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Torotot torrent reviews

Justin M (de) wrote: The jump scares were solid

Kevin W (ca) wrote: The first was great. This one was a good action movie but it should have been better.

Paul A (jp) wrote: very exciting, really recommend watching

Tabitha P (kr) wrote: raven-symone was a riot! this was good dvd movie.

Giovanni M (kr) wrote: Angry, dark, and excessive, Observe and Report is Paul Blart for sociopaths. Rogen shows himself as a very capable actor of portraying Travis Bickle's dumber and more plump cousin. The dramatic scenes are very uncomfortable and actually make his character quite sympathetic. The ending, oh god, the ending of the film is by far one of the best endings to a comedy I've seen in my life. I love this movie, I love most of Rogen's films but this one is probably his most underrated. A lot of people won't like this movie because of how violent, misanthropic, and offensive it is but that's honestly what I liked about it.

Tony P (mx) wrote: Good story and very good child characters. Although silly characters and a reoccurring bit that never worked nearly ruined this story as they seemed lost and looking for their place in Grown Ups 3.

John B (au) wrote: Despite the critics, I enjoyed this one and was better than I anticipated. It's not a holiday classic, but, still worth watching

Marinilde A (jp) wrote: One of my favorite movies & one of my favorite directors!!!

Atheer O (br) wrote: There is some funny moments here and there but as a whole it's just not worth your time.