze what it means. When we look at a book and author much is said about life that is worth a look for you to keep searching for answers. When we need to come down to get a closer look at what is happening. When we don't care how we look when we are during. when we don't mind looking at ourselves act ridiculous or others when no one matters but ourselves.

Brandon S (gb) wrote: Is it all a gimmick? Possibly. Does that make it any less charming? No chance.This is a thrilling and endlessly charming homage to the glory days of movie stars and red carpets; before tabloids and TMZ.